Everything You Need to Know about Recruitment Marketing Videos in 2021-2022

Everything You Need to Know about Recruitment Marketing Videos in 2021-2022
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On:Oct 27, 2020

Close your eyes and picture your dream team of employees.

Maybe they already exist… or maybe you have a few open spots on the roster.

Recruiting the very best people to your team is always a top priority. And a recruitment video is an excellent way to attract your dream employees.

Why Video Is a Great Tool for Recruiting

A video is much more engaging than a basic job description – sorry, TA friends! Your ideal candidates may never just stumble onto the Careers portion of your website (as a matter of fact, they may not even be in the market!) But video marketing is your secret weapon to spark curiosity and grab their attention online.

Why not approach your recruiting strategy a bit differently, by putting a face on the company? Employee recruitment videos can do this best by giving candidates a glimpse into what it’s like to work for your company.

Recruitment marketing video production
Recruitment marketing video production

Tell Authentic Employee Stories

A credible story is much more than an employee testimonial. A compelling story is personal, relatable, and inspires the listener to action.

Your recruiting video production needs to capture a personal experience from an employee. A recitation of the company values might sound nice, but it’s not going to excite a job candidate. You need to showcase the qualities of your company that will appeal to and attract the best candidate.

Do you offer a flexible working environment? Ask an employee to talk about their personal experience with this arrangement. Does it allow them to better manage their household, care for someone else, or even pursue a personal passion?

Is volunteerism a core value? Film your team giving back as a group.

Are your team members driven to deliver excellent customer experiences? Have an employee tell a specific story about how they went above and beyond for a customer.

Some of these stories may not appeal to some prospective candidates. That’s a good thing! You want the right people to apply for your open positions and those that may not be a good fit to opt-out. Depicting your authentic work experience will help you attract candidates who are actually excited to work for you.

Recruiting Videos Work for Large and Small Employers

Whether you’re a multi-billion dollar company building an army of top-notch employees or a family-owned business looking for just one perfect hire, video marketing can be an effective tool.

A good employee recruitment video allows prospective employees to picture themselves in your space. Your video can include footage of the working environment, such as an office building, factory floor, or home office. Your video also serves to introduce the candidate to at least one of their future co-workers.

And if you’re wondering who should be interviewed in the video, pick employees with diverse experiences who are thriving at your company. Remember, you are not trying to attract just anyone to your company. You are trying to appeal to the people you would most love to hire.

Length of a Recruiting Video

How long should a recruiting video be? If you keep asking yourself this question, the answer is “as long as it needs to be.” You want to convey a compelling story with your video. This could take one minute or five minutes.

But in general, recruiting videos are 1-3 minutes in length.

Making a recruitment marketing video
Making a recruitment marketing video

How to Make a Good Recruitment Video

After selecting the right employee(s) for the video, secure a professional video production set-up. This could be your in-house team or a reliable storytelling partner such as Gillespie Productions. Make sure you select a videography team that you can trust to draw out authentic stories from your team. Personal experiences shared directly from employees will connect the best with potential candidates – not the standard “corporate speak” that we often hear!

Next, ask the right questions. Your professional videographer partner will know how to tease stories out of interviewees in a casual and conversational way, but here are a few sample questions:

  • Why did you decide to work at (company name)?
  • Talk about an exciting project you’re part of.
  • Why do you choose to stay at (company name)?
  • Walk through your typical working day.
  • Why do you love working at (company name)?
  • Tell us about your best day on the job.

Be intentional when choosing the B-roll shots you include in your video. Gillespie Productions sure your intended audience wants to see what it’s like to work at your organization, so help them visualize themselves in your space.

Finally, make sure you have a clear call to action at the end of the video. A great video always compels the viewer to take action – so make sure you direct it!

The success of any organization is built on the shoulders of its employees. And you can attract those perfect candidates with a recruiting video. Let’s talk about bringing your stories to life.