6 Healthcare Video Production Benefits for Your Medical Business

6 Healthcare Video Production Benefits for Your Medical Business
On:Oct 26, 2022

Online videos are currently one of the most popular ways for consumers to view content. From YouTube and TikTok to videos now flooding Facebook and Instagram, many are reaching a wider audience than ever before by producing videos for their viewers, and doctors are no different. In fact, video marketing for doctors has been increasingly utilized as a marketing best practice, further growing practices to reach new clients.

There are a number of benefits to advertising in healthcare. From expanding brand exposure to further informing patients, boosting your medical business with more healthcare video content can make a world of difference. To further understand, we are breaking down all the benefits of investing in healthcare video production below.

#1. Better Telehealth Commercials

Telehealth has been an increasing standard at doctor’s offices for the last few decades, especially post-pandemic. As part of this, doctor’s offices have been investing in commercial video production to create healthcare videos to improve their telehealth services, further explaining their services and how telehealth can benefit patients. As a result, patients’ engagement level has increased for these services.

#2. Informing the Patients

Another benefit of video content in healthcare is as an additional way to educate patients. While many doctor’s offices are equipped with an array of pamphlets, digital options, such as videos, can help further expand on topics in a way that viewers can digest. As a result, patients are more knowledgeable of topics relative to their health, further improving their health care as they take a more active role.

#3. Bigger Brand Exposure

One of the key perks of marketing in the healthcare industry, particularly when leaning on video formats, is to reach a larger audience. When a hospital or practice creates quality video content, they can show the world that they are knowledgeable within their area of expertise. They can show that they are trustworthy and can emphasize how they put patients’ needs first. With this additional content format, you can expand your reach with an exposure that instills a positive message.

#4. Better Training and Compliance

Healthcare marketing videos don’t just have to be used to bring in new patients. In fact, with an array of on-demand and live-streaming training options, healthcare providers have been using videos to boost education for healthcare personnel. A video in healthcare can provide training or important info to a team, unifying messaging in one concise way, wherever staff may be. This helps present new and consistent information in multiple locations and formats to disseminate in a way that will stick with employees.

Beyond sharing information or updates, videos can be useful to promote new programs or services or launch emergency broadcasts – all of which help keep staff better informed in the long run.

#5. A Better Doctor-Patient Connection

Through a medical marketing video, a face and personality can be put into practice, allowing patients to get a feel for who they will be interacting with. This familiarity can have a big impact on prospective patients, making them feel more comfortable with your practice so they feel more secure in the booking.

This video style can also help you connect with potential clients emotionally. A building that connection allows your customers to identify themselves within your brand’s vision so they know they’re making the right choice. With so many practices and options on the market, personal videos will help instill a stronger relationship. Overall, this can improve your client roster, and thus your practice, long-term.

#6. An Edge in the Market Competition

While marketing in the healthcare industry is relatively popular, not everyone is taking advantage of the video format, which can give you a major leg-up. In fact, video communications can allow teams and patients to share information more widely, and quicker, in order to make better-informed decisions. For this reason, video marketing reduces the time it takes to market new products or services for a quicker ROI.

Not only will your video content reach more people in a faster manner than other forms of content marketing, but it can boost your relationships in a way that practices that don’t implement video cannot. With video communications, you can maintain these relationships remotely, improving your quality of care whether patients and staff are in the office or not.


No matter if you want to reach new patients, instill a sense of trust with existing clients, or share company updates and information with staff in a cinch, video marketing for doctors can be utilized in several beneficial ways. By creating instantaneous, deeper connections with patients and staff, you can promote your business in ways other advertising in healthcare cannot, creating long-term benefits.

For assistance with creating healthcare marketing videos for your practice or business, a healthcare video production company can help with the process. At Gillespie Productions, we have experience creating videos for many formats, meeting your needs with high-quality content. To learn more about our services, contact us today.