18 Main Questions to Ask a Videographer Before Hiring

18 Main Questions to Ask a Videographer Before Hiring
On:Aug 26, 2021

Finding the right videographer is important, and there are many variables that will ultimately determine whether the finished video suits your needs. From the experience and talent of the editors to the quality of the equipment used, you’ll need to consider every little thing to ensure that your video project is right.

At Gillespie Productions, we’ve spent years working with businesses in Wisconsin. We develop high-quality video productions by perfecting every detail, from the pre-production plans to the finishing touches in the editing process. We know what video production questions for clients are the most important, we know what you need to look for, and we always want to ensure our clients get the best product and service.

Let’s take a look at the most important video production questions for you to ask before hiring a videographer.

How Much Will a Video Project Cost and Why?

Main Questions to Ask a Videographer
Main Questions to Ask a Videographer

Cost is important. Ultimately it decides whether or not a videographer is accessible for you. However, we always encourage our customers to consider the impact that their videos will have, particularly if they are being used for advertising purposes.

Ask yourself what is more valuable to your business – an ultra-low-cost video production of poor quality that fails to attract viewers and convert them into customers, or a higher-cost production that widens your audience and generates new business?

How Long Have You Been in the Industry?

Experience means a lot. Knowing that a videographer has years of experience making quality films is one thing, but understanding their professional background always helps, too.

For instance, at Gillespie Productions, our team boasts experience in journalism and corporate communications. That means we have both the technical expertise to create quality, high-resolution films, and that we understand how to approach different kinds of videos for your business.

What Kind of Video Production Do You Specialize in?

There are many industries that need video production, and within those industries, there are many different kinds of videos that businesses need. If you operate in a specialist field and you’re looking for a specific kind of video, you’ll need to know whether your videographer can handle those needs.

Ask about a potential videographer’s experience working with businesses in your industry, and ask if they have any examples of videos to show you.

What Ideas Can You Offer?

A good videographer is never short of ideas. Some companies already have a vision of what they want and need, while others may simply know that they need a video.

Ask a potential videographer if they have any immediate ideas about the kind of brand video that will benefit your business. If they can tell you precisely what kind of video suits your best needs, and if they can give you some good ideas about the format of those videos, then you’re off to a good start.

Do You Have Examples of Your Work?

If a videographer has the experience, and if they produce quality work, then they will be delighted to show you examples of their work.

Even better, they will be able to show you examples of their work that relate to your industry or to your specific needs. If you are a manufacturing plant looking for a company overview video, ask if the videographer has any videos of a walk-through of a similar plant. If you’re a professional agency in need of a video commercial, ask what other video adverts they have produced in the past.

Do You Understand Our Vision?

What Questions to Ask a Videographer
What Questions to Ask a Videographer

If your videographer doesn’t understand your vision, then your video is unlikely to fit your criteria.

During an early discussion with possible videographers, outline your vision exactly. Describe what you need the video to achieve and any other factors that you consider important.

Later, ask the videographer if they understand your vision and ask them to repeat it. If they truly understand your vision, you’ll likely have already seen that in their responses, but if they can repeat that vision to you at the end of a discussion, then you may just have found the right one.

How Will the Project Be Managed?

A key part of producing quality videos is proper management.

The reason why you should ask this question when hiring a new videographer is to ensure that there will be deadlines that are met. You should know who is responsible for what, how the team communicates, and what you should expect during the filming and production process.

What Is Your Process?

Another great question when considering what to ask videographers is, “what is your process?”

You may have seen the end product, but understanding the process is an important part of feeling confident in your new videography team. Any competent, professional videographer will be able to explain how the process works, what you should expect at every step, and how they stick to your budget.

What Tools and Equipment Do You Use?

It’s hard to produce quality videos without good equipment. That means high-quality camera equipment, high-end audio equipment and microphones, and computer systems that run professional editing software.

Without these professional tools, a great video concept can look amateur. Your videographer should understand the tools that they use and be able to describe the benefits of the tools they use to you during an initial consultation.

What Is Your Standard Timeline?

You need to know when to expect to begin filming, how long it will take to get to the filming stage, and when the final product will be made available to you.

Be mindful of the fact that it can take some time to produce high-quality video. However, your videographer should always be upfront about the general time it takes to complete a project and should keep you in the loop throughout the whole process.

How Do You Want the Viewer to Think or Feel After Watching the Video?

This is one of the questions to ask for video production that a lot of people don’t think about.

Videos are designed to elicit an emotional response, even if you don’t realize it. Educational videos, for instance, must keep people entertained while they learn. Commercials must make people feel confident in your services. Corporate communications videos should instill a sense of professionalism.

Tell your videographer how you want viewers to think and feel after watching the video, and ask them how they will achieve that. If they can give you a solid answer, then that’s a great sign.

What Visuals Do We Need?

What Questions to Ask a Video Company
What Questions to Ask a Video Company

Most videos will utilize B-roll footage and different visuals to create a professional feel, to show viewers more of what you want them to see, and to connect different scenes.

The different kinds of visuals that a videographer may focus on include scenarios, shots of your office or place of business, different people, shots of scenery, or close-ups of you and your colleagues going about your work. Your videographer should be able to give you a good idea of what kinds of shots will be necessary for different films.

Where Will the Video Be Shot?

Ask a videographer where the video will be shot and considerations for each shooting location. Outdoor shoots, for instance, will need to take into consideration the impact outdoor activity will have on the audio. Indoor shots may require time spent finding the best shot.

It’s always important to choose a location that represents your business or organization in a way that isn’t overpowering, distracting, or exaggerated. If you’re promoting your business, your videographer should film in a way that honestly and naturally reflects your place of work.

Who Will Represent the Company in the Video?

This is a question not just for your videographer but for you and your team.

Spokespeople are important for all kinds of corporate videos, and there are lots of things to consider when choosing the right person to appear on camera.

Ask who might be best-suited to appear on camera, and consider the possibility of featuring customers and clients who may be willing to offer testimonials about working with you.

Should I prepare the Script?

Your videographer may be able to assist you in choosing whether or not to use a script in your video.

If you are producing an interview-style or testimonial video, then scripts are typically unnecessary and often unwise. The natural answers that come in a question-and-answer filming session are often far superior to scripted content.

However, if you are narrating a video designed for educational or training purposes, a script may be necessary.

A good videographer will help you make the right decision.

What if someone doesn’t say their line right the first time?

Ask the videographer the protocol for somebody getting their lines wrong or making a mistake during the filming process. It’s a common occurrence, but there are many things a videographer can do to make those appearing on camera feel at ease.

At Gillespie Productions, we prefer to keep the filming process natural and casual. This is a great way of reducing pressure, making people feel comfortable, and allowing those who appear on camera to talk naturally about their experience working with your company. That’s one great way to avoid mistakes and to create video content that feels natural.

How Will the Video Be Hosted and Distributed?

A professional videographer will be able to provide video in the format you need to distribute across a variety of channels. Consider where your video needs to be hosted, and ensure that your videographer can provide the completed footage in a file format and resolution that works for you.

We’re Trusted Commercial Videographers in Wisconsin

During an initial consultation with Gillespie Productions, we answer all of these questions and discuss your company’s vision, goals, and needs in great detail.

By becoming an extension of your team, we’ll tackle your videography needs and produce quality videos that generate new business and help you communicate internally and externally.

We hope that these interview questions to ask a videographer are helpful, and we hope to hear from you. Call (920) 857-2224 or fill out our online form today for your free consultation.