Top 5 Microphones for Live Streaming: Choosing The Best Mic for Streaming

Top 5 Microphones for Live Streaming: Choosing The Best Mic for Streaming
On:Oct 31, 2022

There is a multitude of elements that go into a successful live stream – from a high-quality camera to the background and internet connection. However, all of this is nothing without good, clear audio. This is where a mic for streaming comes into play.

No matter how beautiful the set and the imagery you show are, a top priority for your audience is being able to hear what you are saying clearly. But, how do you ensure they can hear you clearly? This requires a good microphone for streaming, and there are a few to choose from.

Providing expert live-streaming video production services, our team knows a thing or two about the best mics. To help you find the best option for your live stream needs, here are the best microphone 2022 options.

The Shure MV7 Microphone

One of the best hybrid USB/XLR microphones is the Shure MV7 Microphone. This microphone for live streaming features an integrated touch panel for mic controls and connects through USB and XLR.

While this isn’t the most affordable microphone on the market, it does result in incredible sound. Even professionals rely on it. For years, Shure has created pro-grade microphones, and the MV7 is their take on providing high-end technology for content creators.

This mic provides a pro-grade sound that requires minimal set-up or expertise. While its amplified capability does result in a higher cost, the versatility makes it worth it for many. Ideal for podcasts and live streaming, the mic does an incredible job of isolating voices from ambient sounds for clear audio. This makes it the best noise-canceling mix for streaming. Plus, you can further edit sound with the ShurePLus Motiv software, which allows you to fine-tune and tweak the sound easily.

With all these features and perks, the Shure MV7 Microphone rings in at $250. If you’re committed to living streaming or podcast production, it’s worth it.

Blue Yeti X

Good microphone for streaming
Good microphone for streaming

Another good microphone for streaming is the Blue Yeti X. This is the hybrid model of the Nano and original Yeti. It combines the best attributes of both, providing a great-sounding mic.

Featuring an LED-lit front panel that allows for quick volume checks, combined with a killer sound quality, this is the best mic set up for streaming. The device has “Smart Knob” functionality, which further allows you to make tweaks on the go to perfect your sound. This allows you to adjust how loud you are in headphones, how loud you sound to others, as well as the volume of your headphones, all in one place.

In terms of sound quality, this microphone offers a crisp, clear sound. That being said, it is a somewhat larger microphone, and it will sometimes pick up on vibrations that can cause irritating feedback. To avoid this, a boom arm or a suspension system is recommended.

Furthermore, the Yeti mic considers your design aesthetic, too. The Yeti X comes in a variety of different colors, and it suits a variety of laptop and desktop computers.

Rode NT USB Mini

If you’re looking for a good microphone for streaming in a more compact size, the Rode NT USB Mini is a great choice. This smaller version of a classic mic takes everything you want from a premium version, yet in a more compact and affordable size. In fact, the microphone is only 90mm wide and 141mm tall – that’s tiny! But, don’t let the smaller size fool you – this microphone still maintains top-tier audio quality.

While this is a great microphone, it does pick up on more background noise than some other variations. But for only $100, it’s worth it to many. In order to keep it in this price bracket and at the smaller size, the Rode mini mic does strip down some of its classic features for a more no-fuss approach. It features a built-in pop filter and a detachable magnetic stand that’s perfect for traveling.

Although it may not have all the features of a full-size mic, the NT-USB does still have zero-latency monitoring modes that help get rid of voice delay. Additionally, the Rode NT Mini’s digital mixer, the Rode Connect, helps you to plug in four minis into a PC for seamless additions of mics.

Elgato Wave 3

Microphone for live streaming
Microphone for live streaming

Another one of the best mic for streaming on Twitch is the Elgato Wave 3. As one of the leading competitors in high-quality mics, their wave series comes at a competitive price with great features.

This microphone features a recording sample rate of 96khz and a frequency response of up to 20,000hz. So, while this may be a smaller device, it sounds incredible while looking sleek. To achieve this high-quality sound, the microphone relies on a digital audio mixer that can support up to eight channels.

All-in-all, the Elgato is a go-to for a microphone with a clean look, simple mounting, and an elegant design with easy controls.

HyperX Solo Cast

Last, but not least, is the HyperX Solo Cast. This is one of the smallest quality microphones on the market today. It comes at a super affordable price for those just entering the space; you can pick up a HyperX Solo Cast for just $59.99.

While this microphone does not have as many features as some other competitors, this mic for streaming is incredibly lightweight and compact – making it great for traveling or small spaces. It can easily fit on any desk or table for quick recordings. Bonus: it even has a mute switch.

With great sound quality, this mic is powered via USB and is relied upon by those in need of a mic while traveling.


At the end of the day, the thing that is most important to get out of a microphone for live streaming is good sound quality. You can’t go wrong with any of the mics on this list. However, the right one for you depends largely on your needs and expectations. If eliminating background noise is a must, or a compact size is preferred, different mics are recommended.

For assistance with all of your live streaming needs, Gillespie Productions is the local Wisconsin videographer company for the job. We have experience with a range of different video formats, and we are happy to explore options with you. To get in touch with us, contact us today.