10 Types Of Video Content to Master In 2021-2022

10 Types Of Video Content to Master In 2021-2022
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On:Mar 16, 2021

You might be surprised at just how many video content ideas are out there, and how professionally recorded and edited video clips can radically increase your online sales.

Especially in the COVID era, when people are more likely to make purchasing decisions online without experiencing a product in real life, video content builds trust between brand and customer and helps people see real-life use cases for items they are interested in purchasing. Even with the service industry, the same principle applies.

In this piece, Gillespie Productions will examine 10 of the top video marketing trends of 2021-2022, and how you can build relationships with customers, grow your audience, and expand nationally or globally through effective video marketing strategies.

Company Culture Videos

Company culture says a lot about your business, and customers recognize it. A good culture within your firm not only defines your team, their efficiency, and the work ethic, but it also has an impact on your external identity.

When your company culture is a defining point of what you do, one of the best ways to communicate this to your customers is through video content. Producing videos that focus on your company culture and values is another one of the top video production trends of 2021-2022 is something that has long been used by businesses.

These videos focus on the way that you do business, the various charities or projects you may support, and your organizational culture. This is an opportunity for you to lay your cards on the table, show people what you think is important, and demonstrate your commitment to ethical trade, quality service, consumer rights, and employee rights.

A strong company culture of teamwork and employee wellbeing, combined with a good online presence, means your brand is recognized as an ethical leader in your industry.


Of all the video trends in 2021-2022, vlogs are among the most personal. Vlogs, or video blogs, are regular updates from business owners, employees, and spokespeople in the form of short (or long!) video clips.

It’s a way of communicating directly with customers and potential customers and can be done through a variety of social media platforms. From YouTube and Twitch to Facebook and Twitter, you can choose a social media platform that your customers use most, and then reach them directly through those platforms.

Vlogs are particularly important for start-ups and small businesses, though they’re also a fantastic way for bigger businesses to maintain the feeling of a close relationship between brand and customer. They put a face to a brand name, give people a direct connection to the brand, and make people feel safer in the knowledge that the brand they choose is responsive and communicative.

Some popular themes for business vlogs include announcing new product lines and changes to services you offer, holiday-themed messages, and calls to action. Your business may even use blogs to request input from customers directly, once again affirming your brand’s commitment to customers and making clients feel valued. And all the while, these blogs will be seeping into the social media feeds of potential future clients and even users who may never have heard of you before.


Imagine a customer is searching for a company that offers the products or services that you specialize in. And then imagine that this prospective customer has multiple businesses to choose from.

Corporate video interviews put a face to your brand and give that prospective customer or client a chance to hear a pitch directly from you. These interviews allow you to explain your background, what your business means to you, and why your brand is the best option of all the others they found via web search.

Interview videos are more engaging and many visitors on your website or social media page are more inclined to watch short, powerful videos than they are to read walls of text on a web page.

An interview video is also a good option for introducing prospective clients to your brand and even for press releases. If your company does something noteworthy, an interview video allows you to get the message out and provides material for news outlets to use to report on the story.

These videos will use interview segments with your, your employees, and team members, answering questions that you are frequently asked. B-roll footage and cutaway scenes can also be used to keep people invested in the video and to give people an idea of what your team does on a daily basis.


Webinars, or web seminars, are a great way to keep your audience informed and educated. They are video presentations, speeches, lectures, town hall discussions, or even workshops that are hosted virtually.

These online lectures are designed to inform your audience, whether they are existing customers or prospective customers, and thanks to the various webinar hosting platforms they can even be made interactive.

It’s an excellent form of marketing as it gives people a reason to stay engaged, whether through a live chat system or even a video call-in option for people who want to ask questions. By providing valuable information and arming your customers with knowledge, you’ll grow your audience while also demonstrating the value of your brand, product, and service.

With webinars, you can build a database of people who attend, and you’ll establish yourself as a reliable expert in your field. And with every new seminar you hold, you’ll have an opportunity to build that audience, invite guest speakers from other companies and organizations in similar fields as yours, and watch your online presence and followers snowball.

Webinars can also be recorded and made available on-demand either through your website or on various social media platforms.

