Wausau Video Production Service

Wausau Video Production Service

Gillespie Productions is a video production company (not an agency) that offers full service video production in Wausau. We help businesses produce action for their target audiences. Our customers trust us with their projects because we deliver on what we promise. We function as your collaborative partner throughout the video making process, mixing documentary style with on-brand messaging. The result is an authentic, creative video that always hits the mark.

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Creative video agency

Stories are at the heart of everything we consume in today’s digital culture. Whether we’re consuming content for the purpose of entertainment or education, we are always captivated by a good story. But modern consumers are also savvy, and can see through an unauthentic or contrived story within seconds.

That’s why Gillespie Productions is not your typical video content agency. We pinpoint authentic stories and deliver them in a way that not only aligns with your corporate messaging but also strikes a chord with your intended audience. We do this in a way that’s creative, cutting-edge and original.


Commercial video production in Wausau

Your commercial videos don’t have to be straightlaced and devoid of fun. Every brand video, overview video, and recruiting video has the ability to convey a story. No problem is too complex to condense into a concise video message. Our clients are often surprised that our approach is that simple yet incredibly effective. Stories are truly the driving force behind achieving a high quality result that consistently exceeds expectations.

We invite you to peruse our latest projects and experience these stories for yourself.

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Wausau corporate video

Shoot a brand video for your Wausau business

Do you want to be known as a stuffy, corporate entity? Or would you rather be perceived as an organization that’s experienced and credible yet relatable and human?

All of these intentions can be expressed through a good brand video.

We are ready to dig into your brand story and take on your next corporate video production project. Wausau is a community of innovators. Let’s showcase that ingenuity of spirit with an inspiring digital video production. Choose Gillespie Productions if you desire a well-rounded, polished video that hits the mark.

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Unique content production

We do everything with a purpose and clear goal in mind. That goal becomes apparent from our very first meeting together. We’ll dig into your expectations, your budget, and your timeline. We’ll talk about our process and what you’ll have at the end of the commercial video production. Above all, we’ll pinpoint what action you want to produce through this project.

Next, we shoot. Through a mix of on-camera interviews and action shots, we’ll gather all the video content we need to condense this footage into your final product.

This process takes trust. Gillespie Productions’ team builds trust with your team and earns your trust in return. That’s the key to a successful video project.

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Wausau video production
Video production prices in Wausau

If you’re struggling to secure the budget required to hire a corporate videographer, we understand. But the importance of video cannot be overstated. Video is a powerful tool that can help you reach thousands or even millions of people. This has a direct impact on your company’s bottom line.

Look at it this way: If you aren’t telling your organization’s story, who is?

At Gillespie Productions, we promise to work efficiently so your message is delivered concisely and in a well-produced package - all while hitting your intended business goal and within a reasonable budget. Contact us today for your next Wausau area video project.

Why our Clients think that we are the Best Video Production Company in Wausau , WI

  • At Gillespie Productions, we have a keen eye for detail, a passion for helping others and an innate gift for storytelling. We are decisive, thorough, and efficient - yet easy to work with and completely without ego. We know how to deliver your message consistently, concisely and in a well-produced package. We are the Wausau corporate video maker of choice.
  • Let us be the promotional video production studio that takes your stories out of the shadows and onto the screens of your clients and customers. We deliver on what we promise, and what we promise is results. We can’t wait to dig in and discover what stories your organization has to tell!
Why our Clients think that we are the Best Video Production Company in Wausau , WI
Hire us to help you create the video you need to drive results.

Hire us to help you create the video you need to drive results.

Our best work gets done when we can work face-to-face with you. We travel anywhere to produce action in Wisconsin - Green Bay, Appleton, Wausau, Milwaukee, Madison, you name it. We’re also able to travel for video production in Chicago or anywhere else in the country to bring your story to life.