How Explainer Videos Can Help Your Business

How Explainer Videos Can Help Your Business
By:Erin DeGroot
On:Jan 13, 2022

As video becomes the dominant form of content on the internet, there is just one more reason why you need an explainer video on your company website.

At Gillespie Productions, we help businesses communicate ideas and show potential customers what makes their products and services special. We also aim to bring you great advice on video production, and in this piece, we’ll explain how explainer videos help businesses just like yours.

What Is an Explainer Video?

In simple terms, an explainer video is an informative video that is typically short. Think somewhere between 30 seconds and a few minutes long.

The video should be informative, fun, engaging, and give people an idea of what you do and why your products or services are beneficial. It should contain all the key information a viewer needs to understand what you do.

Do Explainer Videos Work?

Explainer Videos for Your Business
Explainer Videos for Your Business

Explainer videos absolutely do work. If somebody is already on your website then it means they are likely interested in learning about what you do – and instead of presenting those web visitors with a wall of text, a video gives them an easy way of understanding everything they need to know.

Businesses that hire video experts to create explainer videos often see a dramatic increase in revenue and give visitors a reason to stick around on their websites. These videos can even be used for marketing purposes on social media.

Types of Explainer Videos

While the purpose of an explainer video is generally the same, there are different kinds of explainer videos that can help your business.

These videos are used in corporate settings, for marketing purposes, for employees, and more. Let’s take a look.


An overview video is what we described earlier. It gives people a summary of what it is that your business does, helping turn web visitors into buyers.


A process video helps explain a process, whether that’s a process used in your business, or a process that a user experiences when using your product or accessing your services.


A tutorial video may be similar to a process video if it relates to the way users access your services or use your product.

Tutorials show people how to perform certain tasks or use your product without bogging them down with complicated user manuals.


A demo video may involve a screen-share style recording or show somebody physically using a product, revealing the features of your product and different ways that it may be used. It is similar to a process or a tutorial video.


A presentation video goes into detail, providing important information in a way that saves time. Presentations may involve a slide show or visual graphics, and a host talking to the camera.

Corporate Culture

Finally, a corporate culture video gives people an overview not just of the products you sell, but of the culture behind those products and services, which dictates your work environment. People care more than ever about corporate culture and ethics!

Why an Explainer Video Is Important

Benefits of Explainer Videos
Benefits of Explainer Videos

Let’s now take a look at four reasons why explainer videos are so important for all kinds of businesses.

Video Is Digested Better by the Human Brain

Most people prefer video, and that’s because video stimulates the processing centers of the brain. Humans process information through both visual and auditory channels and video combines both of these things.

Instead of reading for 10 minutes and navigating a website, a web visitor can watch a quick video – merely seconds or minutes long – and take in even more information in the same amount of time.

While it’s always a matter of preference, video is typically more accessible and more easily digested by more people.

Explainer Videos Are Easier To Make

Explainer videos are accessible. With the help of Gillespie Productions, we’ll create an explainer video that takes your company story into account, along with your ethics, values, and all the great features of the products or services you sell.

An explainer video can provide important information that prevents people from calling and asking for advice – and they’re much easier to produce than answering the same questions repeatedly.

Videos Provide Emotions

Another reason why you need an explainer video is that they are an easier way in which emotions can be channeled and communicated.

You can add emotion to your video through the voice-over or the visuals, and even though the music you choose. Whether you’re trying to produce something upbeat, simplistic, or heartwarming, it’s easier to achieve in a video than it is in a short text.

Videos Increase ROI

Finally, for the above reasons, videos can really help improve ROI – or “return on investment.” As people understand your product more quickly and feel more of an emotional connection to your content, they are more likely to become paying customers.

So an investment in a video can help increase the number of customers you have in a shorter period of time, making it a smart investment for businesses in all industries. This is why explainer videos are effective and increasingly used on websites and social media.

How To Create An Explainer Video?

Okay, so you’ve decided to create an explainer video. Here’s how to do it:

1. Choose Your Concept

Take a look at the concepts outlined above and decide which one is right for your business. Are you doing an overview video, a tutorial, a corporate culture video, or something else?

2. Choose Your Format

Once you’ve chosen your concept, now choose your format. Some of the most popular formats include screen-sharing videos with voiceovers that show you performing a task on a computer or a mobile device.

Other formats include using a presenter to talk about a product, combined with B-roll, slideshow videos, or presentations.

3. Film, Produce, Edit

Next is filming, producing, and editing the video into one cohesive, informative, and engaging piece. This will require some expertise, as filming requires getting the right light and the right angle, and editing requires good knowledge of high-quality video editing software.

4. Or…Trust the Experts!

Alternatively, you may enlist the help of experts. Gillespie Productions helps your business produce broadcast-quality videos that demonstrate the value of your product or service.

We work with you to understand your goals, learn about your business, and find out what moves your customers. We use that information to create the best quality video productions for your website, email list, social media, and more.


Need help with overview video production? Want to find out more about corporate video production and how it can change your business? Contact Gillespie Productions today for a free quote and a consultation!