Brand Video Production in Green Bay, WI

Brand Video Production in Green Bay, WI

Brand videos, also known as company overview videos, are videos designed to communicate your company’s values and purpose to the world. This is an opportunity to introduce your brand to new people, and our brand video production company ensures that every video you share is high quality, shareable, and engaging. For brand videography, companies trust Gillespie Productions.

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We love telling stories, and we think video is the perfect way to introduce people to your brand values, your product or service, and your team! Here is an example of our brand film production.
What Is Brand Video Production, and Why Should You Invest In Branded Videos?

What Is Brand Video Production, and Why Should You Invest In Branded Videos?

Branded video production is about more than just advertising a specific product or service. Think of these videos as a way of sharing with the world what your business does and why it exists, but in a way that engages the viewer and makes them interested to learn more about your brand.

Good video production for brands should:
  • Connect with your target audience on an emotional level, helping people understand why you do what you do.
  • Create a personal connection between the viewer through footage recorded at your business premises or with your team, offering an insight into daily activity.
  • Avoid specific details, focusing instead on the broader story of your brand.
We also like to avoid scripts where possible, too. Your corporate video should be natural, and we give you and your team an opportunity to tell your story in your own words. You know your brand best, after all, and your branded video content should reflect you.

What Are the Best Practices for Brand Video Production and When & How Should You Use Brand Videos?

This is how we think you should approach a brand video, and how you should use branded video content to reach new audiences. Our brand marketing video production starts with you and your team telling your story and going into the details that matter to the viewer.

It all starts with telling a personal story. Use the brand video to describe what values matter to you and your business and how you approach your work. We think that finding people in your company who embody those values is a great start. We give those people a chance to talk about the business and their approach to clients, giving a clear and authentic outline of how customers and clients benefit from what you do. Tell people why your clients trust your brand.

Branded video content should also reflect the story behind your company. Every brand has an exciting story, and this is a chance to tell it. Get into the emotional aspects of starting a business, explain the trials and tribulations you experience when setting up the business, and tell the world about the joy you take in helping your customers. When a viewer sees that you care, they’ll not just feel a connection to you and your story but they’ll envision themselves using your company.

You should also use this opportunity to give examples of how your product or service has impacted a customer in a unique way. Tell some stories about how you solve problems for your clients and customers and use video and photographs where possible to help people imagine it.

And finally, show the world how you help and impact the communities around you. As a video agency, we see the good in people all the time through philanthropic acts of our customers – and we want the world to know about the good you do, too.

Why Do Clients Think We Are The Best Branded Video Production Company In Green Bay, WI?

With our years of experience working in broadcast journalism and corporate communications, we know what it takes to ensure that brand videography creates an emotive response. We aim to make people interested in what you do and to help the world understand what you do. That passion for telling your story, along with our broadcast-quality video production, is what makes us brand videography company Gillespie Productions so popular with businesses across Wisconsin and beyond. Our branded content video production company takes the time to understand what you do, to find great soundbites, and to create compelling videos that turn viewers into loyal and returning customers.
Why Do Clients Think We Are The Best Branded Video Production Company In Green Bay, WI?

Our Clients' Reviews

Project: Howard-Suamico School District

Howard-Suamico School District

John and his team helped us articulate an ambitious vision for our video on a one-day shoot. They were collaborative partners throughout the process, supporting and executing our concepts, and suggesting improvements when the opportunity arose. They worked comfortably and professionally with students and adults alike. We were thrilled to have our video honored among the best in the nation by the National School Public Relations Association in 2019. Gillespie Productions was a driving force behind achieving a high-quality result that exceeded our expectations.

Brian Nicol
Brian Nicol
Director of Communications
Howard-Suamico School District

Project: Northeast Wisconsin Manufacturing Alliance

Northeast Wisconsin Manufacturing Alliance

I strongly recommend Gillespie Productions for several reasons. John and his team are professional and thorough in getting the message we wanted to convey in our videos. I was impressed that the production was finished ahead of schedule. It was also fun to work with John and his team. There were many different moving parts to our production with multiple companies and a variety of topics that needed to be communicated. John and his team took the complexities of this project and made it look easy (when I knew it truly wasn’t).

Ann Franz
Ann Franz
Executive Director
Northeast Wisconsin Manufacturing Alliance

Project: Fox Valley Technical College


The Gillespie Productions team created a branding video and several individual testimonial videos for our college. The process – from our first meeting to the final product – could not have gone better. John and his team were patient, listened to our needs and we worked together to create a vision for this project. Most of all, they approach projects from a storytelling perspective. They value sound… they value video.. and they value writing. We would highly recommend them to others.

Fox Valley Technical College
PR & Content Manager at Fox Valley Technical College

Frequently Asked Questions

There is no specific cost for producing company overview videos, but at Gillespie Productions we endeavor to provide a service that is affordable and gives you great value.
We’re always happy to discuss your budget and ensure that our services meet your needs. The best way to determine the cost of video production is to give us a call and let us give you a free consultation!

Typically, pre-production takes around one week. Shoot day is then typically within a week or two of pre-production, depending on your schedule.
The time between shooting and producing a rough cut is usually around another week, and it may be another week after that to finalize details and ensure you’re happy with the final edit.

Branded videos, also known as company overview videos, are produced by our team with the same production process for all the videos we create. It all starts with introductions, learning about your brand, meeting your team, and finding out your goals.
Once we understand your business, we move on to pre-production. This is where we explore ideas and confirm what you would like your video to look like. We then set a date and a time to begin filming, arrange everything that comes with filming, and then film. After filming, the post-production process involves editing and making sure you’re happy with the end product, and that you have a video that truly reflects your brand.

Hire Us to Create the Perfect Brand Video

Hire Us to Create the Perfect Brand Video

Our best work gets done when we can work face-to-face with you. We travel anywhere to begin brand video production in Wisconsin – Green Bay, Appleton, Wausau, Milwaukee, Madison, you name it. We are also able to travel for video production in Chicago or anywhere else in the country to bring your story to life. Want to get started? Just get in touch!