Company Overview Video

Make an emotional connection with your audience in a Company Overview Video

“If only people knew who we are or what we’re all about.” “If only potential clients could understand the after picture of what we do.” “People really don’t have any clue about what we do."

These are statements we hear frequently. You could go with a boring 30-minute presentation or give a folder of information (who reads these?). What we’ve found over and over and over is the a tightly produced 2-3 minute company overview video is the most powerful, concise and consistent way to give your audience a general understanding of your company.

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Company Overview Video

Company overview videos are nothing new, but we’ll challenge you to rethink how you might view them.

Instead of a stiff voiceover, keyboard music and phony shots of employees, what if we produced it like a television mini-documentary? We tell your company’s story. We feature actual people - and we get to hear from people from all around the company.

Instead of people viewing you as the big company with people, they’re looking at you as people with a big company, and emotional connections are the start of relationship building.

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