Brand Video Production

Brand Video Production

The “old way” of corporate video just doesn’t work like it used to. People want authentic stories, and they don’t want salesy, corporate jargon. Enter brand journalism videos. These beautiful pieces of corporate video content pull out the best human stories out of your company and amplify your brand in a profound way.

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Brand Video Production

What makes us unique in this space is that we come from a journalism background. Years of broadcast news experience meant putting together real stories that the average viewer would want to watch - or they were reaching for the remote control.

Generally, the success in broadcast news content comes down to story flow, great soundbites, compelling video and human emotion.

Those same elements carry right over to corporate video. Just because it’s corporate video doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to make it captivating. We use those same elements to tell your stories, all while making sure they’re advancing your brand.
Here are some common applications for brand journalism videos:

  • Telling the personal story of an employee as it relate to your brand pillars
  • Telling the story of how your company began
  • Sharing how your product/service impacted a customer in a unique way
  • Showing how you impact the communities around you

Brand-journalism video series helps elevate Shawano Country brand

Shawano Country’s “Find Your Wild Side” brand aimed to attract working professionals to remain in, relocate to or return to Shawano County, Wisconsin. In addition, the team wanted to create a pull for entrepreneurs, as well as working professionals.The Shawano County Chamber of Commerce tapped Gillespie Productions to help tell stories of business/community leaders and why they chose to live in Shawano County. Gillespie Productions used a brand-journalism approach, pulling in the target audience while also conveying core messages in interviews and b-roll.

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