8 Fresh Trends in Corporate and Brand Video Production

8 Fresh Trends in Corporate and Brand Video Production
On:Mar 29, 2022

Sometimes with corporate video production, it’s worthwhile exploring popular themes and trends. By analyzing the kind of videos that other, similar corporations and companies produce you can take some inspiration in the production of your videos.

By taking a look at the kind of videos your customer base is watching on YouTube and social media, you can also tap into the kind of content that you know is already popular.

At Gillespie Productions, we help businesses across Wisconsin produce broadcast-quality videos, whether they’re intended for social media, email lists, or websites. We also aim to provide ideas and information about video production right here on our site.

So, let’s take a look at some popular trends in video and some great ideas from the video production industry that you should utilize in your corporate video strategy.

#1. Live Video and Streaming

Live videos are probably one of the biggest trends in the video right now. After the pandemic, more businesses and organizations have turned to the internet to host events and to bring people together from all over the world. The video production industry has responded to this, helping businesses record their events, create mixed events with both in-person and digital attendees, and create well-produced videos that can be shared on websites and social media after the event has aired.

Whether you’re planning on going live on YouTube or another social media platform, Gillespie Productions helps you ensure the lighting, audio, and video feeds are all perfect. We’ll even turn your live event into a well-produced video you can share afterward.

#2. VR and 360 Degrees Videos

brand video production
brand video production

VR and 360-degree videos are also becoming increasingly popular. These videos can be viewed using virtual reality headsets, making viewers feel as though they are really in the audience, 360-degree videos may also be watched on a regular screen, allowing viewers to scroll around the video live as it plays.

While this is still a niche, it’s becoming more popular – and could be a great option for your business if you believe your customers or potential customers are likely to have virtual reality headsets.

#3. Shoppable Videos

Have you ever heard of shoppable videos? This is one of those trends in video production that is really impressive. These videos incorporate buttons and clickable links that allow them to quickly access a shopping page while watching the video.

These videos typically offer an overview of a product or service and encourage people to shop with a “call to action” button.

#4. Longer Storytelling

You may be surprised to learn that another one of the most popular video production trends is the use of longer storytelling.

While many people prefer short and snappy videos, some customers prefer to watch for longer – finding out as much as they can about your product or service, learning about your values as a company, and truly getting to know your brand.

Longer videos may be educational, they may be marketing-focused, or they may even be designed to simply improve your brand awareness.

#5. Captioned Silent Videos

A surprising amount of people watch videos with the sound off. It became a trend as soon as social media companies like Twitter and Facebook pivoted to allowing users to share video content more easily. As people scroll on their timeline, videos would appear, and – in many cases – people would watch them without turning on the sound.

One of the biggest corporate video trends soon followed, which saw captions added to marketing videos shared on social media. It means anybody who might rather turn off the video than turn on their sound would still be able to see the video and know exactly what the message was.

Take any video and add captions – and you’re done!

#6. Cinemagraphs

trends in video
trends in video

A cinemagraph is almost like an animated GIF, but it’s technically a video. Think of it as a combination of a video and a photograph. These videos are almost entirely still but feature one part of the photograph that moves – creating an artistic look that may be ideal for marketing on social media.

Think about a still image with vapor rising from a hot cup of tea, or a drink slowly being poured into a glass full of ice.

#7. Partnerships with Influencers

Producing a corporate video is the first step – but the next step is making sure as many people see it as possible. One way to do this is through partnerships with influencers.

Perhaps you want influencers to share your video on their platforms, or perhaps you would rather they produce their video using your product or service. Whichever one you choose, make sure that the quality of the video is excellent and ensure that the influencer you choose has an audience that reflects your target customer base.

#8. Training, Educational, and How-To Videos

Finally, there are training and educational videos. These kinds of videos do more than just promoting a product – instead, they provide viewers with valuable information and give them a reason to keep on coming back to your website or social media.

By sharing your knowledge and experience with the world, and offering an educational opportunity to your viewers, you not only establish trust between your brand and your viewers but you put your brand in front of many more eyes. With more clicks on your videos and more traffic to your website, you’ll generate more leads and potentially make more sales.

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