9 Powerful Customer Testimonial Videos

9 Powerful Customer Testimonial Videos
On:May 17, 2021

Customer testimonial videos are one of the most powerful tools you can utilize on your website and social media to expand your reach and promote your brand. It’s a way of showing potential customers precisely what you have to offer without marketing ploys and slogans.

It’s a simple, direct way to connect potential customers with existing customers, allowing people with real experience working with your brand or enjoying your product to say exactly what they think.

Who better to provide an overview of your product or service and how well it works than the people who already appreciate your brand?

There are several different ways to create a testimonial video, and the best way to understand how they work is to view effective testimonial video examples.

Editor’s note: Gillespie Productions did not produce the following examples.

Dental “Before and After” Video

Let’s start with this example of how patient testimonial videos can give people confidence in a brand they may have never interacted with before. Gillespie Productions like this clip from Elite Dental because it offers very clear before and after pictures – but without the tricks. The video shows precisely the kind of work performed and how it benefited patients.

The quality of the video is crisp and clear, the customers clearly understand what work they had done and were very well informed by their dentists, and it’s obvious that people enjoyed their experience overall.

Not only do the customers explain the work they received, but they explain why the service was so good and how the dental work improved their lives. This is easily one of the best testimonial videos to use as a reference when working on your own.

HubSpot’s Cross Promotion

Not all client testimonial videos come from private individuals – they can reference other businesses, too. If your clients are mostly businesses, then this is a good example to follow.

HubSpot, a web services company, showed how an entertainment company effectively used its product. In the video, the company overlaid images of its work with recordings of using HubSpot’s platform.

It acted not just as a customer success story for potential new customers but also allowed the client to promote their brand at the same time.

The video is a great tool for viewers looking to learn more about the service, and customer testimonials can be an incentive for clients to take part in a good advertising opportunity. The main character in the clip is even wearing a t-shirt for his brand!

Dropbox Uses Multiple Business Voices

Here’s another example of how to show businesses why your services are the best option for them. This is a Dropbox testimonial video that uses several commercial client voices to show what their online storage service can do for them.

This is a simple video with commercial clients offering their stories. Each client is filmed in their own workspace or studio, and it has a relaxed feeling that doesn’t make it feel like much of a “sell.” This is just a straightforward video that details how businesses already benefit from Dropbox’s online storage.

Jobvite Uses a Major National Brand

Sometimes a lesser-known brand may have a better-known brand as a client – and in those instances, it can be hugely beneficial for the lesser-known brand to collaborate with that large client on a customer testimonial video.

It gives the big brand a chance to talk about their culture and values, and the smaller brand a chance to demonstrate to businesses that big companies use their service. In this example, USA Today Network officials describe how Jobvite helped them employ the best people.

The video focuses on people who now work at USA Today who found their job through Jobvite – and the fact that they got a job at such a big brand gives Jobvite great credibility with this short film.

Happy Doggy Day Care Owner

Everyone loves dogs, right? In this clip, the owner of a dog daycare service called “Happy Hound” explains how Google’s “Adwords” system helped her increase customers by improving her ranking on search engines.

The clip is kind of old at this point, being filmed back in 2009, but it still works great. It injects bright colors and a fun feel in the video and shows an animated, excited business owner who very visibly loves the Google Adwords service.

As video testimonials on websites go, this is one of the most upbeat and impactful – and it is just as effective today as it was then.

Emotional Impact from Lifelock

Lifelock is a data protection company that monitors credit score changes and helps people avoid having their identity stolen, and this testimonial video relies heavily on emotion to show why the service they offer is so important.

Focusing on the story of customer “Jamie,” the video shows the customer talking about how she was scared to check the mail or answer the phone before she started using Lifelock.

It’s very clear that she is being honest, which is important for establishing a connection with potential new customers.

Niche IT Testimonial by Cohesity

This is one of the more high-energy corporate testimonial videos out there. Schneider Electric explains how they deployed a new data management system for their worldwide operations using Cohesity’s software.

The video includes shots of their office, both inside and outside, along with shots of computers using Cohesity software while the client explains what it did for their business. It’s very visual, high-paced, and informative.

The secondary shots are pulled together by one long interview with the Global IT Leader of Schneider Electric – perhaps the person in the company who can speak with the most authority on the issue of IT.

It’s niche and very specific, but if there are any other companies out there looking for a system to integrate Azure and Cohesity software, then this video will be hugely impactful.

Creative Text and Animations

Creative testimonial videos definitely have a role to play in your digital marketing, too. This clip from Omada uses a red background to create a uniform look throughout and overlays the commentary from previous customers with professional-looking graphics.

The text is even animated, and small illustrations are used to drive certain points home.

If your business is more creative than corporate, there are lots of artistic ways to enhance your video, and both animations and interesting backgrounds are a great way to make everything more visually impactful.

Even Apple Uses Customer Testimonials!

You know customer testimonials are essential when even the biggest companies in the world use them! Apple proudly displayed the features of its Apple Watch device in a video titled “Real Stories” in 2018, and it did something really incredible.

This testimonial video didn’t focus on the design of the watch, which is a common Apple tactic. Instead, the focus of the video was how the watch had become an “indispensable” part of people’s lives…and even saved some lives.

These stories talk about the integrated health features that warned people about health problems before they even knew something was wrong, how people went to the hospital or to their doctor on the recommendation of their watch, and how their lives might have been entirely different without the device.

If you want something impactful, then this is it. It’s also shot beautifully, focusing on the faces of customers and their emotions.

Ready to Tell Your Customers’ Success Stories?

We hope that these customer testimonial video examples have given you a good idea of what is possible and how you can reach new customers by utilizing your popularity with existing customers.

At Gillespie Productions, we produce some of the best customer testimonial videos around, focusing on real stories, customers, and emotions. Based in Wisconsin, we help businesses in a wide variety of industries tell their customers’ stories and reach out to new audiences through their website and social media.

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