Live Stream Video Production & Webcasting Services in Green Bay, WI

Live Stream Video Production & Webcasting Services in Green Bay, WI

Don’t miss a single moment with live webcast production services from Gillespie Productions!

Also known as webcasting and live event streaming, our live video production services deliver full video coverage of your event by a team with experience in national broadcast television. We’re not just well-equipped; we’re experienced, knowledgeable, and thorough, meaning your event will be streamed and published as though it is a prime-time national television event.

Through our comprehensive live streaming production services, we’ll broadcast your corporate conference, internal town hall, or any other live event directly to your website, social media, or internal network.

Our live stream video production also slows your on-camera talent to interact with virtual guests, just like you see on cable news shows. When it comes to live video production, we go the extra mile. Your event will have a broadcast-level feel, with multiple camera angles, multi-camera switching, live audio mixing, pre-recorded video segments, and pre-loaded graphics.

Our live event video production company kicks off every project with full logistics planning, ensuring you have a seamless production from start to finish.

That’s why we’re Wisconsin’s trusted live stream video company.

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Samples of Our Live Streams

We’re proud of our work, and we’d love you to see what we can do!
Below are some examples of live stream videos we have produced in the past for clients in Wisconsin and beyond. Take a look!

Why Use Live Stream Video Production for Your Business?

Gillespie Productions helps companies throughout Wisconsin bring their live events to their audiences. Our live event video streaming services help you build your business in the following ways:
  • Align Your Geographically Diverse Audience with Hybrid Video ProductionBusinesses now rely on employees working from home more than at any other time in history – and while remote setups may boost productivity in some circumstances, they can also lead to miscommunication. Live corporate events, like a town hall, hosted as a hybrid live-streamed event (live event with a digital audience) can help keep your team on the same page. Zoom may be a good live stream option to quickly connect a large group of people, but a more carefully thought-out town hall event – livestreamed by our team – can be much more productive and help everybody get on the same page quickly.
  • Use Live Webcasting and StreamingVirtual events are another great option. These are 100% digital events hosted like a traditional video conference, but produced by Gillespie Productions. We’ll help you introduce additional graphics to your live stream video to ensure people have good visual prompts, we’ll ensure the sound is right, and we’ll produce a video at the end of the conference that looks as though it was broadcast on television. With multiple cameras, pre-recorded segments, crisp audio, and polished graphics, our live streaming production company can help you host fantastically productive live events without leaving your office.

What Kind of Events We Can Live Stream

Our Live Stream Production Capabilities

Our Live Stream Production Capabilities

Unlike other video production companies, we don’t charge extra for the use of special equipment. Our team ensures you get the right amount of people on the job, using the equipment required to create the best video production. Our live stream production company works with our clients to establish their best needs and provides event webcasting services based on those needs. Every customer is different and every job is different – but the result is always of the same, high quality.

How We Produce Live Stream Videos

Our approach to live stream production comes from our years of experience in television broadcasting and corporate communications. We work to ensure our live streaming is designed to be a seamless way for people to communicate, educating people and connecting them at the same time. It starts with a plan in the pre-production stage before the live stream begins and the production magic happens.

Live Streaming Video Production FAQs

Yes, we do, and it’s a popular option!
Not only can we produce broadcast-quality videos for your business, but we can also stream live to your social media so your audience can watch your events unfold in real-time.
It depends entirely on the project! We’ll discuss the specifics in our initial call with you to determine what you need and arrange the day for our team to arrive and set up the live stream or hybrid event.
Yes! Live streaming and webcasting can be particularly engaging, so long as you provide something interesting and useful for your customers and potential customers to enjoy. Give people a reason to tune in, and the fact that live streams are so easy to consume means that more of those interested in your business are likely to watch!
Every project is different, but you can always rest assured that our prices are very competitive.
Your project’s cost will depend on your event’s duration, the production team’s size and additional materials needed to produce the event. We’ll establish a budget during our initial consultation and develop ideas to help you stay on budget.
Hire us to help you create the video you need to drive results.

Hire us to help you create the video you need to drive results.

Want to find out more about how live stream productions can help your business? Or learn how hybrid events make it easy for people to join your events from all over the world? Get a free, no-obligation quote from Gillespie Productions by calling our team today!