6 Ways of Using Video Production to Get More Leads For Your Business

6 Ways of Using Video Production to Get More Leads For Your Business
On:Feb 03, 2022

Video production is a powerful tool for generating new business. With social media platforms all focusing more on video content and with potential customers looking for quick and easy ways to learn about new products, services, and brands, the time is right for your business to consider using lead generation videos.
At Gillespie Productions, we work with businesses across a huge range of industries, creating cutting-edge video productions that expand your brand while telling your story. Let’s take a look at how it works.

Understanding Video Marketing and How To Do It

Knowing how to generate leads with video marketing is an important part of expanding your audience today. Video marketing lead generation today helps you grow your business more than at any other time, with videos giving you access to a larger audience than ever.
There are several reasons why video marketing works, but it all starts with good quality video production. When you have a great video, these are the six ways that your video can be used to generate leads.

#1. Use Videos as a Gated Content

One of the first ways you may use videos to generate interest in your brand is by using them as “gated content”. This means that people can only access the video if they first register on your website, submitting their name and email address.
To do this, your video will need to offer something unique and valuable. That way, it pulls viewers in and implores them to sign up, handing over valuable information that allows you to keep in touch in the future.
So long as the video quality is good and the viewer gets some value from it, they may well be happy to hear from you in the future in the form of a marketing email.

#2. Put Video Content on Landing Pages

Video marketing lead generation
Video marketing lead generation

Video is also fantastic for website landing pages. This way, when somebody first arrives on your website, they are presented with the easiest possible way to learn about your brand, product, and services.
Replace long paragraphs of text with short, high-quality videos and you’ll immediately maintain the attention of visitors – and when they’ve finished watching the clip, they may also feel compelled to visit other parts of your website. They could even become your next customer.

#3. Create Live Webinars

Live webinars are another example of providing something valuable to your potential customers. Video production for live streams is a specialty of ours at Gillespie Productions, and we know how to use these live events – and subsequent recordings that can be published online – to attract new eyes to your brand.
Whether you have a specific ethical mission with your brand or you’re looking to educate people about topics close to your heart, a live webinar attracts people who may never have heard of your brand. However, if those new viewers are interested in the same topic as you, then leaving the webinar and becoming a new customer is a natural progression.

#4. Use Videos in Your Email Campaigns

Videos are also a fantastic addition to your email campaigns. Studies have repeatedly shown that video can help improve click rates by more than 96% – and with over 80% of small businesses relying on email marketing, you have competition.
Email marketing works, but instead of presenting your readers with large blocks of text, why not send them an exclusive new video? Not only does this make the content easier to digest, but it develops a bond between you and those on your email list, giving them exclusive access to new content before everybody else.

#5. Put Testimonial Videos on Your Website

Testimonial Videos
Testimonial Videos

Testimonial video production is hugely valuable in video marketing because it presents your business in the most natural possible way. By sitting down with team members, bosses, and happy customers, the Gillespie Productions team helps viewers authentically learn about your business.
Avoid scripts and stick to the truth. Our team asks questions about the work you do, the experience working at your brand, and the issues that matter the most to you. We also give customers an opportunity to explain why they love your brand. What better way to introduce products to new customers than showing them how existing customers already benefit from them?

#6. Put Video Content on Social Media

Finally, video is perfect for social media. Whether it’s YouTube, Daily Motion, Vimeo, Twitch, or Instagram, social media is pivoting to video, and people are watching more than ever. Facebook already gets more than 8 billion video views per day, and Twitter gets more than 2 billion.
Video is powerful, and if you’re looking to reach new audiences, this is the way to do it.
At Gillespie Productions, we use social media video production to reach specific audiences – and these videos can easily be shared on any social media platform you use.

Wisconsin’s Social Media Video Production Experts

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