Promotional Video Production in Wisconsin

Promotional Video Production in Wisconsin

Our promotional video production services are tailored with your company’s success in mind. As a trusted web video production company in Wisconsin, we take the time to learn about your brand and create custom videos designed to achieve your goals and boost your revenue. We build your story into every video, ensuring viewers know enough about your brand, understand your purpose, and see just how passionate you and your team are.

Why Should Your Business Invest in Promotional Video Production?

Companies of all industries and sizes use promotional videos for business because they work. For example, a Wyzowl survey showed that 79% of people reported buying software or apps after watching a video. Think about it: Have you ever looked for a YouTube video about a product/service before making a purchasing decision? Has it put your decision over the edge to click “Buy”?

A promotional video isn’t just something used by big companies. In fact, businesses of all sizes use our promotional video production services to reach new audiences and grow their revenue. Video can even help you communicate with your team members, potential new clients, and other businesses in the same industry.

Whether you’re looking to grow your brand, reach new customers, or communicate better with your team, we deliver results.

What Types of Companies Use Promotional Videos?

Our promotional video company Gillespie Productions can help with the following types of companies:
  • B2C.Business-to-consumer promos are everywhere and have been around for decades. These tools are a great way to show a product’s functionality and use. They’re also a great way to show the impact the company wants you to believe the product has on your lifestyle. Our promotional video production services help you communicate with other leaders in your industry and forge partnerships to grow your brand and influence.
  • B2B.Business-to-business promo videos have taken off in the age of LinkedIn, as companies can develop great content and target their audiences with video production. These can be traditional product or service promos. They can also be content marketing tools that keep your business top-of-mind with customers.
  • Small-business promotional videos. Small-business promotional videos are a great way to jumpstart your brand. A promotional video that is compelling enough may go viral on YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, or Instagram. It doesn’t even need to be a big-budget effort, either. If the content is good, a promotional video will increase brand awareness and put you on a good footing to grow your company.
  • Large corporate promotional videos.Just as promotional videos are great for small businesses, they are extremely effective for large corporations, too. At Gillespie Productions, we work with some of the biggest brands across many different industries – and these big brands come to us for our sound design and videography skills. With our years of experience in corporate communications and broadcast journalism, we know how to create incredible quality videos that help big companies communicate with thousands of employees and millions of customers.

Who Are Promo Videos Made for?

Our video marketing experts don’t always have the same audience in mind when we’re creating effective corporate promotional videos. In fact, there are many different audiences to consider when we produce videos.

Here are just some of them:

Promotional Videos We Can Produce for Your Business

Promotional Videos We Can Produce for Your Business

Content marketing

You’ve got the lead. You’ve got the existing client. You have a soft commitment of “Yes, but not right now”. Aside from the occasional follow-up, how do you keep your business top-of-mind? One great way is a series of content marketing videos or social media video production. Consistently putting out a brief piece of content and sharing it with them - and other clients like them - will continue to put your name in front of them. In addition, content marketing is a great way for leads to find YOU. They’re already looking for this type of information to help them solve their problems. Without giving away the family recipe, you’re able to give them enough information to help them now, and when they need to make a buying decision, they already know where to go. As corporate videos and video strategy go, content marketing is essential for most modern businesses. In addition, content marketing is a great way for leads to find YOU. They’re already looking for this type of information to help them solve their problems. Without giving away the family recipe, you’re able to give them enough information to help them now, and when they need to make a buying decision, they already know where to go.

Product demo or service demo

Product demos are everywhere. Do you need a new grill? Watch a promo video from the manufacturer. Looking for a car? Check out the promo videos. Even a non-consumer good, such as an app, does this. Get the information you’re looking for in less than a minute.

Big-splash video

If you’re looking to make a big impact right at the launch of a new product, service, company, or even internal initiative, a promo video in the form of a big-splash video can be a big-time winner. Video’s unique power of emotional connection can more quickly move people to want to get to that better state. Think of the big-splash content as the powerful trailer that plays right before the kickoff of a football game. You want the product right now.

What Makes a Successful Promotional Video?

Promo videos are all different, but some formulas just stay the same. The most common flow for our promotional video company is starting with a problem at the beginning, showing how to solve that problem, and then calling on viewers to take action.

The process follows these simple steps:

  • The beginning of the video is crucial as it sets the stage for the viewer. In many cases, this is the part of the video where the viewer is introduced to a common problem that the product or service being advertised can solve.
  • Throughout the middle of the video, the viewer is presented with the solution. The product or service being advertised is described, giving people an overview of what it does and how it can benefit them. It may be accompanied by video clips of people using the product or service, offering visuals of how the product works and benefits customers.
  • Finally, the end of the video includes a call to action. It encourages viewers to take action, make the purchase, and change their life with the product or service.

This formula is so popular because it works. It’s great in corporate communications, product advertising, and more.

Why Choose Our Promotional Video Production Services?

What sets us apart as a promotional video company is our willingness to travel and spend time with your company, learning everything we can about what you do and ensuring that your passion translates on screen. We become an extension of your team, working alongside you regularly to provide everything from promo video production to live event filming.

We’re more than a promotional video production company – we’re a part of your team, with video experts ready to take on new projects whenever you need them.

Explore Our Recent Promotional Video

How We Make Our Promotional Videos

We favor interview-style promo videos that don’t use scripts and that allow you to more authentically communicate your passion to viewers. There’s a reason why video testimonials work – it’s because people respond better to conversational videos that are informative and relaxed.

At Gillespie Productions, we learn about your company before we shoot. We ask you questions on camera that lead to great answers about your brand and do the rest of the magic in post-production. You’d be surprised at just how much magic we can capture from unscripted recordings!

We’ll entice new customers, create new web traffic, and create new social media content for businesses across various industries.

After initial interviews and filming, you’ll also have the chance to make adjustments before we deliver the final product.

FAQ for Promotional Video Production

Have questions about our promo video production company? Take a look at these answers to some of the most common questions we are asked!

There’s significant variability in the cost. The cost really comes down to the complexity of the shoot. How much up-front work will there be to flesh out messaging and creative elements? How long will it take to shoot? Will the final edit take six hours or 40 hours? While there is no such thing as an average cost of a business promo, you should know these are in the thousands, not the hundreds. While video production can create a bit of sticker shock for some - and it certainly isn’t for everyone - the investment can be well worth it if it leads to a significant bump in sales.

The process is always the same. It starts with a consultation and an idea, moves on to pre-production, then to production and filming, and then to editing. We do things a little differently than other video agencies, however, by taking the time to learn about your company and becoming an extension of your team. It all results in better quality and more effective videos.

Every promotional video should be produced with your exact goals in mind, meaning each video is likely to have different components. What you must always see in a promotional video, however, is content that portrays your brand's goals and values, which shows your audience why they should be interested, and shows your product or service in the best light possible.

Again, that depends. Every promotional video is different and the length of the video is determined by your goals and where you intend to publish your video. Some may just be seconds long, while others may be anywhere between two and five minutes.

It all depends!

We firmly believe that videos should be interesting and engaging. A 30-second video can be boring and a three-hour video can be fascinating. There is no set length that a promotional video “should” be - it all depends on the content. We will bring our decades of experience to your project and produce a promotional video that absorbs your audience and compels them to action.
Hire Us to Help You Create the Video You Need to Drive Results

Hire Us to Help You Create the Video You Need to Drive Results

Want to drive results with a quality promo video made by experienced videographers? Gillespie Productions combines experience in corporate communications and broadcast journalism to create brand films that accurately portray your brand and grow your audience. For a free quote and to learn more about what we do, give the Gillespie Productions team a call today!