How Big Brands Make Successful Video Marketing Campaigns

How Big Brands Make Successful Video Marketing Campaigns
On:Feb 21, 2022

Have you noticed how video is everywhere on social media these days? It doesn’t matter whether you use Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter – video is just as popular on these platforms as on video-specific platforms like YouTube and Vimeo.

That’s why business video marketing is taking off and why businesses from across many different industries are using the power of video to reach new audiences. Whether you’re sharing testimonial videos or you’re planning a full range of business marketing videos for an online social media campaign, Gillespie Productions has the expertise and equipment to ensure broadcast-quality videos every time.

But let’s first look at what makes a good video, what you can achieve, and some current examples.

Components of Every Successful Video Marketing Campaign

So, what makes a good marketing video? We say it starts with a good team. At Gillespie Productions, we have years of experience in corporate communications, marketing, and broadcast journalism, meaning we know what your customers, clients, and potential investors want to see while also knowing what makes a quality video.

With a combination of professional camera equipment and a solid understanding of your business, we create videos that entice new customers and tell your story.

Other Key Components of a Successful Video Include:

– Nice and Concise

We like to keep videos as concise as possible, sharing valuable information that people want to see while never risking boring your audience.

– Telling Your Story

Customers do want to know about your brand and hear your story. Establishing the connection through brand videos builds trust and makes viewers more likely to become customers.

– Be Relatable

When demonstrating the power of your product or service, be relatable and give people an idea of what they could achieve, too.

– Testimonials

We believe testimonials are an important part of any video marketing campaign, showing how your workers or customers feel about your business.

Next, we’ll take a look at what you can expect from a quality marketing video, and then we’ll explore some good marketing videos examples.

What Result Can You Achieve with Video Marketing?

Whether we’re talking about company overview video production or something different for your marketing campaign, you can expect many things to change once your videos go live.

Develop a sound video strategy for a brand from the beginning, and your business should expect the following:

Get More Traffic to Your Site

First, you should expect more traffic to your website. As long as your social media videos direct people to your site, you should expect a portion of those who see the video to research your product further by visiting your website.

More traffic means more chances for online sales.

Close More Sales

Video is a great opportunity to make a case for your product or service. Once people are captured on social media, you’ll have seconds or even milliseconds to get someone on board and watch your video.

If you’re able to captivate those viewers and implant your brand in their minds, sales will follow. Be sure that every video you make captures your intended audience through good social media video production.

Educate Your Audience

A social media marketing video should also offer something of value to your potential customers.

With that in mind, perhaps create an educational video that gives people a reason to watch for longer and to visit your website if they’re looking to learn more. More eyes on your site mean more sales, and more educational material means more interested visitors.

Improve Customer Service

Did you know that you can use video to help improve your customer service? Rather than relying too heavily on a customer service team, videos can be used to answer questions that prospective customers commonly ask. They may also be used as a tool for responding to support queries.

With well-produced videos, you can answer as many questions as you can think of and make them easily accessible on your website and social media.

Examples of Video Marketing Done by the Big Brands

Social media video marketing is wildly popular, with big brands relying on everything from TikTok and Snapchat to YouTube and Facebook to distribute those videos. Companies using video marketing vary in size, too. The big brands are doing it, the medium-sized companies are doing it, and start-ups are doing it too.

Let’s look at five great examples to get an idea of the kind of video marketing you can achieve and what works.


The first example comes from the sports apparel brand Reebok. The video shows women running in different scenarios. Numbers appear behind the women as they run, but it only becomes clear what the numbers mean later in the video. They represent the number of days that each woman has left to live.

It sounds dark, but it conveys that people should make their lives matter. It explains how humans live 25,915 days on average.

The video works because the message is powerful and because the 25,915 figure is educational and exciting. It pulls people in and makes them realize that life is short, and it might just make them want to buy more sports gear and start working out more often.

Dollar Shave Club

Dollar Shave Club is one of some popular shaving brands these days, mailing people shaving lotions, razors, and related toiletries. The video was what made the company go viral. It’s funny, but it features Michael Dubin, the founder of the company, who also has a background in comedy and improv.

It has tens of millions of views on YouTube, and the title is purposely exaggerated, slightly offensive, and confident.

“Our blades are f*cking great,” the title reads. Dubin then explains precisely why the blades are so great throughout the video. It works because it’s funny, keeps people watching, and is informative. It also makes you wonder about the kind of razor you’re using at home.


Coca-Cola is one of the biggest and most recognizable brands in the world, but that doesn’t stop the company from utilizing video marketing to increase sales. In this video, you see several people going about their work. Some are wrapping gifts, some are waiting tables, and some are bagging groceries. They’re working on the busiest days of the Christmas season, and at the end of the video, they’re all surprised with a gift from Coca-Cola to thank them for their work.

It’s a popular video with millions of views because it recognizes the hard work people do, it reflects on the season of giving, and it just makes you feel good.


You may not have heard of Moz, but this Search Engine Optimization (SEO) company works with companies worldwide to help improve their visibility online.

You’ll see an example of the kind of videos they publish as part of their “Whiteboard Friday” series in this video. Each Friday, the company publishes a new video with an expert in front of a whiteboard explaining a different concept related to SEO.

The videos are educational, which means they pull in many viewers – and in turn, they turn those viewers into customers.


LG, the famous electronics brand, promoted a new line of televisions with a viral video showing job applicants experiencing increasingly strange scenarios when interviewing. The video went viral because it was easy to share with friends and allowed people to think about how they reacted if they were placed in such a situation.

It also prompted people to talk about their worst experiences interviewing for a job in the comments. Suddenly, people are talking about and sharing LG’s video, and the company is reaching new audiences every time it’s watched and shared.

Call for Brand Video Marketing That Works

Every business is different, but one thing that remains consistent is that videos work so long as they offer something valuable to viewers. That might be something relatable or funny, it might be something educational, or it might be something that helps them look at things differently.

Another important thing to remember is that quality of video matters. Trust the business video production professionals at Gillespie Productions. Hire us, and we’ll ensure every video you share has an excellent audio, looks great, and reflects the quality of your brand.

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