Nonprofit Video Production In Green Bay, WI

Nonprofit Video Production In Green Bay, WI

Gillespie Productions brings non-profit organizations the most comprehensive, convenient, and high-quality video production services. From marketing and education to donor recognition, our non-profit video production company helps your organization spread your work far and wide, educate more people, and grow your audience.

We know that non-profit film production is an increasingly important part of any charitable organization’s work. It’s what connects you with people nationally and globally, and helps educate people, and often forms the basis of fundraising campaigns.

Our team of experts produces broadcast-quality videos that do your work justice and help you reach new heights.

Why Does Your Non-Profit Organization Need a Video?

Videos are an increasingly important part of any brand’s outreach efforts. That’s true not just for businesses but also for non-profits. One of the most important parts of gaining new audiences, getting people on board with your project, and getting new funding is the ability to tell stories, describe how. The work you do is meaningful, and videos help people feel emotionally attached to that work. At Gillespie Productions, we do that through non-profit video storytelling, incorporating real experiences and stories from you, your team members, and even the people you help.

Types Of Non-Profit Video We Create

We tell stories through many kinds of videos. Non-profit film companies like ours help you raise funds, educate the public, raise awareness, and thank donors through polished, well-thought-out, and high-quality video productions.

Fundraising Videos
Raising funds for a new project? Looking to get more donors on board? Our fundraising videos are a great way to spread the word via social media, email, or other online platforms.
The videos we produce compel viewers to take action and donate.
Public Service Announcements (PSA)
Public service announcements have long taken the form of video. We create broadcast-quality video productions that are suitable for television public service announcements, and for distribution online.
Educational Videos
Our expert video producers will work with you to explain key concepts about what you do and communicate important ideas to those who need to know them. Whether you’re announcing the findings of a recent study or educating viewers about the work you do, our videos are the perfect way to do it.
Charitable and Gala Events Videos
With a background in corporate communications and broadcast journalism, Gillespie Productions knows how to manage live event video productions. We’ll record, live stream, and produce high-quality videos of events held by your non-profit group.
What We Do and Behind The Mission Videos
“What we do” and “behind the mission” videos are a video version of the “about page” on your website. They’re more likely to be watched by people visiting your website, and they also give you the perfect opportunity to directly communicate with viewers.
Donor Recognition Videos
Donor recognition videos give you and your organization a chance to thank everybody who helps you do what you do and remind people to keep on giving and helping.

How Do We Provide Our Non-Profit Video Production Service?

Why Work With Us?

  • Gillespie Productions goes above and beyond to provide quality video content, becoming an extension of your team and taking an active interest in the long-term success of your non-profit group.
  • Our non-profit video production company works alongside you to create content that inspires people to take action, to help you achieve your goals, and to donate.
  • We’re not afraid of new ideas, we’re excited to travel with you, and we utilize years of experience in the corporate communications and journalism industries.


With a transparent pricing structure, we ensure that our clients are fully aware of the costs and that we work around your non-profit group’s budget. We also work to ensure that our videos have the maximum impact, meaning more donors, more campaign awareness, and long-term, sustainable growth.
This depends entirely on the kind of video we’re producing. Live events and educational films may be longer, while testimonials and overview videos may be shorter. Every video we produce is designed to capture the attention of your audience, with a length suited to the style of video.
Pre-production typically takes around a week, shoot day is usually within a week or two of the first pre-production meetings, and shoot to rough cut is around one week. The length of time it takes to produce videos varies depending on the size of the project.