How to Get Video Testimonials From Customers and Why They’re Important

How to Get Video Testimonials From Customers and Why They’re Important
On:Nov 06, 2021

What Is a Testimonial Video?

At Gillespie Productions, we believe in testimonial videos. These are unscripted videos that take the form of an interview.

Our videographers will establish a great camera shot, and then engage in a natural back-and-forth conversation with the subject. This way, we deliver honest answers to questions we know viewers will want to ask.

Do Video Testimonials Work?

Do Video Testimonials Work
Do Video Testimonials Work

People often ask us, “why use video testimonials?”

The answer is simple: these unscripted videos work.

By talking to customers, clients, and employees in an authentic-sounding way, we can show the world precisely why people choose to do business with your company. It’s a believable and honest way of communicating to potential new customers, without the marketing speak.

Ensuring that every video is free of marketing jargon and giving people an honest overview of what you do, appeals to potential new customers more than an overly-produced marketing effort. That’s why video testimonials work.

Why Use Video Testimonials?

Why Use Video Testimonials
Why Use Video Testimonials

There are lots of reasons why you should consider using testimonial videos – and we have a range of employee testimonial examples for you to learn from.

It Makes Your Brand More Appealing

Studies have repeatedly shown that using customer testimonials increases the likelihood of converting viewers into customers or generating more revenue from each customer you have.

Showing how people enjoy your brand, product, or service is a great way to generate interest in what you have to offer.

Customer Conversion

Turn viewers (potential customers) into paying customers with testimonial videos that they can relate to.

Consider the main reasons why someone may purchase your product or service and develop customer testimonials based on those reasons. When people search for your brand or a specific question on a search engine, they are more likely to find your topic-specific customer testimonials and become a paying customer from there.

Your Customers as Brand Advocates

When you offer a product or service that your customers really love, why not use those customers as brand advocates?

Allowing the people with whom you do business to become your advocates is a virtually free form of advertising, and the message coming from paying customers rather than directly from you or your marketing team means more to potential customers.

Good Stories Sell a Product

At Gillespie Productions, we believe in the power of telling your story. Every business is different and so is every journey that brought you to where you are today.

Customer reviews are a profound way to tell your brand story, and so are testimonial interviews with business owners and employees.

Social Proof Factor

Customers typically trust one another more than they do a brand, at least initially. That’s why customer reviews on online retail websites are so popular, as they give customers a chance to share their experience with other potential customers.

How Do You Get Testimonial Videos?

How Do You Get Testimonial Videos
How Do You Get Testimonial Videos

So, how do you get these customer testimonial videos? We film these videos all the time, and these are our top four tips:

Ask Customers Directly

You can start by asking your customers if they are willing to appear on a video and talk about why they love your product and brand. The easiest way to do this is by asking customers who are particularly loyal directly, or by putting out a post on social media.

Help Them Prepare

Help your customers prepare by offering them food for thought on the kinds of things people are most curious about regarding a product or service. This way, without any scripting or directing, you will get a sincere and authentic testimonial in your customers’ own words.

Ensure your customer knows what topics you want to cover and who you’re appealing to, and they may be able to better tailor their answers to those people.

Interview Your Customer

Use the interview format. Don’t ask customers to simply talk at length to the camera but use questions as prompts instead.

This way, you can ensure the most authentic-sounding responses.

Tell Customers Why Their Testimonial Is So Important

Make sure to tell your customer why testimonials are so valuable. Remind them that every customer has their own specific need, and their own story, and tell them that hearing their story in detail may give more customers confidence in the brand.

Ensure every customer you interview is not shy about sharing why they love your brand.

Now you know how to ask for a video testimonial, and how to make the most of them!

Wisconsin’s Video Testimonial Specialists

Knowing how to collect video testimonials is just the first step. Now you need expert videographers and producers who can turn these interviews into high-quality videos suitable for sharing online.

At Gillespie Productions, we believe in the power of good testimonial video production, and we’re ready to become a part of your team.

For a quote and consultation, get in touch with our Wisconsin video experts today.