Here’s Why Images and Videos Make Information Easier to Understand and Remember

Here’s Why Images and Videos Make Information Easier to Understand and Remember
On:Apr 07, 2022

At Gillespie Productions, we help businesses train team members through video. We even create educational video productions designed for marketing or to inform potential customers about our client’s products and services. And there’s a reason why we use video, too.

The reason why video is important in this context is that videos and images help people understand new concepts and remember important information more easily. There’s an obvious winner in the “video vs text” battle in online marketing and training.

Let’s take a look at the kinds of video content that can help improve education and training, and why video is such a powerful tool.

Types of Content that Improve Education

Using video for learning and marketing purposes – so, whether you’re training your employees or helping customers learn more about what you do – is something that can be done in various ways.
Let’s take a look at some of the most common kinds of videos you can use for training and learning.

#1. Regular Videos

When we say “regular videos,” what we mean is a video that is presented by someone who acts as a presenter. This may be someone sitting down at a desk, or walking around a workspace. The video may also use B-roll footage, voiceovers, and infographics.

Consider it a “video article” – something that conveys the information you expect to read from an article, but in a way that is easier and quicker to consume. Viewers may more easily remember the name and the face of the person presenting the video.

#2. Presentations

Presentations are another great form of video. If you’re planning on delivering an in-person presentation to your current team, then recording that presentation with high-end cameras and audio equipment is a great way to capture that information and make it available to other members of your team, future employees, or even your customers. You may even air the presentation live on your social media or website as a live stream.

#3. Infographics

Infographics can be incorporated into many kinds of videos, but some videos rely entirely on infographics. These kinds of videos use a voiceover to explain key concepts and to describe what appears on the screen, why it’s relevant to the training, or why it relates to a product or service that your company sells.

Infographics are a great way to help people remember information, as viewers will hear and see the information at the same time.

Video Combines Multiple Senses


video popularity
video popularity

As we alluded to in the last section, learning from a video is easier because it combines multiple senses. Video brings together visual elements and audio. Text, however, requires intense focus and studying from your team members to truly understand and comprehend what is being said.

While your team may initially understand what you write, they may not remember it quite as easily.

Video popularity is understood in pretty much every industry today, and at Gillespie Productions, we help businesses more effectively train their teams and convey ideas to potential customers on their websites and social media.

Video Tells a Better Story

Would you rather read what a good storyteller has to say, or hear it from their own mouth? Online marketers overwhelmingly rely on video content today for the simple reason that most people prefer to watch videos.

So much of education and training in the workplace is about telling a story. It helps your team understand why you do what you do and why the ideas you convey in the training are important. With video, they get to put a face to a voice and feel a connection with the story being told.

That’s why we prefer video over text, and why our team helps businesses create fantastic video productions.

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