How to Livestream a Corporate Event: A Full Guide

How to Livestream a Corporate Event: A Full Guide
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On:Jun 13, 2022

Our team at Gillespie Productions not only creates broadcast-quality video productions that you can share online, but we’re even experts at producing professional livestreams. With a high-end camera and recording equipment and deep knowledge of the broadcasting industry, we take your live streaming to the next level – not only ensuring people get great video and audio when watching live but producing a conference video that can be shared afterward, too. 

But before you go ahead with event livestream production, it’s important to understand how it works, and how to make it work for your business event. 

In this piece, we’ll explore how to live stream an event, the main components of live streaming, and why you should consider it.

What Is an Event Livestreaming?

What is a livestream event
What is a livestream event

So, what is a livestream event? Well, it can be a couple of things. The first and most obvious part is that it’s an event that is live-streamed, meaning it is filmed and streamed online. 

However, live streaming for events can be done in multiple ways. For instance, an event attended by people in real life can be filmed and streamed online for a larger audience to see. Some people may also prefer to stream an event with only a few real-life attendees, making the event entirely online. 

Either way, it’s an event that takes place in person and is streamed onto the internet – whether that’s your website or a social media platform – so a larger audience can watch what is happening. 

Events like this can have intervals online just as they do in real life, they may be available to watch for free, and they can even be recorded and uploaded afterward.

Virtual vs Live Event Streaming: What’s the Difference? 

In livestream marketing, there are virtual events and live event streaming. Live event streaming is what we described above, while virtual events mean that they are live streamed but also include interactive elements. 

A virtual livestream may also not actually take place in person, meaning that every participant is at home or a filming location, and the videos are pulled together into one stream using peer-to-peer conferencing technology. 

A virtual event, such as virtual graduation, makes things more interactive, meaning your viewers can take part in polls, offer comments, and interact with other people engaging online.

Benefits of Corporate Event Live Streaming

Stream event
Stream event

So, you know what live streaming is…but why should you do it? And how can it help your business? 

Put simply: it attracts a new audience of people who may soon become paying customers. 

There’s more to it than that, though. Livestreaming an event that looks professional is engaging throughout, and offers interesting information to those who watch it, ensures that people have a positive view of your brand. Viewers will remember the interesting discussions, the professionalism throughout, and how well your brand was able to bring interesting people together for an event that goes ahead without major technical issues. 

Global live streaming is more popular than ever, and particularly in the wake of the pandemic, people often prefer to watch events take place online rather than traveling long distances. This trend just seems to be getting more and more popular, and even as some people want to start returning to events in person, a mixed livestream event that allows both in-person and virtual attendees gives you the best of both worlds. 

Consider using a livestream event for: 

  • Announcing new products and revealing their features in an exciting way (think Apple!)
  • Hosting interesting discussions relating to topics that affect your customers
  • Talking about industry trends, bringing together your clients and colleagues from across the same industry
  • Discussing a social issue that matters to your brand
  • Engaging your customers directly and asking for feedback, as a substitute for brand awareness videos

And before you ask “what do I need to livestream an event?” – we’ve got you covered. Gillespie Productions brings the cameras, the audio equipment, and the expertise to ensure that the livestream is handled professionally while you focus on putting on the best event.

Tips for Hosting an Event Livestream

How to live stream an event
How to live stream an event

Set Goals 

A good event starts with goals. Ask yourself what you intend to achieve from your livestream event, and allow that goal to guide everything you do throughout the day and event. 

Choose the Right Platform 

Are you planning on sharing your livestream on Facebook, Twitch, YouTube, or your own website? Figure out which platform your audience prefers, and then use that – or even better, use a restreaming platform to air the video in multiple places! 


What’s the point of throwing a great event if nobody attends? Remember to promote your upcoming livestream via your mailing list and social media. 

Outline Your Agenda 

Make sure you know what the event will look like, and keep your audience informed about what they can expect when they eventually tune in. It helps keep people excited and gives them a reason to tune in when the day comes. 

Include Moderators 

Finally, don’t underestimate the importance of moderators! They’ll keep the conversation on a topic, and they’ll also ensure that you don’t go over time. A good livestream event is scheduled just like a real-life conference.

Wisconsin’s Videography and Live Streaming Experts 

Want to learn more about the steps to live streaming, or have a team of videographers at your side to ensure the event goes off without a hitch? 

Call Gillespie Productions today and our team will walk you through all the steps required to host a great online event. Our Wisconsin video production company is well-known with businesses throughout the state, and we’re always excited to meet new clients, learn about their brand, and help produce exciting new videos. 

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