Madison Video Production Service

Madison Video Production Service

Gillespie Productions provides full service video production in Madison. We are a video making company that helps corporations captivate their audiences and produce action. We pride ourselves on being trustworthy and easy to work with. We are not an agency - we are a video production company that acts as your collaborative partner and an extension of your team. Your result is a well-rounded, polished, creative video that hits the mark.
Every video we create compels the viewer to take some sort of action. This action is conveyed not through in-your-face sales pitches or fear-based messaging.
Instead, action is inspired through real, human emotions. And the best way to impact emotions is by telling stories.
Madison area companies can tap into Gillespie Productions’ unique approach to digital video production.

If your project requires it, we're ready to travel anywhere else in the country to bring your story to life.

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Creative video agency

First, let’s get this out of the way: An impactful business video is not about flashy effects and word-for-word corporate messaging. It’s about striking that “pinpoint balance” of nailing your messaging while captivating your audience.

Of course, we bring the latest in cutting-edge equipment and techniques to get the most out of every frame. But telling real, human stories about real, human businesses is at the core of every commercial video production project we complete.

The bottom line? You want to work with a team that’s amazing at what they do yet honest and down-to-earth. We’re ready to prove ourselves to you and your stakeholders.


Commercial video production in Madison,WI

The values of the video production company you choose are important. At Gillespie Productions, we believe that how we behave has significance. We care about each other and our work. When we say we’re going to do something, we do it. While we aim to deliver content that hits the mark, we’re not doing it in a way that shows ego or arrogance. We always act in the best interests of our customers.

As the promotional video production studio working for your Madison area business, we combine our experience working with a wide range of clients with our heart for storytelling. We understand that every client has unique problems and perspectives. We pledge to listen and support you every step of the way. These values and this approach is why we’ve built such strong partnerships over the years.

Some of the videos we produce include:

Brand Video Production

In today’s world of content consumption, people want authentic stories, and they veer away from salesy, corporate jargon. Enter a company branding video. These beautiful pieces of corporate video content pull out the best human stories out of your company and amplify your brand in a profound way.

Commercial Videography Company

Are you looking for a corporate commercial videographer? At Gillespie Productions, we specialize in producing action for your organization through storytelling corporate video. As corporate commercial videographers, we help your target audience engage with your story through the powerful medium of video. Our intertwined background of broadcast journalism, corporate communications, video production, television, graphic design and audio result in a product that is polished, engaging and on-point.

Company Overview Video Production

A company overview video is helpful in many ways. It’s great for pitching to new clients or for explaining your business on your website. We produce company overview videos that hone in on your business’s best qualities and the kind of work that your team does.

Corporate Video Production

A corporate video is intended for consumption by professionals from within a business or specific industry. It is not marketing material but is instead designed to educate or inform viewers about a specific industry or business-related topic.

Educational Video Production

Gillespie Productions is a school video production company that produces compelling videos designed to engage students of all ages. Leveraging years of experience in the video production & education industries, we use our high-end video production equipment and skills to create video content that helps your students meet their academic goals, understand key concepts, and spark an interest in a range of topics.

Internal Communications Video Production

An internal communications video is a form of internal communication designed to keep your employees on the same page. We’ll create videos that ensure your customers are familiar with their work structure, know what is expected of them, and understand what to do when they need assistance.

Live Event Video Production

Live event video production is another specialty of ours. We handle all your live streaming needs, allowing people from all over the world to tune in to your live event. Our team also produces high-quality video productions that can be edited and shared after the event ends.

Manufacturing & Industrial Video Production

We produce manufacturing videos for businesses in Wisconsin looking to expand their online reach, pitch their services to new clients, and communicate their message to their chosen audiences in a more effective and direct way.

Nonprofit Video Production

Gillespie Productions brings non-profit organizations the most comprehensive, convenient, and high-quality video production services. From marketing and education to donor recognition, our non-profit video production company helps your organization spread your work far and wide, educate more people, and grow your audience.

Product Video Production

Corporate product videos are the ideal way to show off your product online. With more people than ever viewing videos on social media platforms, and even expecting companies to use videos to demonstrate their products, there is more incentive than ever to use product videos for ecommerce websites.

Promotional Video Production

Promotional videos go beyond what your company does and focuses on why your business is the best. Our promotional videos communicate the benefits of working with your brand, how your product or service is valuable to your audience, and create inventive new ways to advertise via video.

