Event Video Production in Green Bay, WI

Event Video Production in Green Bay, WI

Events and conferences video production means you can livestream your event or preserve it for posterity. Count on our event video production company to handle all the details so you can keep your focus on your message and audience. Our event videography services include the technology and expertise to record the event, prepare videos to be shown at the event, or both. You can trust us to represent your brand and convey your message.

We’re Experienced in Capturing Event Videos

Our event video services can come up with promotions for future events, highlight reels, content to livestream to remote participants, recruitment and training materials, or just historical records you want to keep. Turn to our team for any kind of event, be it a charity evening, educational conference, industry expo, launch party, award ceremony, or press conference. Our event video production company has been in the business since 2016, and we've been the event video company responsible for many different events. We know how to capture the soundbites and shots that engage viewers and deliver your messaging. We have a broad range of event video production services that can deliver videos to you on-site and on the same day. Get what you need when you need it.

Our Featured Event Video Coverage Work

Our Featured Event Video Coverage Work

We've provided examples of event videos that we've done before so you can see and hear for yourself the caliber of our work. If a picture is worth a thousand words, how much is a video worth?

Our Portfolio

The Types of Event Videos We Produce

In terms of event videos, we're an established team that can handle event video recording for many kinds of events.

  • Tribute videos
  • Award videos
  • Event videos for marketing and promos
  • On-site recaps
  • Speaker introductions

We don't just rest on our experience and laurels in regard to event videos, though. Expect us to ask lots of questions about your goals. We need to know what you hope to achieve, what your vision is, and what kind of budget you're working with. The most important things we need to know are what kind of reactions you desire from both attendees in the room and those online. Once we know where you want to be, we'll find the way there. Many events are going virtual now, so the need for impactful event videos brings an event together with the right elements.

  • Promo videos for virtual events
  • Speaker introductions
  • Pre-recorded content for remote videos
  • Show openers
  • Virtual attendee orientation

We Produce Videos for Every Kind of Content

Our event video services cover any kind of content you could ever need.

Town Hall Meetings:
Video capture of town hall meetings lets people online participate or watch later.
When anyone in your family graduates from an educational institution, it's a serious life achievement that deserves celebration.
Film the whole event, or have us capture the highlights of it for posterity and promotion.
When someone is putting on a performance, capture it in content that resonates with the artistry and energy already there.
Award Ceremonies:
Celebrate success when it happens from the individual level to the whole organization. Doing so paves the way for future success.
Conferences and Talks:
Conference video production can produce event video content for talks and other events you have with a large group of people.
Publicity Events:
Video content and livestreaming can help your publicity event reach the maximum potential audience.
Launch Parties:
Launching anything new, be it a product, service, or even a website, should be a chance to celebrate work already done and what's to come.
Team-Building Events:
Whether it's professionals who know each other or not, such exercises should boost morale and productivity among your personnel.

Our Event Video Production Services

Whether you need filming for a single event or a series of events, we are flexible to suit your needs. If fast turnarounds are required, we will do what it takes to meet your deadline. How do we produce live event video services? There's more to event videography than just pointing cameras at things and then shooting them. We utilize a precise methodology we've perfected over the years to be sure everything goes smoothly. This starts with pre-production and culminates in impressive products you will be proud to own.

Want to Bring Your Event Live to Others?

Our event filming service can also do live event video production. Utilize our livestreaming service to get your event broadcast online and digitally to people who might want to view but can't physically attend. Crowd capacity at your event location won't cap your message outreach.
Want to Bring Your Event Live to Others?

Why Our Clients Think We Are One of the Best Event Video Production Companies in Green Bay, WI

Working with us carries several benefits your organization can take advantage of.
  • Working to Your Exact Specs: We're not here to do what we think is great. We want to provide you with the video content you're looking for.
  • Passion:We do this kind of work because we genuinely love it. It's more than a paycheck to us.
  • Respect:We'll be respectful of your space, your event, and everyone that attends.

Event Video Production FAQs

That can depend on the size and scope of the event, particularly on how many cameras are necessary. Contact us to discuss your budget and needs.
We know how crucial it is to get video content out quickly in a social media age. Depending on the project, it might be overnight or even within hours.
We do both of those services well, so we can likely help you with either of them short of a comprehensive package.
   Hire Us to Help You Create the Perfect Event Video

Hire Us to Help You Create the Perfect Event Video

Modern events can be entirely online, in-person, or a hybrid mix. In all cases, event video content and production help you get your message out to the masses or just capture the moments of an event so you can display them later. Turn to our experienced professionals who want to create the very content you aspire to have.