5 Tips on How to Improve Recruitment Process for Your Company

5 Tips on How to Improve Recruitment Process for Your Company
On:Aug 12, 2022

Even before the Great Resignation, it was difficult for companies to recruit and keep the best workers. With millions of applicants looking for jobs, finding ways to improve recruitment process is critical for finding amazing talent. The competition is fierce to engage potential applicants! However, companies can develop key steps to improve the recruitment process. While speeding up the hiring process can be tempting to onboard someone more quickly, hiring managers may overlook steps to improve recruitment process. Here are our tips on how to improve the recruiting process so you can attract and hire top employees for your company, such as hiring a video production company to create incredible recruiting ads.

#1. Improve Your Recruiting Ads

One method how to make recruitment process more effective is to improve your recruiting ads. It’s a simple, yet understated technique.

  • Write a detailed, clear job advert. Potential employees don’t want to read convoluted, muddled job descriptions. You can work with your hiring managers to create descriptive, recruiting job ads that will stand out from others as well as convey the information about the job effectively. Speak directly to the job candidate rather than using formal language, such as using “you” instead of “ideal candidate”.
  • Distinguish between mandatory and desired job duties. When you list job duties, make sure the job description matches what the role will do. Be sure to distinguish between “must have” skills and “desired” skills so the applicant will know the expectations for the job. These skills should be no more than 6 bullet points.
  • Promote your company with a video. It’s important for the candidate to be excited about your company. You can improve the hiring process by shooting a recruiting video production that highlights your company and staff. Potential hires can get an idea about work life with your team and company culture.

By improving your job ads to make them catchier and more attractive to potential candidates, you will improve the recruiting process for your company. 

#2. Work on Your Sourcing 

How to improve recruiting process
How to improve recruiting process

To find the best candidates for your job, you will need to work on your sourcing to obtain the best and widest pool of applicants. Believe it or not, one of the most underrated ways to improve the recruitment process is through social media. Even people who have jobs want to know about job openings or could be open to a recruiter via social media networks.

  • Post job advertisements on social media. You can post the job advert directly on social media through your account or your work’s account. You can also include a social media video production that highlights the job vacancy and your company.
  • Attend events to grow your network. If you can attend networking events, conferences, trade shows, and other professional gatherings, you can network your way around the room to target potential job candidates. Make sure to bring your business cards or have your QR code ready to link up with applicants.
  • Use sourcing tools. Sourcing tools are one of the best kept secrets for recruiting. They are software applications that help to hire managers and recruiters to find potential, qualified candidates for your vacancies. These platforms often have thousands of complete profiles, resumes, and other data as well as their contact information.

#3. Offer Better Crafted Job Positions 

Another fantastic way to improve the recruitment process is to write well-crafted job positions and make them easy to apply. Nothing deters a potential job candidate than a poorly drafted job description in addition to a confusing application process.

  • Make the application process easier. While this might sound obvious, a difficult and confusing job application process can deter many candidates. Many job applications rely on outdated recruitment software or use long forms that are exhausting to complete. If a job application takes longer than 10 minutes to complete, many candidates will drop out. Using the right recruitment software can be a huge help in delivering a mobilized, user-friendly application process. Candidates can apply faster and more easily using smartphone-capable recruitment software.
  • Draft Job Postings with Clear Job Descriptions. When drafting job postings, you will want to make sure the job description is accurate and attractive to potential candidates. Make sure to use language that is simple, specific, and clear so readers won’t be confused as to what the job entails and its requirements. Also, keep the word count about 300-700 words, ideally. Also, using the right job application software can enable your job advert to be posted on different websites with a single click.

#4. Improve Your Interview Questions

Improve hiring process
Improve hiring process

Interview questions can make or break an interview. By creating standard interview questions, you can greatly improve the hiring process. A recruiter will often ask a job candidate a set of questions that are designed to determine their motivations for applying to the job in addition to assessing their skills, emotional intelligence, problem-solving abilities, and cultural fit. Some of these common questions include, “Tell me about yourself”, “What was your greatest success at work?” or “What do you think is your greatest weakness?”. When interviewers don’t use standard interview questions, they will often not get a clear picture as to whether or not the applicant is a good fit for the job.

#5. Work on Recruits’ Engagement 

Our last tip on how to improve the recruiting process involves coordinating those persons participating in the recruiting process to align HR, management, and recruiters’ priorities. Recruiting and employee engagement might be seen as two separate tasks, but they are closely interconnected. You want to pick the right candidate for the team from the start so your team will collaborate well together on projects. 

During the interview process, you will want to evaluate each candidate’s personality, traits, and strengths to determine how well they will jive with your team. Plus, by engaging your current employees, they will often make stronger referrals for the job by sharing it with their networks which will improve the candidate pool. And, of course, make sure to prepare great recruitment video materials!


Now that we’ve learned how to make the recruiting process more effective, companies can take the next steps to implement their recruitment process improvement plan. Learning how to make the recruitment process more effective will not only attract a better candidate pool, but will also strengthen employee engagement, increase the chances of hiring the right candidate, and enable the hiring team to improve the recruitment process.

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