Using Video Production Services for Learning & Development: Benefits of Training Videos and How to Create Them

Using Video Production Services for Learning & Development: Benefits of Training Videos and How to Create Them
On:Apr 06, 2022

Videos are a fantastic way to train your staff, giving employees and colleagues an easy way to access important information on their phones, computer, or tablet.

Creating video training programs is something our team at Gillespie Productions truly excels at. Video production is what we do! In this piece, we’ll explain the process of how to make training videos, what it involves, and why using videos for training is so powerful.

What Is an Employee Training Video?

So, what are work training videos?

You may have come across these videos before, depending on your line of work. The videos are effectively an alternative to a training manual, allowing your employees and team members to learn important information about the business, how to work with customers, and how to do their job.

We often get asked “what is video training?” and, put simply, it’s just like real-life training…but accessible at any time! A good quality video delivers important information to new employees in an accessible, friendly, and professional way.

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Benefits of Using Video training for Learning and Development

There are some really important benefits of using videos for training, too.

  • It’s More Engaging: A good training video is more engaging than walls of text, and your team members are more likely to want to learn by watching and listening to a video training program.
  • Improves Knowledge Retention: Not only is video more engaging than text, but it also helps improve knowledge retention. Your team will remember visual scenarios during their workday, and those memories will guide them through different situations at work.
  • Consistent Training: When training sessions occur on different days, with different instructors, in different places, the training won’t be the same. Using an engaging video ensures everyone gets the same learning experience from learning and development professionals.
  • Reduce Training Costs: Once a training video is ready, it can be used for as long as the information found within it is still relevant. It means you don’t have to spend time or money bringing team members together for classes – though, should you choose to, you may also use the videos in classes. Create training videos for long-lasting and valuable resources.
  • Access Anywhere, Anytime: These videos provide ease of access. They can be accessed whenever your team needs them. Make them available on your website, social media, or private online portal, and your team will be able to watch whenever they feel like they need a refresher.
  • Really Get to Know the Company: Videos aren’t just more engaging than traditional training, they also allow for much more flexibility. Instead of sitting in a room and just describing your culture and practices, you can actually take the employees around the office, showing how everything is done and what it would be like to work there. This creates significantly more effective training videos.

    Types of Employee Training Videos

    Every business is different, with different expectations of clients, different customer needs, and different company cultures. That’s why our team at Gillespie Productions adapts all training videos to your specific needs.

    Let’s take a look at some of the most common types of training video content we produce.

    Corporate Videos

    Corporate video production is a major part of what we do. These videos are designed to inform team members of corporate policies, standards expected when providing customer service, harassment and violence policies, management policies, and more.

    Educational Videos

    Sometimes your team members need to learn more about your business, industry, or product. Educational videos can be used to inform viewers about absolutely anything, and they can be produced in a way that helps people retain that information.

    Health and Safety Videos

    Health and safety policies are important for several reasons – from protecting your team and customers to protecting your business from liability. Health and safety videos help inform your team on how to avoid lawsuits and how to keep everybody on your premises safe.

    Various Tutorials

    You can also create a multitude of tutorials, giving your team access to quick and easy videos that show them how to complete specific tasks, use computer software, stack shelves, or anything else! Whatever your team might need help remembering, you can make a tutorial video for it.

    Screen Recording

    Screen recording videos don’t feature somebody presenting to the camera. Instead, they record your computer screen and are typically combined with a voiceover that explains what they are doing. This is a very simple way to help people remember how to achieve specific tasks on a computer.

    Presentation Capture

    Giving a presentation? Don’t waste an opportunity to create an educational or training video! Using professional cameras and audio equipment, you can create a video that your team may use for years to come – whatever the topic.

    Creating Training Videos for L&D in 8 Simple Steps

    Want to know how to make a learning video? Here’s a good outline of the process.

    #1. Prepare Equipment

    Choose the equipment you need. If it’s a presentation, you’ll need a camera and a mic. If you’re recording your screen, you’ll need a computer and a mic.

    #2. Plan a Topic

    What kind of video are you recording? Are you preparing to teach employees how to complete a task? Or are you explaining company policy?

    #3. Specify the Format

    There are lots of options to choose from. It may be a screen recording, an animated video with a voiceover, a presentation, or a regular video that features an individual speaking to the camera.

    #4. Make all the Preparations

    Prepare your scripts, your props, your team, and your locations. Make sure everything is ready for the day you record, reducing the chances of costly delays or mistakes. Time is money!

    #5. Record Your Video

    Once you have your team and your props ready, it’s time to choose a time and place to record – and get a recording. Remember that video quality is extremely important these days. Even on cell phones, screens clearly show HD-quality video – and you’ll want to take full advantage of that.

    #6. Proceed with Editing

    Once your video is recorded, you’ll need to start video editing. This is something our team at Gillespie Productions truly excels at, spending time with you and your team to ensure that we fully understand your needs and edit your videos following those needs.

    Editing should be done with high-end software to ensure a quality finished product.

    #7. Distribute the Video

    How do you want people to see your video? Typically, training videos are only made accessible to employees. That means they are probably best to be distributed in a private employee portal on your website. You may, however, wish to upload them to a video site like YouTube and make the video “unlisted” – meaning that only those with the link can access it.

    #8. Discuss With Employees

    Make sure your employees know about the videos! If they don’t know about them then they can’t use them – and once they do know about them, remind them that the video will always be available to refer to whenever they need it.

    Choose Video Production Experts for the Best Results

    Want to learn more about how training videos can help your business? Don’t want to handle the difficult process of preparing, filming, and editing those videos? Gillespie Productions is here to help.

    A trusted Wisconsin video production company, Gillespie Production blends years of experience in journalism and corporate communications to create videos that have a huge impact.

    Call Gillespie Productions to get more information and a free consultation today!