The Importance of Using Sound Effects for Video Production

The Importance of Using Sound Effects for Video Production
On:May 25, 2022

Using sound effects in film is always a good idea – but it’s something that some videographers and editors forget about.

At Gillespie Productions, our years of experience in broadcast journalism and corporate communication have given us the expertise we need to create truly impactful videos – and that means using sound effects where appropriate, and creating well-produced, professional videos for every client.

Simply adding sound effects to video, however, is not the answer. It takes a deep understanding of what looks and sounds good, and with some effort, you can learn how to do it too.

In this piece, we’ll explore what it takes to master video production and sound effects – and why it matters.

Creating Emphasis 

So, what are the benefits of sound effects in a film? For starters, sound effects are great for creating emphasis and highlighting important parts of your video. Whatever effect you’re choosing, think about parts of your video where you really want viewers to pay attention.

When you add sound effects to video, they don’t need to be obnoxious and loud. In fact, subtle is just as effective. Whether you’re emphasizing bullet points or you want to show that something new is happening on the screen, a sound effect emphasizes what you want viewers to focus on.

Making Your Videos More Immersive 

Movie producers know the importance of sound effects. Whether it’s the sound of somebody walking on a wooden floor, the crunching of leaves in the fall, or the sound of coffee being poured from the pot, you can bet that those sounds were added afterward.

The purpose of sound effects is to ensure that the viewer hears exactly what they would expect to hear when in that situation in real life. The same principle applies to videos produced for business purposes.

At Gillespie Productions, we make films immersive by adding sound effects from our large library that make your videos look as realistic as possible.

Creating a Better Narration 

adding sound effects to video
adding sound effects to video

Sound effects can also help you improve bad audio. This isn’t a problem we run into at Gillespie Production as our team uses high-end recording equipment to ensure crystal clear sound every time. However, for budget productions, sound effects can be used to hide tinny or poor-quality audio.

If your narrated audio doesn’t sound fantastic when overlaid on a video, background noise can help improve the sound. Whether it’s the sound of an office working behind you or the sounds of nature, this ambient noise can greatly improve the quality of your corporate video.

Audio Production Checklist 

Planning on making your video with sound effects? Here is a handy checklist that you should always use. Every element in this checklist is essential for ensuring that your video sounds as good as it possibly can.

  • Use the best audio equipment you can afford. Good quality audio makes your video more professional-sounding, which is essential for any modern business.
  • Always monitor the audio while you’re recording to ensure there is no “peaking” – whereby the audio is too loud and sounds distorted.
  • Choose your location wisely. Turn off any source of ambient noise you don’t want to hear in your track, like a whining computer or air conditioning unit.
  • Always check that your audio is properly synced with your video when editing.
  • Use booms where possible for the best quality audio without seeing the microphone on a lapel or placed on a table.
  • Work with great editors! Our team at Gillespie Production turns videos into masterpieces, and we’re always happy to talk about your exact needs. 


Now you understand the importance of sound in video production, why not work with experts who can ensure every video your business uses or shares online looks and sounds fantastic?

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