Webcasting, Live Streaming and Virtual Events Video Production in Wisconsin

Webcasting, Live Streaming and Virtual Events Video Production in Wisconsin

Now more than ever, virtual town halls and webcasting are essential for any company or organization’s marketing outreach and collaboration – and Gillespie Productions turns a virtual conference into an event.
With top broadcasting professionals on the job and deep knowledge of virtual conference production and technology, we provide TV-quality corporate conference videos and live webcasts for your customers, clients, and colleagues.
We bring the businesses of Wisconsin a reliable, affordable option for online video marketing, webcasting, and live town hall production.

What Is a Webcast and How Does It Work?

A webcast is a digital presentation or video conference that is filmed and published online or aired live online and later distributed as a video that can be viewed at any time.
Event webcasting also allows you to stream in-person events in real-time onto your website or other platforms and later distribute it as a video that can be watched on-demand.
Webcasts are a fantastic way of bringing together participants and viewers from all over the world, whether it’s designed to be an alternative to an in-person event or an accompaniment to your conference or town hall.

Reasons to Produce a Meeting or Conference Live Streaming With Us

Gillespie Productions utilizes years of experience in the television broadcasting industry to create webcast events that engage new audiences, connect participants globally, and deliver something precious to your viewers.

What Does The Town Hall Live Stream Process Look Like?

We aim to take the burden of video conferencing event management off your shoulders, handling all production and coordination, and delivering a webcast tailored to your needs.
Our process is simple:
  • Consultation We begin with an initial consultation, determining your exact requirements for a webcast or virtual town hall, hearing about your vision for the event and what you would like to achieve.
    We believe in collaboration, combining our expertise and know-how with your passion for connecting with customers, clients, colleagues, and followers.
  • Pre-Production and Planning We’ll get to work with the pre-production and planning of your event, the graphics that will appear throughout the event, along where and how your webcast will be distributed online.
    While you prepare your guests and participants, our virtual meeting producer will prepare everything, so you’re ready to go on the day.
  • Managing Live Production As your event goes live, our team will handle the production and technical elements of the webcast, allowing you and your guests to focus on addressing your audience.
    From live graphics and polls to video transitions and social media posting, we’ll ensure the video conference goes off without a hitch.

Types Of Live Events We Produce

From town halls and webinars to live Q&As, we provide wide-ranging live streaming production that ensures you have a quality video recorded and edited at the end of your event. We also facilitate hybrid event production, giving users an option to attend in real life or online. As a trusted Wisconsin live streaming production company, we know how to create engaging virtual events and top-quality videos from those events that can be used for training, educational, or marketing purposes.

  • Town Halls We help facilitate global interaction and viewership for town hall events and ensure you have the quality video to upload afterward.
  • Webinars Let us record your live web telecast and provide great quality conference video production, creating videos you can share with clients, customers, and investors.
  • Education SessionsLooking to record educational sessions? Uploading these videos ensures you have easy and accessible educational tools available on your website or company intranet.
  • Virtual User ConferencesOur live stream production services are ideal for virtual user conferences, ensuring your virtual event doesn’t simply pass by. We’ll record it, produce it, and edit it however you need.
  • Training Record your training sessions and use them during future training sessions, or use them as easy-to-access resources for employees at any time.
  • Live MeetingsOur live streaming production is ideal for all kinds of live meetings. Whether you’re recording for internal reasons or to share your live event with viewers all over the world, our professional team makes it happen.
  • Q&A SessionsLet our experts record your Q&A sessions to give you and your team something to look back and learn from, or to upload on your website.
  • Company-Wide AnnouncementsVideos are a great way to make company-wide announcements, and we don’t just facilitate live recordings but can help produce a slick video that you may wish to distribute online.
  • Point-to-Point StreamingPoint-to-point streaming refers to a virtual conference connected via private data servers.
  • On-Demand VideosWant to create on-demand videos for your customers, clients, investors, or employees to access at any time? We’ll create broadcast-quality videos suitable for whatever platform you choose.

FAQs for Webcasting and Town Hall Video Conferencing Service

If you have additional questions about testimonial videos, be sure to pursue our FAQ section below, and as always, don’t hesitate to call.
In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, live streaming has become more important than ever. This form of video marketing and outreach was already commonly used but became increasingly popular as professionals moved their work and business operations to their homes.
Live streaming instantly connects your business or organization to a global audience.
We work with all major live-streaming platforms, allowing you to share your webcast with your viewers wherever they already interact with you.
From your favorite social media platforms to your website and even for ticketed or invite-only events, we’ll broadcast your video conference from your preferred software to your preferred platform.
You can’t go wrong with a live-streamed event if you offer something truly valuable and interesting for your viewers. Combined with our technical expertise and production skills, you can create a live stream or town hall video conference that portrays the right message, keeps people watching, and brings in more viewers every time you go live.
We pride ourselves on offering competitive and fair rates for our webcasting and video conferencing services.
Our team aims to offer services that suit your budget and needs, and we believe in building long-term professional relationships with brands to provide regular online webcasting and video marketing services.
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Hire us to help you create the video you need to drive results.

Hire us to help you create the video you need to drive results.

Our best work gets done when we can work face-to-face with you. We travel anywhere to produce action in Wisconsin - Green Bay, Appleton, Wausau, Milwaukee, Madison, you name it. We’re also able to travel for video production in Chicago or anywhere else in the country to bring your story to life.