How To Create a Great Promotional Video for Your Product: 9 Tips from The Industry Experts

How To Create a Great Promotional Video for Your Product: 9 Tips from The Industry Experts
On:Nov 25, 2021

It doesn’t matter what you’re selling, if you’re selling it online then a product video is a huge advantage to you.

Product videos give buyers a chance to see the product in more detail, and perhaps see how it is used in real-life use cases. It’s the next best thing to hold the product in your own hands.

Knowing how to make a good product video is a huge advantage in eCommerce, and at Gillespie Productions we work with businesses across many industries to create videos that allow customers to see how products will affect their life.

In this piece, we’ll take a look at 9 tips for creating good product videos from industry experts.

Focus on Problem Solving

The first thing to know when learning how to make a product commercial video is that your customer is looking to solve a problem.

A great example of a business that understands the importance of problem-solving is Purple. This mattress company focuses on how its product works. In the video below, you’ll be taken on a light-hearted tour of the factory, hear from some of the product leaders, and see precisely how the product is made, how it works, and how it gives people a better night’s sleep.

This is truly a good example of how to make a product commercial video. Think about the problems your product solves and show people how it works.

Identify Your Target Audience and Appeal to Them

Secondly, don’t forget that your product probably has a target audience and that your video should be made with them in mind.

Create videos that people will respond positively to, and use your product in a situation that people recognize.
Spoak is a virtual clubhouse for people interested in interior design, and the SPOAK PLAY! The platform is built for those people. It’s a tool that helps people redesign their space, learn new skills, and play design games.

In their promotional video, they start off by saying, “Calling all interior design lovers!”

Could they be any clearer?

Inject Personality Into Your Video

At Gillespie Productions, we often encourage people to avoid a script – particularly with testimonial-style videos. However, for a product video, it’s important to know what needs to be said…and to say it.

If you’re using a script, make sure that it’s engaging and has some personality. It’s easy to sound boring when you’re just listing off reasons why your product is so great.

Think about a scenario where somebody may use your product, show that scenario, and include a script that pulls people in.

Take this video from Qubit, for example. They chose to show how fast their software is…by racing a barista. It’s whimsical, and it keeps people watching.

Share Your Story

Sharing your story is a great way to help people feel closer to your brand. Rather than just showing people what you make, why not talk about what’s important to your business, your company ethics, and share a little about what drives you to create the products you do?

Whether you work with a charity, use your social media and website to educate people about important social issues, or use environmentally friendly components – this is all-important stuff to tell your potential buyers.

Customers are more conscious about the ethics of the businesses they buy from than ever before.

Keep It Short

Your video shouldn’t be overly long. Finding the right balance is important, and the length of your video should depend on the number of features you may need to demonstrate.

A good example of how to keep a video short, yet informative, is this one from Venmo. The consumer payment and transaction service explained how customers use their app through the voice of a customer and with animations.

It shows everything the end-user needs to know in a compelling, authentic, and understandable way.

Take a look:

Demonstrate Videos in a Series

This is another key part of knowing how to make product video presentations. Focusing on the key features is essential, whether you condense those key features into one video, or spread them out over a series of videos to give people the most thorough overview of what your product can do.

Salesforce offers a good example of this. Their product demo videos give people an idea of all the things that the platform can do, showing customers the interface of their online services and demonstrating how each function works in a different video.

Show Your Product’s Value

Demonstrating value is another part of knowing how to make a product promotion video that works.

Take a look at this example from Ford, for instance. The car manufacturing company walks you through the new Ford Edge safety features in its vehicles and demonstrates not just how those features work but how they could save your life and help you navigate common problems drivers often experience.

Multiple features get covered in this video, but the story is pulled together by the fact that the company is explaining why those features are valuable.

Use Good Actors and Voice Actors

If you’re using actors, then be sure to get good ones. At Gillespie Productions we always think it’s important to put people on camera with direct experience of using a product, but if you’re using actors then you’ll need to ensure that they’re not only good at it, but they’re also familiar with your product.

The same goes for anybody doing a voiceover. Look for someone who is qualified, with a voice that sounds authoritative, but never forget that anybody representing your brand in this way should also be familiar with your product.

Add a Call to Action

If your product video is good, it will compel people to purchase your product. If your product is very good, then it will actively encourage people at the end to take action.

When people are engrossed in a video, and when they believe in what you are presenting to them, a “call to action” at the end of the video increases the chances that the viewer will take the opportunity to buy your product there and then.

A good example of a video with a solid call to action is this video from Lyft, which is one of the most popular ride-sharing apps. At the end of the video, which demonstrates how the service works, it encourages people to simply “Get Lyft.” It then includes two links where you can either download the app or learn more about becoming a Lyft driver.

Wisconsin’s Demo Video Specialists

At Gillespie Productions, we inject your personality, your story, and your love for what you do into every video we produce.

We’ll work with you to create product demonstration videos that give people the confidence they need to invest in your product – but we also believe in informing you about how to make a product advertisement video that achieves what you need it to achieve.

To find out more about how we can help your business, call Gillespie Productions today or get in touch online.