What Is a Hybrid Event and What Are Its Benefits?

What Is a Hybrid Event and What Are Its Benefits?
On:Nov 05, 2021

2020 was the year of virtual events, but 2021, 2022, and beyond are the years of hybrid events. As the world almost returns to normal, more businesses, organizations, and groups are turning to hybrid events that combine the convenience of virtual events with the personal touch of a traditional, in-person event.

By ensuring that a team can work together and gather in person while also ensuring that people can contribute, listen, and learn from anywhere in the world, businesses are maximizing their resources all over the United States and discovering new ways to reach out to customers and clients. And Gillespie Productions is helping them do it.

What Is a Hybrid Event?

So, what does “hybrid events” mean? Well, it’s simply a combination of a virtual event, and a real event, meaning people might gather to listen to lectures and speeches or take part in group activities, and others can still tune in from home.

A hybrid event may allow people to “attend” by viewing the activities or speeches on their computer or giving speeches through video conferencing software. Bear in mind that if you’re wondering “what is a hybrid event,” you may already be looking for new ways to bring people together – and we think this is a great option.

Are Hybrid Events Right for Me?

What Is a Hybrid Event
What Is a Hybrid Event

So, is this kind of event right for you? Probably.

The truth is, people are used to attending virtual events, and a hybrid event gives you the best of both worlds. Such a format is suitable for a wide range of events, including:

  • Town halls and debates
  • Sales events
  • Conferences
  • Trade shows
  • Meetings

…and more!

A hybrid event may also be suitable for you if your venue isn’t large enough to fit everybody who has RSVP’d or if you’re uncomfortable having a large audience in a small space. Attendees who may need to travel far will also be able to tune in more easily, and you’ll even save some money.

The hybrid events give an easy opportunity to participate for visitors and speakers that haven’t attended these kinds of events before, or even couldn’t make it in person. Both your audience and target market will get an incredible outreach.

If any of these things are appealing to you, then a hybrid event could be just what you need.

Types of Hybrid Events

There are two main kinds of hybrid events that you may wish to choose from, each coming with a host of different benefits.

Internal Hybrid Event

An internal hybrid event is designed for people within your company. These may be employees, investors, leadership figures, or any other internal stakeholder.

The hybrid even format is ideal for global town halls, team meetings and conferences, sales kickoffs, and more.

External Hybrid Event

An external hybrid event, meanwhile, is designed for people outside of your company’s leadership and staff. These events may include customer conferences, trade shows, publicity events, or product demonstrations.

Hybrid Events Benefits

Hybrid Events Benefits
Hybrid Events Benefits

Beyond inviting more people to your event, there are many benefits to using a hybrid event system.

These include:

Reduced Cost of Travel

You won’t need to pay for expensive shuttle or transportation services if your guests are tuning in from home or their place of work.

Better for the Environment

Prove your commitment to saving the environment and combating climate change by encouraging people to avoid traveling and tune in from home.

Engage With Your Audience

You can more easily engage with your audience using social media, online chat systems, or videoconferencing on the day of the event.

Data and Metrics

Online networking and video production give you valuable data about how people found the event, where they tuned in from, and the kinds of people more likely to attend your events.

Elements of Hybrid Events


The content you deliver must be valuable to guests. Everything that is said, the videos they see, the lectures they hear, and anything on the screen at any one time must be professional, well-thought-out, and interesting.

Providing compelling content is an example of a hybrid event’s necessities.


Ask yourself – how will people know that this event is taking place?

Think about who you intend to attend your event and consider the best way to reach them. This may be via email, social media, or another form of communication.

Video Production

Video production is also a key part of hybrid events. You’ll need to ensure that speeches are recorded in high quality, that the audio sounds great, and that any videos uploaded after the event demonstrate your professionalism.

As for video content that you have already produced for your event – it can be easily incorporated into the program by our experts. A kick-off video, recorded speech of a guest appearance, promotional materials: you name it.

Gillespie Productions can help you with all of this.


Finally, scheduling is key to ensuring your event goes off without a hitch. Make sure that everybody knows what time they are due to speak and that the audience knows what to expect at all times.

How To Create a Successful Hybrid Event

How To Create a Hybrid Event
How To Create a Hybrid Event

Here are some top tips for hosting a successful hybrid event.

Create Engaging Content

Ensure that every speech at your event delivers valuable information. Do not go over tired old talking points and topics – provide value for those attending and ensure they leave having learned something.

Create Separate Content for Virtual Guests

Consider giving virtual attendees access to additional content that the in-person attendees can’t see. This might be a specially-recorded video or introduction, additional graphics, or links to additional slides and resources that are being shown on the screen.

Upload Your Content After The Event

Capture high-quality video footage and audio of your event and upload it to your website or social media afterward. This is a great way to maximize your event’s impact and ensure that all the information you offer your guests is available to everybody even after the event is over.

Engage Your Audience

And finally, remember to invest in the hybrid event’s audience engagement. If you’re allowing people to ask questions in person, do the same to those attending virtually.

Are Hybrid Events Here to Stay?

Probably. Once people have seen how hybrid and virtual events can increase attendance at all manner of events, it’s hard to go back.

See how a hybrid event can improve engagement with your organization or brand, and watch how well-produced videos can entice new customers and investors, and we’re sure you (and your attendees) won’t forget about hybrid events anytime soon.

Wisconsin’s Hybrid Event Video Production Specialists

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