How Video Is Created: Video Production Process Breakdown

How Video Is Created: Video Production Process Breakdown
On:Jul 19, 2021

Gillespie Productions does something more than regular video production agencies. The filming process for creating videos may be similar, but we take a more personal approach to production and ensure that your videos – whether they are for marketing or internal corporate purposes – reflect your brand, values, and history.

Our video production process is designed to efficiently create videos that target the right audience and suit your needs while portraying your message in a natural-sounding way.

What Are the Three Major Phases Of Video Production?

Video production starts with a big idea and builds from there. Pre-production enables you to consider what you want from the video, production lets you realize it, and post-production allows for fine-tuning and perfecting the final product.

Video Pre-Production Process

The video pre-production process is all about preparing for your shoot. It requires a concept, planning, interview prep, equipment prep, and much more before the day of the shoot.

Video Pre-Production Process
Video Pre-Production Process

Step 1: Create a Concept

It always starts with a concept. You should first consider what the video intends to do. Are you looking to attract new customers? Are you engaging with existing customers? Are you looking to align and/or motivate a group of employees?

With the purpose of your planned video in mind, we can assist you in creating a strategy that achieves what you need it to do.

We do this by spending time with our clients. We’ll identify your company’s goal, get to know your business, and see what a typical day is like in your place of work. We’ll aim to understand the target audience, think about what affects them, what drives them emotionally, and what key messages they need to hear.

The main thing here is listening. We want to learn as much as we can about your business, we’ll ask you plenty of questions, and we may even have you walk us through your offices, production line, or another place of work.

Step 2: Consider the Topics

Most often, we tend to avoid overly scripted content. Gillespie Productions use interview-style videos to make sure everything you say is natural, honest, and accurate. We look at your target audience and think about what they want to know, and we ask you questions that will give them the answers they need.

We’ll consider the topics we need to talk about during the video and pose questions that enable you to describe your business story and values and showcase the benefits of using your products or services.

Step 3: Plan Details

Once the concept is ready, it’s time to plan the details. We’ll consider the venue, date and time for filming, who will be involved in the shoot, and the kind of equipment we’ll need to create your video.

The more we plan before the shoot day, the better prepared we’ll be. We’ll know exactly what will happen on the day, and we’ll have goals to achieve throughout the day.

Video Production Workflow

Next comes the video production workflow. This is the process of making your video a reality by acting on the plans we made in the last section and bringing the whole team together for a day of shooting.

Video Production Workflow
Video Production Workflow

Step 1: Equipment Set-Up

On the big day, we’ll set up our equipment to achieve the best shot composition and lighting to tell your story. Thanks to our extensive planning in the previous step, everyone involved in the shoot will already know what is required of them to get the shoot moving.

Step 2: Video Shoot

On the day of the shoot, we’ll review the plans we made and get to work. The leader of the shoot is the producer, who will be responsible for ensuring that we stay on schedule, helping set up the shots and coming up with ideas.

Our director of photography is the visual leader of the shoot. He/she will choose the best angles, consider the audio and make sure the lighting looks right.

We may also have an additional person who will be running a second camera and will likely be the person who ends up editing the video. They know what shots were taken and experienced the filming first hand, meaning they don’t just have an emotional investment in the shoot, but they are already intimately familiar with the shots.

Video Post Production Process

This is where the video production process steps come to an end and where we begin thinking about the best shots to use.

The video post-production process is something we’ll continue to assist with after the video has been produced, and we’ll combine your ideas and preferences with the expertise and skills of our editors to create something fantastic.

Video Post Production Process
Video Post Production Process

Step 1: Video Editing

Video editing is the stage where the project really comes together. At this point, our video editing experts will piece together the footage we filmed during the shoot. We’ll choose all the best shots and work under your direction to produce a video that fits the bill.

The producer begins by ingesting all the footage, creating an order of soundbites, collecting the music, and choosing the graphics that will tell the story in the best way.

We’ll also ensure that your video is the right length, has the right style, and portrays the exact message that we discussed in the very first stage of this process.

Once we create a rough cut of the edit, the music, and the color grading, we’ll send it to you to review. It usually takes around one week from the day of the shoot to receive the rough cut and another week to receive the final product.

Most of the time, our skilled editors get the video pretty much close to perfection – but we always take your input and additional request to finetune that rough edit.

Once the revisions are made and the video perfected, we move on to the final video render.

Step 2: Video Render

Finally, once the video is edited, it will be encoded in various formats. However, we find that high-quality MP4 video files are the most common option for our clients.

We’re happy to share the file in different formats where necessary, and we’ll ensure that it can easily be uploaded to your social media, website, or other video hosting platform.

Step 3: Distribution and Optimization

A great video won’t have any substantial impact on your business if it is not distributed properly. We’re happy to offer some advice about where your customers are most likely to see your new content and provide the appropriately rendered videos for your website or social media.

Learn More About the Process and Access Expert Video Production Help

Gillespie Productions believes in creating video content that reflects your unique identity and brand. We do this by listening to you and learning as much as we can about your business. We then combine that knowledge with our years of experience in the journalism and corporate communications industries to create a video production that fits your needs.

We understand the corporate video production process inside and out, but we think it’s important that you understand it, too. Hopefully, this overview gives you a good idea about how we create quality video productions and how we can help your business grow through effective video marketing.

So why not give us a call?

We’re always excited to hear from new businesses looking to expand their business. Our team aims to build long-term relationships with our clients, working to create video content that expands reach and boosts brands.

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