Recruiting Video Production

Recruiting Video Production

Almost every company is struggling to find and retain top talent. How are you marketing your company to those recruits? Employees nowadays are less motivated by a laundry list of benefits and competitive wages. They want to hear about meaningful work - work that shows that they are making a difference.

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Recruiting Video Production

A top-notch recruiting video is an outstanding way to hear the passion in someone’s voice as he/she describes the life-changing impact your company has made on that person.

We strongly recommend against using a stiff voiceover and describing all of the employee benefits in a recruiting video. Instead, the video needs to engage the recruit on an emotional level.

Our recruiting videos differ from old-school corporate video by:

  • Conveying your company culture
  • Helping the recruit see themselves in your organization
  • Captivating them with an actual, human story
  • Showing what your company can do for them personally
  • Illustrating how your company treats its employees differently than others

Recruiting video pulls in candidates for Green Bay Police Department

The Green Bay Police Department was looking for a way to make an emotional connection with recruits – not just by giving facts and figures about the job. Gillespie Productions helped GBPD identify storytelling themes that would resonate with its target audience. The result was a recruiting video that has drawn attention not only by job candidates, but by law enforcement agencies around the country.

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