Top 3 Best Platforms for Video Marketing in 2022

Top 3 Best Platforms for Video Marketing in 2022
On:May 27, 2022

Businesses across Wisconsin count on Gillespie Productions for high-quality social media video production services. Our team gets to know our clients’ businesses, their visions, and their goals. We create videos that tell their story and help them achieve their goals, and we can even offer some advice on how to make the most of every video we produce.

While it’s up to your business to decide how to distribute your brand new social media videos, it’s important to understand the video marketing tools at your disposal.

In this piece, we’ll take a look at some of the most popular video marketing platforms out there, and how you can make the most of every one of your videos.

#1. YouTube 

YouTube is probably the first video platform that you’ll think of, and for good reason. This video-focused platform has more than one billion active users and is the go-to website for video content.

The platform is now so big that it is technically the second-biggest search engine in the world. When people are looking for advice, information, how-to videos, and so much more, they turn to YouTube. This gives you a great opportunity to offer solutions to potential customers actively searching for a product that benefits them.

As video becomes more and more popular, video production becomes more and more important. And remember – even if someone searches for something on a traditional search engine like Google, they can still find video content on those search pages. Given that Google owns YouTube, it’s always smart to ensure your videos are uploaded on Google. That way, people find them on the platform itself and also when searching for information or products on Google.

Whether it’s a product overview, a how-to video, or just a video about your company, uploading to YouTube gives you the potential to reach millions of people.

#2. Wistia, Vimeo, and Other Video Hosting Platforms  

best video marketing tools
best video marketing tools

YouTube is not, of course, the only video hosting platform out there. There are many video platforms designed to meet very specific needs. In fact, some of the best video marketing tools out there are completely separate from YouTube.

Wistia, for instance, is a video hosting platform that gives you excellent analytics insights into how well your video is performing, who is watching the video, and how people are finding it. You’ll even see for how long people typically watch the video.

That data is very valuable and helps you plan for the future.

Vimeo is another option. This platform is similar to YouTube. While the platform is smaller, it still boasts around 170 million active users. It also offers subscription plans and gives you additional tools designed for videographers and professionals.

Other video content platforms come with features not seen on YouTube and may suit you better for embedding the video in emails or websites. Be sure to check them all out and find the right one for you!

#3. Facebook 

video marketing platforms
video marketing platforms

As video has become more popular, social media platforms have pivoted. Instead of only allowing users to share text and images, platforms like Facebook now incentivize users to upload videos either on their feed or in their “stories.”

The “story” feature allows users to share videos that can only be seen for a set amount of time. The video soon expires, before being replaced by a new video. While originally these “stories” were designed to let people give their friends and followers an insight into what they do every day, brands often use stories to advertise products and services. You may even wish to use the stories feature to give followers an insight into the average day at your business!

Video marketing automation is possible on Facebook, too. Simply choose the videos you wish to upload and schedule them to be posted at a specific time. Businesses choose to do this as there are typically certain times of the day when users are active and a video will perform better.

Facebook is one of the best video advertising platforms around. With 1.9 billion daily active users, Facebook is even bigger than YouTube – and there are just as many people on there willing to watch videos that come from a brand they are interested in.

If you’re looking to reach the largest possible audience, Facebook is always a great bet.

Trust Wisconsin’s Social Media Video Experts! 

When we produce great videos for our clients, they get shared far and wide. We go to great lengths to understand every business we work with and produce videos that reflect their story and vision – and we want as many people to see those videos as possible!

Gillespie Productions hope the above recommendations help – and if you’re looking for SMM video production in Wisconsin, don’t hesitate to contact our team today!