Educational Video Production in Green Bay, WI

Educational Video Production in Green Bay, WI

Educational videos shouldn’t be boring. Whether it’s a film for schools or higher education, the central focus of the video must be the topic in question, and it must be accompanied by a presenter or voiceover who can capture the imagination of those watching and listening.

Gillespie Productions is a school video production company that produces compelling videos designed to engage students of all ages. Leveraging years of experience in the video production & education industries, we use our high-end video production equipment and skills to create video content that helps your students meet their academic goals, understand key concepts, and spark an interest in a range of topics.

How Can Videos Boost the Classroom Learning Experience

Videos are a fantastic way to break up a lesson and give students of all ages an opportunity to learn in a different way. By immersing your classroom in a well-produced video, you’ll help them cement topics already covered in your classes in their minds or learn new ideas through visual cues.

Visualize Data
Videos help you better visualize data through the use of infographics, charts, and other visual demonstrations. Whether it’s a science, mathematics, or English class, a video can help you bring the outside world into the classroom and use real-life examples to demonstrate concepts taught in the classroom.
Learn From Different Experts
Learning from different people ensures students and employees have a more well-rounded education, with a chance to hear stories from people with different experiences, perspectives, and backgrounds. Our educational video production services make it easy for students to learn from a variety of different people.

Videos We Produce

Video can be used to aid traditional classroom learning in lots of ways, and they are suitable for different kinds of classrooms.

Why Work With Us?

Every educational video needs to do more than just list ideas and facts that the viewers are expected to learn. To ensure that students remember and fully understand those concepts, a video must be engaging, relatable, and, most importantly, not boring. Our higher education video production aids traditional classroom learning by:
  • Being Creative and Engaging With our high-end video equipment, we create visually appealing and professional videos that are easy to watch. These are documentary-quality videos that people love to watch.
  • Using Interactive Features By incorporating interactivity, we make it easy for videos to be incorporated into the classroom. They can involve instructional elements, giving students a chance to stop the film and try out new concepts for themselves.
  • RecappingAny video can be re-watched at any time, but each film recaps key concepts to ensure that students understand important ideas before moving onto the next topic.

Types of Educational Institutions We Work With

Our higher education video production is extremely popular in colleges and universities, but we work with a wide range of educational institutions to develop educational videos that help students fulfill their academic potential. Some examples of those institutions include:

  • Colleges and universities
  • K-12 education
  • Education tech startups
  • Educational software/app companies
  • Training centers
  • Training programs

Our Educational Projects

Over the years, we have produced various videos for educational establishments of different kinds, catering to young students, university students, and trainees. Here are some examples of the work we do.

What Our Clients Say About Us

Project: Howard-Suamico School District

Howard-Suamico School District

John and his team helped us articulate an ambitious vision for our video on a one-day shoot. They were collaborative partners throughout the process, supporting and executing our concepts, and suggesting improvements when the opportunity arose. They worked comfortably and professionally with students and adults alike. We were thrilled to have our video honored among the best in the nation by the National School Public Relations Association in 2019. Gillespie Productions was a driving force behind achieving a high-quality result that exceeded our expectations.

Brian Nicol
Brian Nicol
Director of Communications
Howard-Suamico School District


Do you have questions? Take a look at these answers to some of the questions that we get asked the most.
Yes! Videos help break up lessons and give students a way of learning without feeling as though they are being lectured to. For many people, videos are a more effective and engaging way of learning – and in today's age, are a convenient way to facilitate remote learning when necessary.
That depends on the video and its purpose. Some videos are designed to replace a traditional classroom environment, meaning they may be as long as one hour. Other videos may be designed to complement traditional learning, meaning they may be just a few minutes long, ten minutes long, or half an hour long. Videos can be designed to suit your precise needs.
There is no set education video production cost, but at Gillespie Productions, we work to ensure that your videos are cost-effective. If you’re interested in incorporating videos into your educational system, get in touch with our team, and we will talk about pricing options and a long-term plan to improve your students’ education. We’re always happy to work with your budget and to determine the best plan of action for your educational institution.
We offer a quick turnaround of all kinds of educational video productions, and we’re always happy to discuss your timeline. Gillespie Productions typically works on a long-term basis, providing clients ongoing educational video production services delivered when you need them.

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