Commercial Video Production — TV & Online Ads

Commercial Video Production — TV & Online Ads

Your commercial video production can get your brand promise across to an audience and then inspire them to contact you or use your products and services. Our commercial videography can amplify your brand's message in a digital format to connect with your target consumers at an emotional level. Turn to our commercial video production services for commercials for television and online.

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Every video commercial production we do involves a variety of formats, lengths, concepts, and styles. Look over our previous video production for commercials to find examples of what you want. If you don't see it, tell us what you're looking for. Our team has diverse backgrounds and skills and loves coming up with something fresh and creative.

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What Are Commercial Ad Videos and Why Should You Invest in Them?

What are commercial video ads and why use them? Ad videos are seen online or on TV. They're usually 60 seconds or under, but the ideal length is honestly 30 seconds. Commercial production companies like ours can do advertising videography that is brand-specific and promote a product, service, or the company itself.

Advertising video production should develop advertising videos that accomplish certain goals. They can grab attention, generate interest, and get consumers excited about your brand and its products and services. They're teasers that spread brand messaging. They're not how-to or instructional videos.

Video ads try to create emotional connections with the audience that you are targeting. They should ideally involve professional voice and on-screen talent and utilize high production quality. Distribution should happen to broad audiences via targeted ad campaigns. You should invest in them to grow your business in a very cost-effective format that lets you control the brand message.

What Does a High-Quality Commercial Video Look Like?

To work their magic the best, great ad videos have certain features.

  • 30 seconds long
  • Call to action included
  • Viral-worthy aspects
  • Exciting content
  • Clearly visible branding

What Types of Video Commercials Do We Produce?

Our television commercial production team can handle many kinds of the ad production.

Interview Style
An interview-style ad can help consumers get to know your brand quickly and easily.
Telling a story that consumers can relate to can convey a value proposition your brand has better than nearly anything else.
When someone a consumer trusts or respects, their endorsement of your brand can be a very powerful motivator for consumers to turn to your brand over the competition.
Testimonial Driven
Testimonials from other consumers can be very powerful marketing messages that give consumers the permission they need to trust your brand.
Voiceover & B Roll
What's being said doesn't have to directly relate to what's being seen in every frame. In just 30 seconds, an effective ad can appeal to two different senses at the same time.
What Types of Video Commercials Do We Produce?

Our Commercial Video Services

Our TV commercial production services provide your brand with great recognition. They also boost your brand identity in the broader marketplace. Our TVC production capacity comes up with leading content you can center an advertising campaign around. We will put in the necessary time and energy to learn about your business, industry, and target audience.

Commercials aren't just for TV anymore. We also come up with digital ads for Facebook, YouTube, and other online avenues. We optimize your content for each specific format. We also include creative copy on-screen and can add social-first elements that help you go viral.

Our Commercial Ad Production Process

Our video ad production process involves a commercial videographer taking charge of the project leading up to your final ad product. While the process can be generally described as having pre-production, production, and post-production phases, there is a linear series of specific steps from start to finish that is more likely to result in the brand messaging you need.

1. We work with you to define the tone, key messaging, and target audience.
2. A storytelling style is chosen that will serve your defined goals the best.
3. Putting together detailed storyboards is crucial to the success of any ad.
4. We identify the best filming locations and secure them.
5. If we need filming permits, we get those.
6. Rehearsal days are scheduled ahead of the shoot if talent performance is included.
7. We film the actual commercial.
8. After filming, we do editing, include animations and graphics, handle the sound mix, and then finish everything up.
Why Do Clients Think We Are One of the Top Commercial Production Companies in Green Bay, WI?

Why Do Clients Think We Are One of the Top Commercial Production Companies in Green Bay, WI?

Anyone who has worked with one of our commercial videographer professionals has probably walked away impressed. While every client is different, they usually come to us with two things. First, they have a general message they would like to get out. Second, they know they want to use a commercial to do it but aren't sure how.

It's the pre-production process where we're probably at our best. By the time we get to filming a commercial, we already know what it should say, do, and look like because of creative consultations and serious storyboarding. That's our true value.

What Do Our Customers Say About Our Commercial Video Production in Wisconsin?

Project: Fox Valley Technical College


The Gillespie Productions team created a branding video and several individual testimonial videos for our college. The process – from our first meeting to the final product – could not have gone better. John and his team were patient, listened to our needs and we worked together to create a vision for this project. Most of all, they approach projects from a storytelling perspective. They value sound… they value video.. and they value writing. We would highly recommend them to others.

Fox Valley Technical College
PR & Content Manager at Fox Valley Technical College

Video Commercial Production FAQs

Length and complexity are both primary factors that can drive up the cost of a video. Having said that, a typical 30-second spot might run from $20,000 up to $50,000. There's a lot involved in coming up with a specific price, and there's a lot we can do to meet your budgetary requirements and still give you a great ad. Contact us for a quote or consultation.
Ads are designed to grab attention, connect emotionally with consumers, and then motivate them into a particular call of action. That's a lot to get done in less than a minute, so careful work goes into all of it. Every commercial is different, but many have turnaround times of 6 to 12 weeks from start to finish.
Some forms of advertising are hard to track in terms of success. That's not the case for commercials. View count is a very effective indicator, especially online. However, engagement rates for a successful ad should be 80% to 90% of its viewers.
Hire Us To Help You Create the Perfect Commercial Video

Hire Us To Help You Create the Perfect Commercial Video

Are you ready to work with a commercial video production company? Just one phone call with our commercial production company can get you started on the video project that conveys your brand message and proposition to your target audience. Contact us to find out what we can do for your business!