Employee Buy-in Video

Employee Buy-in Video

You have an initiative that will change your business or business unit. You get everyone together and tell them your message. You spend money on plane tickets. You’re excited about it.

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Employee Buy-in Video
Everyone leaves the room, and you think, why don’t they get it like I do? Why can’t they see how great this after picture is? They all know the before picture.

You have the plan to get them to a better place. Start with the after picture…make them want it RIGHT NOW. And then walk them through how you’ll get there.
Our buy-in videos do just what the name implies. These corporate videos gain the buy-in of a large organization.
Why do they work?

  • The audience can see how your new project will impact them.
  • High production value elevates the importance of the project and gets people excited.
  • A large group of people, either in a large gathering and/or in a virtual environment, receives one consistent message, in an exciting format, at the same time.

Our video production services for a buy-in video include helping put together the storylines, core messages, interview suggestions and b-roll - all resulting in a not-your-average corporate video.

Hire us to help you create the video.

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