YouTube Video Production Services

YouTube Video Production Services

Did you know that YouTube is the world’s second-biggest search engine? It’s a hugely important tool for businesses today, with hundreds of hours of content uploaded to the site every minute. That makes YouTube production for videos an essential priority for companies looking to reach their target audience online.

YouTube gives you access to millions of users instantly and connects you directly to an audience that may be searching for information about your brand or the services you offer.
Gillespie Productions is a Wisconsin-based YouTube video production company, utilizes a team with a blend of experience in broadcast journalism, corporate communications, and the creative arts to develop impactful, professional company videos for marketing and training purposes. We know what makes a YouTube video popular. We know how to portray your brand professionally. We pride ourselves on developing long-term relationships with our clients as a YouTube video company to improve their online presence continually.

Wisconsin-based YouTube Video Production Company

Gillespie Productions is a Wisconsin-based YouTube video creation service – and one of the most trusted and best video production companies in the state – that blends experience with passion.

Our video production agency was built by professionals from the corporation communications, broadcast journalism, and creative arts industries. We use this experience to create impactful videos for all of our clients, whether for marketing or training purposes.

We know what makes a YouTube video popular. We know how to portray your brand professionally, and we pride ourselves on developing long-term relationships with our clients as a YouTube video company to improve their online presence.

What Is Video Production for YouTube?

Our comprehensive video production service starts with a consultation to discuss your ideas and learn about your brand. Video production then begins by turning those ideas into broadcast-quality YouTube videos that generate new customers, attract more attention to your brand, and get more people visiting your website and social media pages. YouTube videos and all other video content are more than just a marketing tool – they’re an extension of your brand, your values, and everything you do.

Wisconsin-based YouTube Video Production Company

Why Do You Need YouTube Commercial Video Production?

Why Businesses Trust Us for Quality YouTube Video Production

Operating throughout the Midwest, Gillespie Productions is a YouTube production company serving Green Bay, Wausau, Madison, Appleton, Chicago, and Milwaukee.
Businesses trust us with their brands because of the quality of the video and YouTube productions we create and our commitment to telling brand stories.

Whether your company is new or already established, we’ll work with you to develop video marketing content that tells your story and broadens your horizons.

Got a great idea for a new YouTube production, or need help coming up with something new? Call Gillespie Productions at (920) 857-2224, and we’ll make it a reality.

Our YouTube Video Production Services

Our full-service video production company based in Wisconsin helps business handle all their video production needs. After learning about your company, brand, and vision, we’ll work with you to come up with great ideas and then realize those concepts into broadcast-quality videos.

We keep you involved throughout the production process, and we create a wide range of videos for your company to utilize. Some examples of these videos include:

Branded Videos for YouTube
YouTube is home to virtually every kind of video you can imagine. Whether you’re looking to promote new products and services, tell your story, or even educate people about issues important to your company, YouTube is the place to do it.

We create all manner of videos designed to be uploaded to YouTube – and every video we produce is made to the highest standards.
Tutorials are great for your employees and they’re great for your customers. Whether you’re looking to educate people on how to use your products, or you want to show your team how to perform certain tasks important to their role in the company, we create videos that are easy for people to follow.

There are several ways to make a tutorial video, too. They may simply show instructions on a screen, showing people how to perform a task using a computer. The videos may have a narrator or even a presenter, showing how to perform a task. Depending on the context, we’ll make recommendations and ensure the video is easy to understand and looks great.

We are big believers in testimonials. These videos give customers, clients, and employees an opportunity to talk about their experience working with you, using your product, or engaging with your services.

Through testimonials, potential new customers or even possible new employees will have an opportunity to learn about your brand through people who you already work with, or who already love what you do. That’s the best kind of advertising you can get!

Our YouTube Video Production Process

Our video production process is designed to be comprehensive and simple.

Initial Consultation
Whether you’re looking to create corporate videos, marketing videos, or testimonials, they all start with an initial consultation. At Gillespie Productions, we aim to become an extension of your team. That means taking the time to learn about your company, your values, and your business goals. We’ll ask about how your company was founded, why you do what you do, what kind of customers you attract, and what customers you want to attract. Anything about your business that helps us understand who you are will be explored in great detail, ensuring that every video we produce is targeted toward the right people in a way that appeals to them. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to video production for businesses, whether that’s content marketing or corporate communication. Once we understand what you do, and what you intend to achieve with your videos, we get to work coming up with exciting new ideas to achieve your goals through video.
In pre-production, we prepare to record your video. This process includes finding the location for your video, choosing the right equipment, deciding who will be in the video, and much more. During this process, we’ll ensure everything is in place for the big day of the shoot. Everyone will know their roles, the location will be chosen and confirmed for the date and the time of the shoot, and we’ll ensure that the equipment is ready to go. This process usually takes about a week.
The production process involves the staging of the video on the day and the actual video shooting. Production is a tough job that requires the expertise of our videography team. With years of experience in the broadcast journalism space, we know what it takes to ensure that a video shoot goes off without a hitch. Thanks to the extensive pre-production and planning stage, we’ll avoid any last-minute mistakes that could delay filming and cost more money. During the shoot, people will read their scripts or give their unscripted testimonies to the camera and follow all directions established in the last stage. At the end of the day, we’ll have everything we need to move into the editing stage.

Video Editing
Finally, there’s the video editing process. This is the part where our expert video editors pull together the footage we took on shoot day and turn it into the video envisioned at the very beginning of this process. During the editing process, you’ll be given the opportunity to make corrections to ensure that the video is exactly how you imagined it. From shooting to rough cut, it usually takes about two weeks. Once we receive your revision requests, it will usually be another week before we present the finished product.


Have questions? Take a look at these answers to some of the questions we are most commonly asked.
Typically, pre-production will take about a week. Shoot day will then usually be within a week or two of the pre-production stage, and it will take another week before we present a rough cut. After you have made your amendments, it will take up to another week to deliver the final product.
There is no set price as this process is different for everybody. Some people need more cameramen, some people need more time on location, and so on. What we can promise, however, is that our prices are competitive and our team will always work with you to keep costs down where possible.
We’re happy to talk about your specific needs. Our videographers provide comprehensive filming, production, and editing service – but if there is something specific you need on an ongoing basis, we’re more than happy to discuss that with you.
Hire us to help you create the video you need to drive results

Hire us to help you create the video you need to drive results

We do our best work when we’re talking face to face. Our team is always happy to travel to meet you and your team across Wisconsin – whether that’s Green Bay, Appleton, Wausau, Madison, or Milwaukee.
Wherever you’re based we’re happy to travel and discuss your video production needs. We are also able to travel for video production in Chicago, or anywhere else in the Midwest to bring your story to life.
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