Corporate Video Production

Corporate Video Production

What are you looking for in a video production company? Are you just looking for one corporate video that can stand on its own? (That’s okay, we can do that, too.)

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Corporate Video Production

Or are you looking for a video production partner who can learn your brand, deliver consistent quality and provide resource relief?

If so, our long-term corporate video production partnership is a perfect fit for you. In this relationship, we become the proverbial “extension of your team.”

Features of this relationship include:

  • A managed b-roll library
  • A deep knowledge of your brand, culture and company priorities.
  • Consistent quality and look/feel
  • Ongoing communication to ensure needs are being met
  • Most importantly - it’s just a lot easier for you as we get to know your needs.

For example, imagine if the same company developed your company overview video, recruiting video, brand video, sales videos and content marketing videos. The consistent look, storytelling video style and brand continuity would give you a powerful, unified video library to share with your customers, employees and recruits.

Full-service support leads to high-impact, on-message videos for global food company

A global food company headquartered in Green Bay, Wisconsin, has thousands of employees around the world. Gillespie Productions helps the company’s communications team inform, align and motivate employees with a full-service video approach. The Gillespie team is in consistent contact with the team, ensuring video content – either assigned to or suggested by Gillespie Productions – aligns with the organization’s strategic objectives.

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