Why Brand Identity Is Important For Your Business: Marketing 101

Why Brand Identity Is Important For Your Business: Marketing 101
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On:Apr 27, 2022

In today’s busy world, brand identity is more critical than it has ever been. We are all bombarded with images, brands, and options these days thanks to the ever-present nature of technology. Companies everywhere are constantly striving to be heard in an increasingly crowded marketplace.

This is exactly why brand identity is important. A strong company brand identity can help your business stand out from the crowd. It leaves a mark, creates an image, and attracts customers to your door.

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What Is the Brand Identity?

Brand identity is the way you communicate your company’s image to the public. It involves the name of your business, your choice of logo, the design elements you use, and the tone you choose to convey your identity. It’s what potential customers remember about your company.

When your brand identity is strong, your company is instantly recognizable.

Examples of powerful brand identities include the Nike swoosh, the Apple logo, and the Amazon smile. People everywhere know these companies just by seeing a small image. And these businesses paid millions, and in some cases billions, to make their brands ubiquitous.

Example of a Great Brand Identity

People across the globe know the Nike swoosh, recognizing it instantly. And they associate it with high-quality athletic footwear and apparel. Because of decades of successful brand marketing, people think of Michael Jordan, Christiano Ronaldo, Serena Williams, Tiger Woods, and LeBron James.

In other words, the best of the best.

Nike has spent billions cultivating its image since it was founded as Blue Ribbon Sports in 1964 in Eugene, Oregon. In 1971, the company created its famous swoosh, for which the designer was reportedly paid $35. Since then, that curving stripe has been emblazoned everywhere, becoming a part of worldwide popular culture.

Fourteen years later, Nike added a silhouette of a jumping Michael Jordan to its brand, an image that itself has become iconic. And three years after that, the company came up with the slogan “Just Do It,” which is again, indelibly linked with the brand and all the athletes associated with it.

Kids want to wear Nike because their heroes wear Nike. The massive popularity of the brand catapulted it to a place atop all sportswear manufacturers. It’s now worth an estimated $33 billion, all because of the effective use of very simple images and slogans.

Why brand identity is important
Why brand identity is important

Benefits of the Brand Identity

When you have a successful brand identity, potential customers and clients immediately recognize your brand. And hopefully, they associate it with quality.

Brand Identity Makes Your Business Recognizable

It’s not difficult to understand the importance of visual identity. Especially in the Internet age. Consumers today are bombarded with demands on their time – there are so many choices that option overload sets in.

It’s very easy for your company to get lost among all the others vying for people’s attention. With an effective brand identity, however, you can place your business in the consciousness of the public.

The purpose of brand identity is simple — it makes your business instantly recognizable.

A good advertising firm can come up with a new logo, a new color scheme, or even a new name for your venture.

One of the best tools for brand identity marketing is corporate video production. Visual imagery can communicate with a greater number of people than big blocks of text. And it’s a great way to put your logo in front of many eyes. When people see a logo frequently, it begins to build trust in a company.

The quality video makes for great social media advertising. It fits well on all the most popular platforms, generating interest and attracting an audience. It can carve a niche, and keep the attention of customers, in a way that text can’t; and it will help your business stand out among your competitors.

Brand Identity Builds Customer’s Trust

The more people see a company’s brand, the more they begin to trust the company. Familiarity breeds comfort and comfort breeds customers.

Studies have shown that the more recognizable a logo is, the more the average person tends to have positive feelings toward the company. This is despite any knowledge of how the business operates or its corporate policies.

This just goes to show the importance of visual identity. A good brand video example can go a long way toward cementing your image in the minds of your customers and creating a positive association with – and trust in – your brand.

Brand Identity and Revenue Are Correlated

When customers begin to recognize your brand, they’ll turn to it when they’re looking for the kinds of goods and services you provide, and they’ll recommend it to friends.

In other words, your brand identity has a direct impact on your bottom line.

Think of it this way, if you walk into a store and are faced with two choices, one you know and recognize, which might have been recommended to you, or one that you have never seen before, which would you buy? If your brand is familiar to people, it will sell.

If your brand is associated with high quality, you can sell your product for more money. Again, consider the case of Nike. There are plenty of athletic-shoe manufacturers who make sneakers that are as good as Nike’s. But Nike can charge more because they’ve built a reputation over the years. Brand identity allows them to do that. And it has made them the single biggest sportswear brand in the world.

And, of course, the converse is true. If no one knows your logo or has ever heard of your brand, you will most certainly sell fewer products. For those products you do sell, you’ll have to charge less than you could if you had a strong brand identity.

Company brand identity
Company brand identity

How to Build Your Brand Identity?

So how do you go about it? How do you build a strong brand identity?

There are several ways.

First, you want to be sure your logo is strong and memorable, that your slogan sticks in the mind, and that you’re prepared to follow through once customers show interest in your goods or services.

And most importantly, you know who you are selling to. You should be able to answer these two questions: Who is your audience? Why do they need your product?

Once you know these things, there are an array of options for developing your brand identity. These days, social media and online marketing are arguably two of the most effective and give you the most return on your investment. Some other popular avenues are traditional ad sales, TV spots, and email marketing.

You could also try to get your brand mentioned by a popular online influencer. This has shown to be a very successful tool. Getting the right person to feature your brand, or better yet, show an image of your logo, can result in a lot of traffic.

You can try any combination of these methods and stick with the ones that seem to make sense for the audience you are trying to reach.


A strong brand identity can make or break a business. It’s critical to create a memorable logo, slogan, and image that the public will remember and will associate with quality.

As so many companies have shown over and over, powerful brand identity will reap dividends in the long run.

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