What Factors Really Drive Video Production Costs

What Factors Really Drive Video Production Costs
On:Feb 10, 2022

Video production cost is an obvious consideration for any business looking to bolster their marketing efforts and better communicate with their team using video. Just as much as video production budgets are important, however, it’s essential to consider both the quality and steps of video production.

Good quality video production can make the difference between videos that drive traffic and business and videos that become a wasted expense.

At Gillespie Productions, we utilize our years of experience in journalism and broadcasting to create high-quality videos that help expand brands. We also believe in transparency – so below, you’ll find a list of the main factors that determine video production cost.

Let’s take a look.

Main Factors That Determine The Cost of Video Production

Here are some of the main factors that determine the cost of your next video production.

Type of Video

Factors That Determine The Cost of Video Production
Factors That Determine The Cost of Video Production

First off, remember that the average cost of video production wouldn’t tell you much. Every video is different, and the kind of video you need to produce will be one determining factor for the price.

Are you looking for a highly-produced marketing clip or a recording of a live event? The price will vary depending on your answer.


Duration also plays a major role in the price. Consider the difference between a long-form film and a short testimonial clip. While the video equipment used will typically be the same, some films require more time on set and more time clipping and editing in post-production.


Pre-production has as much impact on the cost of video (if not more) than post-production. At Gillespie Productions, we believe in the importance of pre-production, with our team members taking the time to learn about your business, your story, and what matters to your customers.

Pre-production may involve script writing (though we prefer testimonial-style videos), and it also involves deciding on where your video will be filmed, who will be in it, and your overall budget. The amount of pre-production that’s required will determine the cost of your video.

One of the great benefits of working with Gillespie Productions is that we become long-term partners with our clients, becoming an extension of your team and handling videos as and when you need them. This helps reduce the amount of pre-production each time we take on a new project.

The Crew

How many people do you need on set? The bigger the project the bigger the team required. This also has a substantial impact on the general cost of video production.

Testimonial videos may require a very small team, while larger production for live events or documentary-style films will require a larger team.

Number Of Subjects

How many people are going to be in your film? When you increase the number of subjects in your film, you don’t just increase the time it takes to complete the video but you also expand pre-production and post-production processes.


Cost of Video Production Factors
Cost of Video Production Factors

The location of your video will also play a part in the cost of your video. At Gillespie Productions, we have years of experience providing industrial video production to clients across Wisconsin. This is a good example of how location can determine the cost and length of time it will take to film and produce a video. Industrial videos require that team members are familiarized with the industrial environment, get to know the space and work with the client to determine what processes and regions of their industrial space are best to film.

Other videos, however, may simply require an attractive office backdrop.


The cost of equipment is tied to a standard production company fee. At Gillespie Productions, we own all of our equipment, and won’t charge you extra for its use. We use broadcast-quality, high-end video cameras, and equipment to ensure a professional finish on every video we produce.

That’s built into our usual day rate, and it may vary depending on the number of people required to operate the equipment.

Post-Production Work

Video Production Cost Factors
Video Production Cost Factors

Finally, there’s the post-production work. This is where a video goes from being just footage into a high-quality video that will entice customers, help you communicate with clients and employees, and more. Our post-production process takes into account your preferences and needs.

Your input is always requested during this process, too, to ensure that everything from the clipping to the motion graphics and other effects is exactly how you want them.

Hire Wisconsin’s Trusted Video Production Specialists

Every video project is different, making video production cost variable. At Gillespie Productions, we combine quality and value. Our team brings years of experience in corporate communications and journalism to create broadcast-quality videos for your business that provide the best bang for your buck.

We only produce videos that generate new interest in your company. Otherwise, what’s the point?

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