Video Marketing 101: 8 Benefits of Ecommerce Product Videos

Video Marketing 101: 8 Benefits of Ecommerce Product Videos
On:Mar 18, 2022

Ecommerce is bigger than ever, with all kinds of brands showcasing their products and services online through high-quality photography and videography. With the video for ecommerce, businesses can give a truly detailed overview of their products and allow potential buyers to interact with the product without actually touching it.

Of course, elements of promotional video production come into it, and a reliable, experienced videographer is essential to ensure that your video ecommerce is done right. At Gillespie Productions, we don’t just create broadcast-quality videos for businesses across many industries, but we also aim to provide as much information as possible about the ecommerce product videos production process.

Let’s take a look at eight benefits of businesses using video commerce.

#1. You Get More Brand Exposure

First off, ecommerce video ads help you improve your brand exposure. Then your videos do the rounds on social media, and the more people find your video through search engines, the more people become familiar with your brand and your products.

Potential customers rely more heavily on video now than at any other time since the internet became easily accessible, making this one of the most important ways to increase brand exposure. Whether you use your videos on your website or as part of a paid social media marketing campaign, it’s a sure-fire way to ensure more people know about your product.

Ecommerce Video Ads
Ecommerce Video Ads

#2. Videos Attract More Attention

When faced with a choice between reading a long block of text or watching a short, informative video, most people choose the video. That’s particularly true if the video is shared on social media, where people can easily scroll past a block of text…regardless of how powerful that text may be.

A short, snappy, and well-produced video is immediately more likely to be watched by your potential customers. That gives you an opportunity, to sum up, all the reasons why they should care about your product. You may also show your product being used in real-life scenarios, giving people an idea of how it can improve their life.

#3. More Value and Trust For Your Products

A product video also helps you establish trust among customers and potential buyers while also adding value.

Ask yourself…would you rather buy a product online that you have seen in use on videos or a competing product that you have never seen in use? Photographs often can’t do a good product justice. At Gillespie Productions, we approach ecommerce video marketing from this perspective, ensuring that every video gives people a thorough look at the product, the quality of the product, the ways it can be used, and the benefits users can expect. That’s valuable to potential customers!


 #4. Videos are Easy to Share

Videos are so much easier to share these days. Dedicating video sharing platforms are ideal places to upload your product video, of course, but so are most other social media platforms.

We like to use testimonial videos, whereby other customers or people involved in the development of the product are given an opportunity to speak openly and honestly about the product. Our clients then use these videos on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and more. They’re super shareable and always do your product justice.

Video for Ecommerce
Video for Ecommerce

#5. Better Mobile Experience

Most people browse the internet with their phones or mobile devices these days. In fact, some data shows that almost 90% of all ecommerce retail transactions take place on mobile devices.

That’s why it’s important to choose content that is suitable for smaller screens – and videos fit the bill. There’s no scrolling or zooming required, it’s easy to consume, and you can have a real impact on a buyer’s decision within a matter of a few short minutes…or even seconds.

Video Ecommerce
Video Ecommerce


#6. Better ROI and More Conversions

With video, you get a great return on investment…as long as the videos you produce are effective! At Gillespie Productions, we use our years of experience in journalism and corporate communications to create videos that your audience loves. We’ll share your journey, your values, and everything that makes your product great – and in turn, viewers will feel compelled to make a purchase and become part of your brand.

With video, more people interacting with your brand online are more likely to make a purchase simply because they get to see your video in action. Others like the fact that they get to hear directly from the owners of the company and the team that makes everything happen.

#7. Social Media Marketing Boost

Video is also a really great way to step up your social media game. Most social media platforms have embraced video more than ever, whether through features that make it easier to share video content within the platform itself or through “stories” features that allow people to share daily videos that “expire” at the end of the day.

Use video as a social media marketing tool, and you’ll give more people a reason to tune into your social media channels.

Ecommerce Product Videos
Ecommerce Product Videos

#8. Videos are Great for SEO

Finally, there’s search engine optimization. Google and other major search engines are always adapting their algorithms to determine what websites appear in searches relating to specific keywords – and video is now a part of those algorithms.

Websites that display quick-loading videos are more likely to appear at the top of search engine results pages. That means more people find your brand more easily, and you’ll pull in more traffic. SEO is important, too, as the people who find your website are looking for something very specific – making them more likely to buy from your company.

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