Recruiting Video Production

Recruitment videos need to do a few things. They must not only pitch your business as a great place to work, but they must convey what you’re looking for. We produce recruiting videos designed to attract precisely the right talent.

Social Media Video Production

Video is one of the most popular ways for people to consume content online. It’s also one of the most popular forms of content for social media platforms, which is why social media video production is increasingly one of the best ways for businesses to advertise their product or service, engage followers, and attract new audiences.

Testimonial Video Production

We think testimonial videos are one of the most powerful marketing tools around. We take existing customers and happy clients and ask them why they trust your business. It makes for fantastic promotional videos and adverts, as well as company overview clips for your website and social media.

Town Hall Video Production

Now more than ever, virtual town halls and webcasting are essential for any company or organization’s marketing outreach and collaboration – and Gillespie Productions turns a virtual conference into an event. With top broadcasting professionals on the job and deep knowledge of virtual conference production and technology, we provide TV-quality corporate conference videos and live webcasts for your customers, clients, and colleagues.
We bring the businesses of Wisconsin a reliable, affordable option for online video marketing, webcasting, and live town hall production.

Virtual Graduation Production & Livestream

Gillespie Productions offers live streaming and videography services for commencement ceremonies and graduations, making a virtual graduation ceremony simpler than ever. Our technology and expertise allow us to create a digital graduation experience that allows people to tune in from all over the world, whether it is entirely virtual or held in real-time as a ceremony but live-streamed online.

YouTube Video Production

YouTube gives you access to millions of users instantly and connects you directly to an audience that may be searching for information about your brand or the services you offer.
Gillespie Productions is a Wisconsin-based YouTube video creation service, utilizing a team with a blend of experience in broadcast journalism, corporate communications, and the creative arts to develop impactful, professional company videos for marketing and training purposes. We know what makes a YouTube video popular. We know how to portray your brand professionally. We pride ourselves on developing long-term relationships with our clients as a YouTube video company to improve their online presence continually.

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Madison video production company

Shoot a brand video

Are you looking for a video that will be the cornerstone of your website and the very first video that you want every prospective customer or job seeker to see? Then a brand video is what you need.

Gillespie Productions believes that every brand has a story. As a corporate video maker, it’s our job to bring that out. Our clients are often surprised that our approach is that simple yet so effective.

Stories are truly the driving force behind achieving a high quality result that consistently exceeds expectations. We invite you to peruse our latest projects and experience these stories for yourself.

Let's produce action
Madison corporate video

Unique content production

We hope you can see that we’re not the typical video content agency. The common thread through every Gillespie Productions project is: “We must produce an action.”

We use storytelling techniques - introducing the problem, establishing your company as the guide, showcasing the solution - to create an emotional response in your viewer. This emotion propels them to take your next intended step, whether that’s submitting a job application, buying your product, or donating to your cause.

You’ll find that our work ranges from internal communication videos to recruiting videos to company overview videos. Let us be the promotional video production studio to knock your socks off.

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Madison corporate video company
Video production prices in Madison,WI

At Gillespie Productions, we know that you want to be highly regarded in the Madison community and in the minds of your clients, employees and stakeholders. In order to do that, you need compelling video content.

But resources are scarce and every marketing budget is under constant scrutiny. We believe that quality videos should not cause you undue stress. We understand the pressures you are facing, which is why we suggest you consider the value of what you are looking to achieve.

Will this video be the spark for five new customer relationships that bring in thousands or millions of dollars per year? Certainly an iPhone video is great for some things, but it might not have the impact and first impression you really need.

At Gillespie Productions, we promise to work efficiently so your message is delivered concisely and in a well-produced package - all while hitting your intended business goals and within a reasonable budget. Contact us today for your next Madison area video project.

Why our Clients think that we are the Best Video Production Company in Madison, WI

Madison is a community of risk takers, changemakers and brilliant innovations. Choose Gillespie Productions if you want to work with a corporate videographer that’s ready to embrace you exactly as you are.
Why our Clients think that we are the Best Video Production Company in Madison, WI
Hire us to help you create the video you need to drive results.

Hire us to help you create the video you need to drive results.

Our best work gets done when we can work face-to-face with you. We travel anywhere to produce action in Wisconsin - Green Bay, Appleton, Wausau, Milwaukee, Madison, you name it. We’re also able to travel for video production in Chicago or anywhere else in the country to bring your story to life.