Importance of a Great Video Production for SMM

Importance of a Great Video Production for SMM
On:Feb 03, 2022

Video marketing is arguably the most important form of advertising today, taking advantage of the growing trend of social media users consuming video. Whether it’s TikTok, YouTube, or Facebook, video is now consumed by more people than ever, either for fun, for educational purposes, or to help inform buying decisions.
Social media video production from seasoned experts ensures that your video marketing is as successful as possible. Let’s take a look at what makes videography marketing so successful and why it helps all kinds of businesses reach new audiences and make more sales.

Why Is Video Marketing Important? Here Are a Few Reasons

So, what makes social media video production, and why is video marketing important? Here are five answers.

Better Search Engine Ranking

First, video now helps websites improve their search engine ranks. Videography marketing helps Google recognize your website as authoritative, and when combined with other key markers for an authoritative website, it puts your website higher in the search rankings when users search for particular key terms.
One of the reasons why Google prefers websites that use video is that it creates a better user experience. A better user experience means improved search rankings and, in turn, more business.

You Can Tell Your Story

Business video content
Business video content

At Gillespie Productions, we believe that video helps you tell your story better. Whether it’s a company overview video or a testimonial-style video, our video production team brings out your passion in an authentic way.
Video helps you communicate your passion, emotion, and commitment to both your brand and your customers – and that’s far more powerful than long paragraphs of text.

Improve Your Reach

According to a study by Hubspot, 88% of video marketers see a positive return on investment from their video marketing campaigns – and those numbers just keep going up. In 2015, roughly one-third of video marketers said the same thing, proving just how popular video has become in less than a decade.
Business video content boosts your reach by allowing you to share ideas on social media, spread your content to viewers who may never have heard of your brand, improve your search engine ranking, and give people on your mailing list something new to see and share.

More Sales, More Conversions

A combination of improved reach, better search engine rankings, and the simple fact that people tend to prefer video over reading long blocks of text, means that you’re likely to see improved sales and conversions for your business.
More eyes on your brand mean more people are thinking about your products and services. When video offers something valuable to viewers and encourages people to come back, it drives new sales.

Create a Sense of Trust

Video Production Helps Brand Trust
Video Production Helps Brand Trust

Finally, video helps make your brand more trusted. It makes you more communicative and open, giving existing and potential customers an insight into what your company does, an average day in your office, and so on. Video gives your brand a voice, and when people feel like they know and trust you, they’re more likely to invest in your brand.

Types of Videos that Work Great on Social Media

There are certain kinds of videos that work particularly well on social media. Here are some of the most popular.

Brand Videos

Brand videos are perfect for social media campaigns. They’re used to introduce people to your brand, explain your mission, and tell your story in a quick and informative way that doesn’t risk losing the attention of viewers.


Livestreams and social media go hand in hand. More and more people are making their own live streams and watching other people, and social media gives you an opportunity to air live conferences and events to your followers all over the world.
Good quality live event video production helps you do this most professionally and effectively possible.

Customer Testimonials

At Gillespie Productions, we consider testimonial video production a key part of any video marketing campaign. This is the best way to inform customers and develop a sense of trust. It’s authentic and doesn’t rely on tired old marketing slogans that people have heard many times before.
Testimonials give potential customers the information they need from existing customers.

Event Videos

Videographer for social media
Videographer for social media


Event videos show that your brand is on the up. Whether it’s an annual conference for investors and employees or a product launch that you’re excited for people to see, event videos make online viewers excited about the progress your company is making.
They’re perfect for sharing on social media.

Boost Your Online Marketing With Broadcast-Quality Video

The Gillespie Productions team combines years of experience in corporate communications and journalism to bring you broadcast-quality videos for your brand. We’ll boost your online marketing with videos that share an insight into your brand, vision, and ethics. Our team works closely with you to understand your business and ensure that your story shines through every video we produce – whether it’s a company overview or an event video.
For a professional video production company in Wisconsin that takes an active interest in your long-term success and produces social media videos that just can’t be beaten, why not get in touch?
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