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Internal Communications Video Production

You have an initiative that will change your business or business unit. You get everyone together and tell them your message. You spend money on plane tickets. You’re excited about it.

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Internal Communications Videos
Everyone leaves the room, and you think, why don’t they get it like I do? Why can’t they see how great this after picture is? They all know the before picture.

You have the plan to get them to a better place. Start with the after picture…make them want it RIGHT NOW. And then walk them through how you’ll get there.

Our Internal Communications videos do just what the name implies. These corporate videos gain the buy-in of a large organization.

Why do they work?

  • The audience can see how your new project will impact them.
  • High production value elevates the importance of the project and gets people excited.
  • A large group of people, either in a large gathering and/or in a virtual environment, receives one consistent message, in an exciting format, at the same time.

Our video production services for a Internal Communications video include helping put together the storylines, core messages, interview suggestions and b-roll - all resulting in a not-your-average corporate video.

Why Use Internal Communication Videos?

Internal communication videos are primarily aimed at those you work with. This is a great way to roll out new information to your colleagues and employees, and can easily be sent to individual departments or groups of people via email. The video more easily explains new concepts and ideas and helps keep the attention of viewers – making it far more useful than an email full of text that people could easily miss.

Internal communication may not only replace emails but could even employee handbooks. There is so much potential.

Our Video Production Process

At Gillespie Productions, we believe that videos should tell your story and share your company culture. That means every video production is unique.

We also believe in authenticity, which is why we prefer to create testimonial-style videos. By avoiding scripts and asking you questions about your business on camera, we bring out your passion in an authentic way on screen.

Our team works with you to come up with great ideas, to learn about your business, and to ultimately become an extension of your team. We’ll work with your company on a long-term basis, producing videos when you need them, and doing so with a deep knowledge of what matters to you.
Starting with a great idea, we’ll organize a shoot day, send out the team to film, and give you the final say on production and editing.

Types of Internal Communication videos

  • Management MessagesGot a message that needs to be distributed across management? Or need management to distribute a message to their teams? This is the ideal way to do it.
  • Onboarding VideosOnboarding videos give new employees a sense of what to expect in the future. They often include videos with current employees talking about their experiences.
  • Employee EngagementVideos are a great way to keep employees engaged and informed. Use these videos to update employees on important business matters in a way that they won’t lose interest in.
  • HR Training VideosHR training videos are more effective than long handbooks and emails, and certainly more convenient, too. This may include instructional and step-by-step videos.
  • Motivational VideosKeep your team motivated with videos showing the great work they do and how they are impacting the community and the causes they care about.
  • Safety VideosSafety videos give you an opportunity to demonstrate important safety measures and regulations in a visual way.
  • Training VideosTraining videos are a convenient way to train new members of staff and can be used for years to come and for multiple team members, so long as your training requirements remain the same.

Why Choose Gillespie Production?

FAQ for Employee buy-in video production

An Internal Communications video project is utilized for internal communication purposes. These videos are typically produced when an organization is going through a very large change or introducing a big, strategic initiative. The purpose of an Internal Communications video is to gain the support of your team for this new change, strategy, or initiative. Within this video, you want to tell the story of how the change - whether it’s a new process, a new software, a new production line, or a new market - will improve the lives of the team members. This video will showcase the transformation that will take place and aims to get the team members on board.

An Internal Communications video project includes pre-production (messaging and scripting), shooting and interviewing, and post-production (editing, including adding graphics and music.)

We firmly believe that videos should be interesting and engaging. A 30-second video can be boring and a three-hour video can be fascinating. There is no set length that a company Internal Communications video “should” be - it all depends on the content. We will bring our decades of experience to your project and produce a video that absorbs your employees and compels them to buy into your message or initiative.
With an Internal Communications video, it’s important that we understand the “why” behind the change or initiative that is being made, so we can formulate a cohesive story. The process can be broken down into four steps:

1) The Exploration Phase

We will spend time with the relevant members of your team, gaining a deep understanding of your organization, your target audience, and what you are looking to accomplish with your video project.

2) The Messaging Phase

We will flesh out the messaging of your video. This can include scripting and B-roll.

3) The Shooting Phase

Depending on the complexity of your project, we will spend half days or full days shooting.

4) The Post-Production Phase

We edit and perfect your video, including adding graphics and music. You will be involved in this phase, providing feedback along the way.

The cost of your Internal Communications video depends on the complexity of the project. We always bill in relation to the amount of effort that goes into the project, which includes pre-production, shooting days, and post-production. The length of your final video is not necessarily a factor in its cost.

We will put together a thoughtful, fair quote that takes into consideration everything you’re trying to accomplish with your video and what it will take for our team to achieve your goal. At the end of the day, the video itself is not a business commodity. The result you are trying to achieve is what you are investing into.

Hire us to help you create the video.

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