Promotional Video Production

Promotional Video Production

You’ve got the lead. You’ve got the existing client. You have a soft commitment of “Yes, but not right now.” Aside from the occasional follow-up, how do you keep your business top-of-mind? One great way is a series of content marketing videos. Consistently putting out a brief video and sharing with them - and other clients like them - will continue to put your name in front of them.

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Promotional Video Production

In addition, content marketing videos are a great way for leads to find YOU. They’re already looking for this type of information to help them solve their problems. Without giving away the family recipe, you’re able to give them enough information to help them now, and when they need to make a buying decision, they already know where to go.

High-energy video helps Miller Electric launch learning-management platform

Miller Electric, the world’s largest manufacturer of arc-welding products, was ready to launch OpenBook, an online learning-management tool. OpenBook would be wildly popular with educators, but Miller Electric was looking for a high-impact way to introduce the platform to its target audience. Gillespie Productions helped Miller Electric to that end, delivering a high-energy piece that kicked off OpenBook’s launch.

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