How to Boost Your Employee Engagement with Video in 2022

How to Boost Your Employee Engagement with Video in 2022
On:Jan 13, 2021

Now that 2021 is in full swing, it’s a great time to focus on keeping your company’s employee engagement strong in the year ahead! One way to do that is through high-quality video.

Many companies are still giving their employees the option to work remotely, and this will likely be the case for the foreseeable future. And for those with in-person workers, social distancing is still necessary, so company parties and shared meals are no longer possible.

So, what can you do to keep your employees engaged with your organization? Produce engaging and high-quality videos, of course!

In today’s article, Gillespie Productions are talking about how video production can be used to boost employee engagement and morale in your company. We’ll also be providing employee engagement ideas for your brand. Our overall goal is to help you build a more vibrant company, and retain your best employees by keeping them happy with your company culture.

Why Is Employee Engagement Important?

Employee engagement video
Employee engagement video

Especially after a year like 2020, employee burnout and exhaustion can be extremely high. By increasing employee morale and engagement, you can reduce turnover rates and increase important metrics such as sales goals, productivity levels, and overall customer and employee satisfaction.

Videos can help you achieve these goals because they put emotion and feelings behind facts, which is especially important in an age of virtual… well, everything!

Emails and texts are impersonal. Even calls, without video, can feel distant. As a business, you want your employees (and customers/clients) to feel connected to your brand and your leader. Using video can help you communicate your values and messaging effectively.

What Type of Employee Engagement Videos Can You Use to Boost Your Company’s Employee Engagement?

Are you looking for employee engagement video ideas? Keep reading for a list of ideas. And to host your employee engagement videos, YouTube, Vimeo, and Wistia are three hosting platforms you could explore.

Company Update Video

It’s important to have a company update video for your employees. This video could welcome your employees into the new year and give them kudos for adapting so well in the midst of a pandemic. It could also include a heartfelt, enthusiastic, and encouraging message from your company’s leadership. You could even create a video that could be shown to the general public, to ring in the new year, and to keep people engaged with your brand’s vision and focus for the new year.

Training Video for New Employees

Employee training video
Employee training video

In the age of social distancing, time restraints, different time zones, and busier-than-ever corporate schedules, it’s important that any new employee of a company or department feels confident in their new role by being well-acquainted with the company policies, training/procedures, and company ideals.

You could certainly have your new employee read written manuals or host several 1:1 video calls with them to give personal training, but the former can be tedious and the latter option… Well, do you have time to do personal work training with every new employee? If not, a great option is creating high-quality, informative training and educational videos that new employees can watch as part of their new role.

Onboarding Video

Onboarding videos are great for initiating new employees and new clients to your company. These videos are often their first impression of working with you and can help you create a culture of warmth and welcome.

If you’d like your company to be well-regarded, putting your best foot forward is important – and a high-quality onboarding video can help you do just that!

Leader’s Message to the Employees

It’s important to harness the voice of your organization’s leader. Is there a message that you need to share with your company? Are there any company values or goals that are important for everyone to know moving forward into a new year, after the previous business year? Are there any encouragements that you would like to leave with your company’s employees? Include these points in your leader’s message.

Create Content Your Employees Will Actually Enjoy

Engaging video content for employees
Engaging video content for employees

Let’s face it: People will only watch content that’s useful, informative. or entertaining. So, you could create the above videos so that people feel welcomed, well-trained, and engaged with the company, but you could also go the extra mile by creating any other types of videos that your company employees might enjoy.

Is health important to your organization? Try creating videos about at-home guided exercises and relaxation techniques. You can also use video to disseminate meetings and workshops.

Are you looking for more video ideas for your organization? Check out these four video marketing ideas for small businesses!

In Conclusion… Videos are the way to go in 2021-2020!

Having high-quality videos are important to the effectiveness of your company’s message, as it communicates your message in a clear and concise way. After you share your engagement videos on platforms like YouTube, employee engagement video content will soon become the norm for your organization.

Finally, (you knew this was coming)…

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