Video Podcasting for B2B & B2C Corporations

Video Podcasting for B2B & B2C Corporations

Gillespie Productions works with B2B and B2C Corporations to provide video podcasting production. Video podcasts are a rich communication tool for businesses to reach their target audiences. Some businesses even use podcasts as a tool to communicate with internal audiences, like their employees. In a video podcast, you can share the benefits of your product or service, company-wide updates, or industry expertise; the possibilities are endless!

It makes sense to add video podcasts to your content mix if...

  • Podcasting is a standard in your industry.
  • Your competitors are reaching your target audience through podcasting.
  • Your current podcast lacks video or production quality.
  • You want to enhance your internal communication.
  • You are seeking new content marketing mediums.
  • You want to showcase your knowledge in your field.
  • You want content that can easily be repurposed for social media.

We can help you determine if podcasting is right for your business through a Podcast Strategy Session.

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Industries For Which We Produce Video Podcasts

We work with corporations in various industries to create video podcasts that tell their stories. Clients in the Paper Product Manufacturing Industry, Wellness Services Industry, Construction Industry, Professional Training and Coaching Industry, and more can benefit from video podcasting.

We'll work with you to identify your goals and needs. This will help us to create a podcast that encourages your target audience to take action.

Where Our Video Podcasting Service Is Offered

At Gillespie Productions, we have a professional podcasting studio. When you create a video podcast with us, you have the option to come to our Green Bay location and record. This ensures that you get the best sound quality as well as a consistent look and feel for your podcast.

We can also assist you with podcasting at your site whether you have an in-house studio or not. Our equipment can travel with us.

Based on your wants and needs, we can provide set-up recommendations.

Where Our Video Podcasting Service Is Offered
Why Video Podcasting

It’s no secret that video podcasting is on the rise. Platforms like Spotify have adapted to the desire for interactive content and integrated video optimizations into their formerly audio-only app.

Video podcasts are more engaging than audio-only podcasts. With video, you can better capture your audience’s attention.

Video podcasts allow you to build trust with your audience. Simply put, video is more personal. We are more likely to connect with someone that we can see rather than someone who is just a faceless voice.

Video podcasts give you the opportunity to easily repurpose content. For example, we can take 30 seconds of your podcast and turn it into a social media short for you to use on Instagram or TikTok.

Video podcasts allow you to reach new audiences. The audio from your video podcast can easily be uploaded to audio-only platforms, like Overcast. Your full video podcast can be uploaded to video-optimized platforms, like YouTube. Each platform has a different audience for you to engage with!

Our Video Podcasting Process

Our video production process is based on understanding your business, your audience, and the purpose of your podcast.

It typically goes as follows:

  • Pre-Production Podcast Strategy SessionWe start by meeting with you, discussing your needs, and learning about your business. Our team first wants to know how your business works and the goals you wish to achieve with your video podcast before getting to work.
  • Production PlanningOnce we understand your company, we engage in a planning process that starts by considering your goals and aligning concepts that achieve those goals. We’ll plan a messaging plan and/or script where necessary, and all other details necessary to get started filming.
  • Filming & RecordingWith everything planned, our crew will meet at your site, or you will come to our podcast studio. We’ll work with you to capture all of the content you need in a smooth and organized way.
  • EditingIn the editing phase, our producers and editors will piece together the shots, incorporate graphics, and finalize your video podcast.

Hire us to help you create the video.

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