Explainer Videos

An explainer video is a marketing video that outlines your product or service in detail. These videos are typically used on landing pages, allowing people to quickly understand what it is that you do, and just as importantly, why you’re the best at what you do.

Explainer videos have a knack for increasing conversion rates as they not only make customers feel confident that they have found exactly the service they need, but they also help people envision using your service or product. In your explainer video, you may choose to use examples of how people use your products, which is infinitely more impactful than a bullet-pointed list or description.

With an explainer video, you can get creative. You can crack a few jokes, tell a few stories, and all the while be showing potential customers how to use your product, why your product is beneficial, and how other people are already using your product to their advantage.

Live Streaming

2021’s live streaming and video conferencing trend is expected to extend well into 2022 and beyond, and it’s not hard to see why. While the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted businesses everywhere, it also allowed many brands to expand their audience nationally and even internationally by turning normal events into live-streamed global premieres.

Live content, with the help of specialists like Gillespie Productions, is a great way to introduce more people to your events and to also understand what content works. The more live streams you do, the more you’ll be able to analyze metrics and see what your customers, clients, and followers want to see from you.

It also presents another opportunity for people to engage with your brand and even talk to other people with similar interests in the live chat.

Product Reviews

One of the top YouTube video trends of 2021 that we’ll expect to see carried over into 2022 is product reviews. YouTubers love to take popular products and create detailed reviews on their channels. They quickly rack up tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, or sometimes even millions of views as savvy customers search for as much information as they can before making a buying decision.

There are lots of ways you can harness this energy and enthusiasm, whether that’s sending your products directly to popular YouTubers to review, or finding happy customers and creating your own review videos published on your social media channels or website.

This is particularly important in the COVID era, where people are less likely to physically interact with items before making the decision to buy them. Product reviews show how the product works, appropriate use cases, and helps people decide whether it is right for them. Importantly, it also helps buyers who are on the fence to pull the trigger and make a commitment.

Personalized Video

Personalized video helps you and your sales team shake things up and do things differently. Utilizing the power of social media, your website, and even additional product-specific websites, personalized sales videos help you reach specific audiences with video content that address their exact concerns and needs.

When sales teams create their own videos, they can use the phone and real-life sales skills they have learned over the years and implement similar techniques and methods into videos designed to feel personalized. By focusing on extremely specific audiences, these short clips make customers feel as though the salesmen went to the personal trouble to record something specifically for them.

And when a potential customer sees a brand going out of its way to help them on an individual basis, they’ll know that things can only get better once they make a commitment and become a customer. This is yet another great trend for video content in 2021-2022, and one we think you shouldn’t miss.

Brand Story

Every brand has a story, and customers want to hear about it! If you have a fascinating tale to tell about starting your business, or if you had an “a-ha!” moment that led to the development of the product or service that you sell, then why not use video to talk about that story?

Being honest about your background and how your business came about helps build trust with your audience and potential customers, and creates a personal bond. When people know the hard work that went into building your business, your customers may just know what it’s like to go to so much effort to establish a business…and want to work with you because of it!

Creating a brand story video and proudly displaying it on your website shows just how much you care about your business, and in the age of social media, it’s one of the video consumption trends of 2021-2022 that are unlikely to change any time soon.

User-Generated Content

Finally, don’t forget user-generated content. This can take the form of personalized reviews and testimonials from former customers, filmed by themselves at their home or professionally filmed by Gillespie Productions.

People love to hear how products benefited others, and videos that show success stories help prospective customers to envision your product or service helping them, too.

Testimonials pages are hugely important for any website, not just because people want to see reviews but also for search engine optimization purposes. Add some high-quality testimonial videos from your clients, and you’ll have an amazing website that ranks highly on search engines and compels visitors to become customers.

Grow Your Business with Natural, Engaging Video Content

More than ever, your business requires an authoritative online presence…and video content in 2021-2022 is the right way to achieve it!

Gillespie Productions builds on years of experience in the broadcasting industry, creating broadcast-quality video productions for small, medium, and large businesses. We produce honest, natural, and engaging video content that sells a vision to your customers.

We build on video advertising trends in 2021-2022 and inject our own flair, making sure your personality shines through in every production.

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