The Future of Video Production: What Will It Look Like?

The Future of Video Production: What Will It Look Like?
On:Nov 07, 2021

Video production trends are always changing, but the events of the past year have seen those trends change more rapidly.

At Gillespie Productions, we work with a variety of clients across the Wisconsin area creating video productions for internal communication, marketing, and events. We know when the trends are shifting, and we know what to expect over the next year.

Remote Video Production

Remote video production is one of the most visible trends to come out of 2020 and 2021, and will likely persist through 2022, too. Remote video production involves sharing video footage and files online and trusting producers and editors to turn it into something professional.

It may also include using video footage from virtual conferences and compiling that content into high-quality video production.

Live Streams Will Become More Popular

Live Stream Video Production Trend
Live Stream Video Production Trend

An extension of remote video production, live streams are also one of the biggest video trends that have appeared over the last year or two. Live streaming is now an extremely normal way for people to communicate, whether it’s an internal meeting or a conference of customers, clients, or investors.

Live streaming brings people together from all over the world, and it’s unlikely to disappear now that so much of the working population has become familiar with it.

Video Production May Become Simpler

For some videos, simple is better. Sharing video footage from online conferences and discussions means seeing what people look like in their home offices.

Rather than green screens and complex lighting setups, footage from virtual conferences will be a little simpler – but they can be improved dramatically with quality editing by seasoned professionals.

Industry Diversity

Diversity is an increasingly important matter for businesses and video offers a wonderful platform for demonstrating your commitment to fostering an inclusive workplace.

The future of YouTube and other online videos is a trend toward showcasing a brand’s inclusivity. With this in mind, you may wish to consider including different types of voices – representing people of different backgrounds and, most importantly, different opinions and ideas – in some of your videos.

Videos Will Become More Accessible

Video Production Trends 2021-2022
Video Production Trends 2021-2022

You may also wish to consider making your videos more accessible, which means ensuring as many people as possible can enjoy your content.

Simple ways of ensuring accessibility include providing a transcript of your video on the same page it’s posted or adding subtitles to the bottom of the screen. You may also wish to consider choosing colors that have good contrast and avoiding flashing lights.

Different Formatting

We are likely to see a variety of kinds of videos in the future, from short social media clips to longer, documentary-style videos that offer a detailed overview of your company or brand.

Remember that the length and format of your video should depend on your audience, and your platform (like YouTube), and what you hope to achieve with the video. You may also wish to think about how easy it will be to clip content from larger videos to share on social media or via email lists and maximize the leverage from every single piece of video content produced.

Budget Changes

Depending on your industry, the events of the last year may have caused you to reevaluate your budget and financial priorities.

Choosing a trusted video production firm like Gillespie Productions means making the most of your budget, and our team is always happy to offer advice.

Screens Are Everywhere

With more people than ever owning smartphones and tablets, there is no doubt that the future is video.

Remember that when people have a device in their hands, it’s likely that they may be more willing to engage with your website and brand through video format. Don’t miss an opportunity to get more eyes on your business.

Unstaged Videos

Testimonial Video Production Trends
Testimonial Video Production Trends

At Gillespie Productions, we believe in the power of testimonials. These unstaged and unscripted testimonials videos give viewers the best insight into your company possible, allowing your employees or existing clients to explain precisely why they believe in your brand, your product, or your services. We often shoot these videos in real workspaces to ensure an authentic and transparent representation of your brand.

Video and Marketing Integration

Video as a marketing tool has been popular on the Internet for some time, but it’s more important than ever.

Including videos on your home page works in your favor when it comes to SEO (search engine optimization). It’s a great way of introducing customers to your brand on the very first page they see and can help improve your presence on search engine results pages.

Shorter Is Better

Shorter videos have a greater chance of keeping the viewer’s attention. The more you can fit into a shorter video the better – but you shouldn’t rush what you have to say, either.

Mobile browsing is now more common than desktop browsing, and people are less likely to watch long-form videos on their mobile devices. In addition, providing the proper captioning will ensure that your valuable content will not be unnoticed simply because a viewer may not have the opportunity to listen to a video at any given time.


Finally, personalizing videos to appeal to specific sections of your audience is a fantastic way of increasing the chances that a video may convert a viewer into a customer.

Videos targeted towards a mass audience are becoming less valuable by the day, while videos targeted towards specific sections of your audience will be more effective at driving new sales.

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