Why It’s Important to Show Off Your Company Culture: 12 Company Culture Video Ideas

Why It’s Important to Show Off Your Company Culture: 12 Company Culture Video Ideas
On:Nov 08, 2021

Your company culture is much more than just a publicity tool – it’s what defines your success. Company culture dictates whether your employees are happy, can affect your productivity, and will have a long-term impact on your success.

But publicity is still important, and company culture video production helps you share your brand’s values and story with the world.

Why Are Company Culture and Recruitment Videos So Important?

Company culture videos are an exceptionally useful tool when it comes to recruitment because they offer the most detailed insight into what it’s like to work at your company. Text can only go so far and learning directly from employees and customers who know your company gives people an authentic and honest window into what it’s like in your office, your warehouse, or your business space.

When prospective employees see company culture videos on your website, within a matter of minutes they will know whether they are a good fit for your brand, whether they support your mission, and if they think they can see themselves working for you.

It’s the quickest, easiest, and most effective way to share more about what you care about – and it ensures that those applying to work at your company are more likely to share those values.

How to Make a Great Company Culture Video

Make A Great Company Culture Video
Make A Great Company Culture Video

Here are some things to keep in mind when creating an effective company culture and recruitment video.

Use Testimonials

At Gillespie Productions, we believe in the power of testimonial videos. Speaking to people with experience working for your company gives people the most accurate insight into what you believe, value, and promote.

Be Honest

Honesty is key. Aim to give the most accurate assessment of what you do and what you’re trying to achieve, and you’ll find applicants who share that vision.

Stretching the truth risks causing confusion, and being honest will also promote positivity in your business. Candidates want to know what they are applying for and may leave if they feel you were dishonest.

Promote Relationships

Don’t just pitch job opportunities – pitch the possibility of a long-term professional relationship with your brand.

Videos can help prospective employees envision what it’s like working for you, and the prospect of a healthy, working relationship with opportunities to develop new skills will always be enticing.

Produce Quality Videos

Finally, be sure to produce high-quality videos. The quality of any video you upload directly reflects your brand.

At Gillespie Productions, we help businesses across Wisconsin develop their brand, reach new audiences, and attract new workers all through effective video productions.

Need more advice? Take a look at these 12 top tips for creating an engaging recruitment video.

12 Company Culture Videos That We Love

Here are 12 great company culture videos that we think strike the right balance, give people an authentic overview of their work environment, help recruit new employees and even give confidence to prospective customers.


Hyperloop One is a project from Virgin that’s planning to revolutionize public transport. The company is building the first-ever contained “hyperloop” train that travels at remarkably high speeds in underground tunnels.

In this company culture video, people get an overview video of the company mission, the successes they’ve enjoyed so far, and important dates for the company’s future.


Apple is one of the biggest tech companies in the world, and even though most people already know about it, company culture videos give people an insight into what they do and what they value.

This Apple employee recruiting video gives people an insight into what it’s like for Apple employees ahead of the launch of new products.


Another popular technology company is Dell. With more than 100,000 employees across 180 countries, it’s hard to pack the entire company culture into one video – but Dell did a pretty good job.

This video goes over job positions, tenure, what it’s like working at the company, and the universal values it holds like flexibility and inclusivity.

BAE Systems, Inc.

This testimonial-style video shows people what it’s like working for BAE Systems, giving you a glimpse into the visuals of the workplace and hearing directly from employees about what makes them tick.


Patagonia uses this video to explain how, since 1983, the company has provided on-site childcare. The video is designed for parents and anybody interested in how Patagonia is changing the way businesses look at childcare.

The video is particularly effective as some of the people in the video were children involved with the on-site childcare program some three decades ago.


Data science and mobile technology firm Tala produced a mobile app that helps people review their credit ratings and then provides customized loan options.

In the above video, Tala highlights not just the services they offer, but the impact they are having on customers – and employees – all over the world.

Ellevation Education

Education software company Ellevation Education produced a company culture video in an interview style, speaking to their People Operations Manager about the company’s commitment to diversity, growth, and positive culture.

This employee offers a testimonial about what they look for in candidates and some of their favorite perks about working for the company.


Fiverr is a popular online marketplace that allows people to advertise their services. It’s one of the most popular freelancing companies in the world, and this video – titled “Another Generic Recruitment Video” definitely fits the category of “funny company culture videos.”

The video pokes fun at some of the cliches you might expect from a recruitment video while also making important points about the benefits of working with Fiverr.

Loews Hotels

Several employees from this hotel chain talk about their experience working for the company and how they feel as though they’re a family.

The stories that come from this video are powerful, and it’s this testimonial style experience the video creates that puts it in our list of the top company culture video examples.


BambooHR stresses the importance of living a healthy lifestyle and how working for this start-up helps people do precisely that.

The focus on a work/life balance is a fantastic way of showing prospective employees or customers how much this brand cares about everyone who works there, and the video makes use of personal statements, testimonials, and even some animations.

Cirrus Logic

Cirrus Logic changes up the testimonial concept a little, allowing employees to share what it’s like working for the company…without actually saying anything.

In this creative video, employees explain what it’s like to work for the company by writing messages on a whiteboard, and it’s surprisingly effective.


Fuze is a global cloud communications company that brings businesses together. In their company culture video – which is professionally produced and slick – the company’s Executive Chairman and CEO talk about how they use technology to help companies and organizations communicate.

The video covers evergreen topics and nothing too specific, meaning the video will be useful for years to come. The production quality and the fact this is an evergreen video that isn’t vain is one of the reasons why we think this deserves a spot in the best company culture videos.

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