Product Video Production Company in Wisconsin

Product Video Production Company in Wisconsin

Corporate product videos are the ideal way to show off your product online. With more people than ever viewing videos on social media platforms, and even expecting companies to use videos to demonstrate their products, there is more incentive than ever to use product videos for ecommerce websites.

At Gillespie Productions, we know that every business is different, every story is unique, and every product boasts different characteristics. We help businesses get their products and services in front of their target audiences. We develop product videos that give potential customers a thorough overview of what you’re selling, helping them visualize how the product will improve their lives.

Why Create Product Videos?

There are lots of reasons you should consider developing product videos.

Brand Identity
First off, good product videos help you express your brand identity. The style of the video helps set the tone, and the way you talk about, present, and present the product in the video will give customers an indication of what kind of business you are, as well as your love for the product itself.
Proudly demonstrating how your products work, showing real-life use cases, and being confident on camera all help build your brand identity.
Product In Action
When people purchase a product in a store it’s easy to see it in action – whether it’s already on display, or a member of staff allows the potential customer to see how it works before they buy.
Customers have a different experience online and showing your product in action in video format is the best way to ensure that your customers know what they’re getting and understand what your product can do.
eCommerce Is a Growing Market - Consider It!
Global retail ecommerce sales increased by almost 28% in 2020, and the trend of buying online isn’t going away anytime soon. eCommerce is a huge market with an estimated worth of $4.28 trillion per year.
If you’re looking to increase sales and broaden your audience, not only does ecommerce help you do that but ecommerce product videos help you ensure people are familiar with the products you offer.
Video Is One of The Most Popular Content People Check Before Buying The Product
Video is one of the most popular kinds of content shared on social media and it’s increasingly used in ecommerce, too.
Before spending hard-earned cash on a new product, consumers want to know as much as possible about it. Whether it’s a product overview video or even a testimonial video from happy customers, product video services are a wise investment for any business that plans to sell online.

How We Create Product Videos

We Produce Videos for Many Kinds of Products

Interested in product videography from our team? Take a look at some of these videos we have produced for Wisconsin businesses.


The most important part of a product video is your product. The video should include shots of your product from different examples, and it should also demonstrate precisely how that product works, how it improves users’ lives, and why people should buy it.
Product videos should be used on any page where a user may want to learn about your product or make a purchase. They’re ideal for social media, where they act as a form of advertising, but they’re also great for your website and ecommerce platform where people are actively looking to make a purchase.
Your product video should include good shots of the product, a demonstration of how it works, and information about why it is useful and how it may benefit a user’s life.

Gillespie Productions Creates Videos That Drive Results

Hire Gillespie Productions and you’ll see why companies across Wisconsin trust us to provide ecommerce product video services. We create videos that drive results, widening your audience, generating sales, and helping you establish a brand identity.
Our team is ready to help your company reach new heights. Call our team today at (920) 857-2224! or get in touch online, and let’s get started.