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Manufacturing & Industrial Video Production Services in Wisconsin

Gillespie Productions works with manufacturing and industrial companies to provide plant video production that helps you communicate the complexities of your operations in a neat, understandable, and professional package.

We produce manufacturing videos for businesses in Wisconsin looking to expand their online reach, pitch their services to new clients, and communicate their message to their chosen audiences in a more effective and direct way.

We specialize inproducing broadcast-quality videos for all kinds of applications, whether your audience is clients, future clients, or investors.

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Manufacturing & Industrial Videos

Industries For Which We Shoot Industrial Video

Good video marketing strategy and high-quality factory video production can substantially improve your ability to communicate to potential new clients and generate new business. It’s true for businesses throughout the industrial and manufacturing space, and Gillespie Productions has the experience required to make it happen.

We work with businesses across the manufacturing industry, producing punchy, informative, and high-quality videos that promote their services and share their vision.

Through smart video productions, we’ll make sure that potential clients understand precisely why your company is their best option and encourage them to take action.

What Type of Manufacturing Filming Do We Offer?

Our skilled producers and video production specialists use their extensive experience to create everything from instructional videos to production process overview videos and much more.

If it’s your goal to show potential customers how you manufacture your product and what sets your product apart from the competition, then a production process overview video including interviews with employees and company leadership can be a hugely effective video strategy.

If you’re looking to show investors the professionalism behind your brand, or you need to create training videos for employees, we can assist with that too.

We can create the following kinds of videos and more:

  • Safety training
  • Plant walkthroughs
  • Product demos
  • Employee onboarding
  • Trade shows
  • E-learning
  • Social media clips
  • Construction
  • Recruitment
  • Site videos
  • Installation/training

Why Choose Us For Manufacturing Plant Filming

When it comes to filming your manufacturing facility, you need a company that understands the complexities of your business, the importance of sharing the intricacies of your process, and takes the time to learn about your brand.

Gillespie Productions takes an active interest in your company’s long-term success, creating video projects that maximize results, meet your budget needs, and make the most of your company’s talent.

We provide:

  • A true extension of your team with long-term support and assistance
  • Best-in-class video production
  • High-end equipment for better filming results
  • Years of experience in filming industrial operations

Our extensive experience in this space means we know what it takes to create a fantastic video, and we know how to adapt the films we create to a specific audience every time.

Our Industrial Video Production Process

Our video production process is based on understanding your business, your audience, and the purpose of every video we produce.

It typically goes as follows:

  • Pre-Production DiscoveryWe start by meeting with you, discussing your needs, and learning about your business. Our team first wants to know how your business works and the goals you wish to achieve with your videos before getting to work.
  • Video Production Planning Once we understand your company, we engage in a video planning process that starts by considering your goals and aligning video concepts that achieve those goals. We’ll plan the necessary shots, a messaging plan and/or script where necessary, and all other details necessary to get started filming.
  • Filming With everything planned, our crew will arrive at your facility and set up all the equipment. We’ll work with you to complete every single shot planned in the prior stage in the process in a smooth, organized way.
  • EditingIn the editing phase, our video producers and editors will piece together the shots, incorporate B-roll and audio, and generate professional broadcast-quality graphics.

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