Famous Companies in Chicago, IL, and their Video Production Cases

Famous Companies in Chicago, IL, and their Video Production Cases
On:Jun 29, 2022

Chicago is home to some pretty famous brands. Some of these brands are decades old, but have managed to stay relevant and become increasingly dominant in their industries through a combination of providing excellent products and services, and maintaining their presence through great marketing.

Chicago video production is the key here, and at Gillespie Productions, we know what makes great videos.

Let’s take a look at some examples of companies in Chicago using videos to improve brand awareness, maintain customers, and grow.


Boeing’s team knows a thing or two about video production in Chicago. In this video, the plane manufacturer starts by telling viewers to “dream no small dream”, before telling their story through an inspirational monologue. The video explores the origins of flight, the origins of Boeing as a company, and its vision for the future.

From the Wright brothers to the future of spaceflight, this video covers it all.

Talk about inspirational!


Everybody knows McDonald’s, but that doesn’t mean the company doesn’t invest in advertising. When it comes to promotional videos, McDonald’s gets it.

Here are two of their best promotional videos in our opinion.

The Showdown Commercial 

“The Showdown” is a McDonald’s commercial from 1993 that features Michael Jordan. In the clip, Jordan brings a Big Mac to the gym and competes with Larry Bird in a shooting contest to decide who gets to eat the burger. 

The video features two big names from the sports world. It not only attracts attention because they’re both famous but shows that even the most health-focused, athletic stars love a Big Mac, too. 

I’m Lovin’ It 

When you hear the phrase “I’m Lovin’ It”, you immediately know it’s McDonald’s, right? That’s the power of advertising. 

Combine that famous slogan with this cute story, of a man going through a drive-through without stopping, speaking quietly, and repeating his order as he goes to avoid waking up his sleeping baby, and you get two messages. The first is that the meal is worth “lovin’” and the second is that McDonald’s staff go out of their way to care for you. In the clip, the staff does everything they can to help the man get his meal without waking his child. 

Motorola Solutions  

Motorola invented mobile phones. That should be enough to ensure that it is one of the most famous and large companies in Chicago, but advertising never stops – and this video is a great example of legendary brands using video to keep themselves in the public eye.
With dramatic shots of the earth, crises, tragedies, happy events, and more, Motorola shows the complexities of the world and how technology can help.


As companies in Chicago IL go, Exelon is a tough one to make consumers think about. This is one of the world’s leading energy providers and not something most people think about regularly.
Nonetheless, this video does a great job of making people think about energy and sustainability. With an upbeat backing track, executives from the company describe the amazing advancements this company has made to provide cheaper and more abundant sustainable energy to customers all over the United States and Canada.
This is known as a “company overview video” and is particularly useful in a professional setting.

Kraft Heinz 

Finally, there’s this video from Heinz. It starts with Ed Sheeran, one of the most popular modern singers in the world, talking about an “idea” he had for a Heinz commercial in which a fancy restaurant – with chandeliers and “way too many forks” – that still uses Heinz. 

The idea behind the video is that everybody loves Heinz, including its famous ketchup. The fact that Ed Sheeran is in the video, showing that he’s just as normal as his fans, is a powerful addition to the video, too. 

It’s well-produced, fun, relatable, and funny. 

It’s Time for Your Video 

Whether you’re advertising to industrial clients, attracting new customers, or just reminding the world how great your brand, products, and services are, promotional videos play a huge role in your growth. Businesses in Chicago know this, the biggest brands in the world know this, and your company should too.

Want help making broadcast-quality promotional videos just like this for your Chicago business? Call Gillespie Productions today and we’ll get started!